aight guy jokes.
Those who didn’t want to engage with him would call him annoying, while those who were just as playful as him would play along.

My Milk’s Not Working’s reaction was unusually interesting.
Shen Yanming could almost see a pair of reddening ears in each of his ellipsis.

It was so much fun.
The more My Milk’s Not Working used ellipsis, the more Shen Yanming wanted to say something to tease him.

However, he vaguely remembered that My Milk’s Not Working didn’t play for long before retiring.
He didn’t know the specific reason for it

But now, he felt that it was a pity.
My Milk’s Not Working’s skills were definitely world-class.

For a high school student who lived at school, the moment before he returned to school on Sunday afternoon was truly the last chance for him to play on the computer.

He felt that his self-control was too poor.
Whenever he saw the computer, he couldn’t help but sit down and immerse himself in the game.
He realized that continuing to play like this was not a solution, so he made a deal with his parents.
After he returned to school this time, they would lock away the computer.

My Milk’s Not Working probably went to train during the day and hadn’t been online.
Since Shen Yanming mentioned selling his account, he hadn’t played with his classmates, friends, or any other online friends he used to know.
Now his only companion was My Milk’s Not Working, and when My Milk’s Not Working wasn’t online, he could only play alone.

After a few matches, he estimated that his parents wouldn’t call him to go back to school for a while, so he queued up for another game.

The system quickly matched him into a random room.

He didn’t livestream and wasn’t aware of what happened the moment he entered the room.

——In this game, one of their opponents was a professional player’s smurf account.

In fact, Shen Yanming was familiar with this player.

CTG’s mage, Aji, also known as Ji ge3Ji ge: Brother Chicken, the nickname derived from his real name 阿吉(Ā Jí) but rather than 吉哥(Jí gē), it’s actually 鸡哥(Jī gē) as chicken is also called jī in Chinese..

Shen Yanming had fought side by side with him for three years—of course, in this timeline, Shen Yanming didn’t join CTG, so they were strangers to each other.

At this time, CTG was just a newly established team and didn’t have many matches to play.
To make a living, the players would often allocate a significant amount of time for livestreaming.

Coincidentally, Aji was live streaming this particular match, claiming that he wanted to have some fun in the low-rank fishpond with his smurf account.

Originally, this was just a rather uninteresting livestream, but as soon as they entered the game room, the audience saw the ID [I’m Messing Around Again] on the opposing side.

Upon seeing Aji paired with Luanzi Ge, the audience in his stream got excited, even those who initially just wanted to casually watch.

There were even some eager individuals who even immediately shared the livestream link.

——”Quick, come to Black Cat Live Platform to watch Ji Ge’s alternate account destroy this crazy streamer!”

[I’m Messing Around Again] wasn’t a very influential person initially.
He was just a slightly popular comedic streamer.
But after Kong Shen vouched for him, many people who didn’t know him before went to watch his videos out of curiosity.

Some found him amusing and entertaining, but in a circle that valued strength above all else, there were still many who didn’t think much of streamers like him.

Although Aji was currently a relatively unknown player in a low-tier team, no matter how little fame he had, he was still a registered professional player under the Throne’s official organization.

Seeing a professional player going to crush a casual players, especially a casual streamer they didn’t like, many people were quite interested in witnessing the spectacle.

As a result, Aji’s stream room was suddenly flooded with a group of popcorn-eating spectators.

Some fans quickly tried to message Shen Yanming, but unfortunately, Shen Yanming had been annoyed by random private messages these past few days and had directly blocked messages from non-friends.

Unaware of all this, Shen Yanming quickly selected his character once he entered the room.

He wanted to finish the game quickly so he could pack up and return to school, so he chose White Wolf, the character he used most often.

He didn’t pay much attention to the fact that there was another person who also chose White Wolf on the opposing side.

Shen Yanming wasn’t concerned because he believed no one could play White Wolf better than him.

In the livestream room, Aji was addressing the viewers, saying, “I heard this streamer claim to be the number one White Wolf in domestic server? Well, today, let’s show him what a real Wolf King looks like.”

The viewers in the livestream room almost burst the screen with their laughter.

-Chicken King turns into Wolf King?

-Luanzi ge doesn’t seem to know that the opponent is Ji ge, right?.

-No suspense in this game.
I’m out.
Someone tell me how many times Luanzi ge dies later.

-Waiting for Luanzi ge to get hit hard.

-You never know, Luanzi ge has quite a few winning streaks.

-One streak?


-I actually enjoy watching Luanzi Ge’s streams.
He may be bad, but it’s genuinely entertaining.

-I don’t know, it seems a bit unfair for a professional player to bully a streamer like this.

-Just enjoy the show, what’s the harm?

No matter how much mockery there was in the stream room, Shen Yanming couldn’t see any of it.

He took a sip of his cola and waited for the game to finish loading.

The battle officially began.

…But if Shen Yanming knew that it was Aji, he would probably quit the game without hesitation.

There was no other reason, he just found the other person unlucky.

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1“After all, the moonlight is far away in the sky” or “After all, the moonlight is distant in the heavens.”: “毕竟白月光远在天边” (Bìjìng bái yuèguāng yuǎn zài tiānbiān ) is a Chinese idiom often used to describe a situation where the desired or ideal person or thing is unattainable or out of reach.
Here the moonlight refers to He Changkong.2mwah, love you: the author actually used “啾咪, 比心心” (jiū mī, bǐ xīn xīn), jiū mī is a playful way of expressing a kiss (sound made when giving a kiss), it’s like *smooch* in English, and bǐ xīn xīn describe the action of making heart gesture with hand.
similar to forming a heart shape using thumbs and index fingers.
It is often used to express love, affection, or blessings.3Ji ge: Brother Chicken, the nickname derived from his real name 阿吉(Ā Jí) but rather than 吉哥(Jí gē), it’s actually 鸡哥(Jī gē) as chicken is also called jī in Chinese.

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