As the car drove away, Shen Yanming turned to look out the window.
Shen Zhu’s figure, standing by the roadside, grew smaller and smaller until it disappeared completely after the car made a turn.

Shen Yanming settled back into his seat, noticing that He Changkong still seemed somewhat lost.

Shen Yanming raised his hand and waved it in front of He Changkong’s eyes.
He Changkong turned his head and met Shen Yanming’s gaze.

However, after uttering that one syllable, He Changkong remained silent for a long while.
Perhaps he couldn’t find the words, or maybe he hadn’t figured out what to say next.

Shen Yanming guessed that He Changkong’s feelings at this moment were likely quite complex.
Not to mention He Changkong, even he found it all rather strange.

Initially, while sitting at the dinner table, he couldn’t quite understand the situation.
People tend to make some unexpected assumptions when they can’t be sure of the outcome.
Shen Yanming was no exception.
When he saw his parents being warm but deliberately avoiding the topic of their relationship, Shen Yanming couldn’t help but wonder if his parents couldn’t accept it.
Were they afraid of affecting the competition, so they decided not to talk about it for now?

He had spent the entire meal lost in these thoughts and had eaten without much appetite.

But then, just before leaving, he heard Shen Zhu say, “Eldest son.”

The impact of this simple term was incredibly powerful, a nuclear-level revelation with just one sentence.

However, his confusion at the dinner table was now finally resolved.
Lin Qingyue had sent him several messages.

Lin Qingyue’s messages were surprisingly serious.

[Clear Wind and Bright Moon]: Tonight was the first time we met your partner, and we were quite nervous too.
[/embarrassment] We were planning to have a proper chat later, but you guys left in such a hurry.
It’s a shame.


[Clear Wind and Bright Moon]: However, your dad and I had thought about the scenario of you bringing a girlfriend home before.
Back then, we said if our child got into a relationship, we wouldn’t make trouble.
Although the gender took us by surprise, our thoughts haven’t really changed from back then.
We didn’t have much interaction with your boyfriend, but he seemed a bit lost today.
Not as smooth-talking as you, who can easily make adults happy, but he’s clever when he’s with you.
He didn’t eat much himself, just peeled shrimp for you, and before leaving, he checked the weather and made sure you put on your coat.
If he’s doing this for our sake, then it’s fine.
After all, I even forgot to remind you to wear something warm tonight.

[Clear Wind and Bright Moon]: He’s a good kid, and he looks good too.
But he seems a bit naive.
Don’t bully him, okay?

[Clear Wind and Bright Moon]: By the way, your dad tried to take advantage of your boyfriend before leaving, calling him ‘son.’ It seemed to have frightened the poor guy.
I’ve already scolded your dad!

Shen Yanming finished reading and chuckled a few times.
He turned to He Changkong and said, “My mom told me not to bully you.”

He Changkong was puzzled.
“Bully me?”

Shen Yanming tapped on his phone screen to reply while answering, “She thinks you’re a bit dumb.”

He Changkong raised an eyebrow.
“…” It seemed he hadn’t left the best impression on the parents.

[Shen bird]: He might have been genuinely scared, but I think he’s probably quite happy too.


[Clear Wind and Bright Moon]: [/rose]

[Shen bird]: And my ge isn’t dumb, he’s actually very clever.
If you say otherwise again, I won’t vote for your favorite idol next time.

[Clear Wind and Bright Moon]: [Shared link – New Idol Power Ranking]

[Clear Wind and Bright Moon]: I would have forgotten if you didn’t mention it.
Both of you, please help me vote for Koizumi later.
[/Clasping Hands] [/Shake Hands]

[Shen bird]: …

Shen Yanming sent a link back.

[Shen bird]: [Shared link – Throne Professional League Annual Most Popular Player Voting]

[Shen bird]: Vote for me! Winning this brings in some money.

[Clear Wind and Bright Moon]: [/Ok] voted for my eldest son.

[Shen bird]: [/Angry]


After replying, Shen Yanming put his phone away and leaned against He Changkong’s shoulder like a spineless noodle.
Suddenly, he asked, “What should we do? If you were the eldest son, wouldn’t that make you my real brother? Does that mean we’re doing orthopedics?”1Does that mean we’re doing orthopedics?: it’s a playful way of saying that their relationship could become quite complicated and they might face some challenges or difficulties, just as orthopedic doctors deal with complex bone-related issues.
It’s a humorous way of expressing the complexity or potential awkwardness of their evolving relationship.

He Changkong retorted, “You’re talking nonsense again.”

Luckily, the driver was a middle-aged man who couldn’t understand what they were saying.
Otherwise, the two of them would have attracted some strange looks by now.

The two suddenly taboo lovers soon arrived at their hotel.
They had been called back for a meeting primarily because the opposing team’s lineup for tomorrow had changed.
The starting mage on the other side had slipped and broken a bone while taking a shower, so they had to bring in a substitute at the last minute.

This guy was indeed quite unfortunate.
Despite their sympathy, they still needed to discuss their strategy since the substitute player had a very different style from the starting one.
This change might even affect the entire team’s tactics.

After a night of discussion, they finally wrapped things up.
Once the coach left, the two lovebirds who had secretly run away as soon as they got off the plane were dragged into gossip sessions by their teammates.
It wasn’t until it was very late that they were finally allowed to return to their room.

Shen Yanming had initially claimed that he didn’t want to study or read.
However, habits die hard.
Plus, he didn’t want He Changkong to think he was slacking off.
Even though he was exhausted and had to go to the venue tomorrow, Shen Yanming, after finishing his hygiene routine, voluntarily studied for a while.

He Changkong patted the head of the earnest little puppy studying in front of him.
“We’re going to be busy tomorrow.
You can take a day off.”

Shen Yanming pushed him away, saying, “Don’t disturb me while I’m studying.”

He Changkong shook his head, opened his suitcase, and grabbed some clothes before heading into the bathroom.

When He Changkong came out of the shower, he saw that Shen Yanming had moved his study materials from the desk to the bed.
Shen Yanming was sprawled out, his face covered with an open book of practice problems.

He Changkong removed the book from Shen Yanming’s face and found that Shen Yanming had fallen asleep.
With the book removed, the dim room light suddenly shone on Shen Yanming’s face, causing him to furrow his brows.
He raised his hand to shield his eyes but still didn’t wake up.

He Changkong bent down, and pushed aside the strands of hair falling onto Shen Yanming’s forehead.
Before coming back, Shen Yanming had dyed his hair white, then, in a rush, he said he was afraid his family would scold him if they saw his white hair.
So, he hurriedly dyed it back to black.

He looked much more obedient now.

But when he had just finished dyeing it, Meng Yan unexpectedly said, “You’ve had this non-mainstream hairstyle for so long, haven’t you video-called your family? And haven’t they seen your online posts?”


Shen Yanming exclaimed, “I think they’ve already seen it a long time ago.
We even video-called, and they didn’t say anything… Damn, did I dye it for nothing?”

Thinking of this, He Changkong couldn’t help but let a small smile creep onto his lips.

He bent down and kissed Shen Yanming’s smooth forehead gently.

He gazed at Shen Yanming, who was sleeping soundly with his mouth slightly open, for a while, then tucked him in properly and tiptoed to the table.
Flipping through the practice problem book, he noticed that Shen Yanming was diligently organizing his mistakes.
He didn’t just copy down the problems; he also recorded the relevant concepts and principles and similar problem types.
Sometimes, when he made the same mistake again, this silly kid would write a few lines of self-deprecating comments like, “Shen Yanming, are you an idiot?” and draw an angry little pig head.

Although he had complained about studying, perhaps for the sake of a goodnight kiss, or maybe for some other reason, Shen Yanming still managed to complete the tasks that He Changkong had assigned him every day, even when he was exhausted from training.

He Changkong turned to the blank pages at the end of the practice problem book, tore out a sheet, and began to write.

Some of the emotions that were about to overflow ended up flowing onto the paper through his pen.

He Changkong had written letters to Shen Yanming a few times before, but this one was probably the longest.

The letter had been handed to Shen Yanming as they left the room, and when Shen Yanming asked when he could read it, He Changkong had replied, “Anytime.”

Shen Yanming had thought it was the usual pre-game pep talk.
After lunch, while chatting at the dining table, Shen Yanming took advantage of He Changkong being called away by the coach and casually unfolded the neatly folded paper.

To his surprise, it was filled with densely written words.

Pudding, sitting across from him, leaned over to see what he was reading, but Shen Yanming ruthlessly pushed him back.

Shen Yanming folded the paper back, found an empty seat in the dining room with no one around, and opened the letter again.

“I wrote this letter while you were sleeping.
You might not finish your homework and could wake up a bit cranky tomorrow, asking me why I didn’t wake you up.
Then, you might pout at me, act cute, and bargain with me, asking if you can get a reward for not finishing your homework.”

Shen Yanming held the letter in one hand and rubbed his right cheek with the other, muttering, “Does Kong ge have superpowers or something…”

Because the scene He Changkong had described in the letter was exactly how their morning had played out… Although he hadn’t finished his homework, they had spent quite a long time kissing.

He smiled and continued reading.

“But you don’t have to ask me.
Whenever you want a reward, I’ll give it to you because I want to kiss you every moment.”

Shen Yanming: “Hiss.”

“But I often have this strange feeling.
I don’t know if it’s a dream or reality, but unconsciously, we’ve become so close.
I never thought I would develop this kind of relationship with anyone before.

In the beginning, I just wanted to be friends with you.
You’re an incredibly cute kid, always making people laugh.
You’re brimming with a sense of justice, and even though you look lazy, you’re actually very hardworking.
You’re also skilled at playing games.
Back then, I was already attracted to you.
But as you know, I’m not good at dealing with people and relationships.
Every time I saw you, so full of energy and getting along with everyone, I always felt like, ‘Ah, he’s so different from me…’.
I wanted to get closer to you, but you kept avoiding me, and at that time, you even hid from me.
I questioned myself several times if I was too boring or too serious.

I never thought that we would become so close later on.

I’ve always been someone without much excitement, someone who follows the rules.
I used to think that the only time I did something out of the ordinary was when I ran away from school to play professionally.
Later on, being with you felt like going off the rails.

But now, at this moment, I suddenly realize that whether it’s choosing to become a professional player or being with you, it’s not going off the rails, nor is it deviating from the path; it’s the natural course of things.

Or maybe, after meeting you, I’ve found my way back to the right track.
From a room that, although habitable, was constantly damp and gloomy, you led me to the new house you built for us.
This new house is sunny, and when I open the window, I can see spring.

In this new house, I can laugh happily like everyone else, and I can also be weak because you’ll always come to hold me.

Even today, when your dad approved of me in front of others like that, it’s an experience I’ve never had before.

I’m really happy.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

Thank you.

Also, in the future, let’s work hard together.
Let’s win this competition first.
Of course, I also hope that in the final, we can lift the trophy together.
If we ever have a real, meaningful new home in the future, let’s put a replica of the trophy in the most prominent place in our home.

What do you think?”

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1Does that mean we’re doing orthopedics?: it’s a playful way of saying that their relationship could become quite complicated and they might face some challenges or difficulties, just as orthopedic doctors deal with complex bone-related issues.
It’s a humorous way of expressing the complexity or potential awkwardness of their evolving relationship.

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