Thinking about whatever mischief he was up to, He Changkong’s face grew slightly flushed.
He had just leaned against the edge of the bed, flipping through a book, while Shen Yanming was in the bathroom just a wall away.

He Changkong placed his hand on Shen Yanming’s head, ignoring Shen Yanming’s words, and asked, “Didn’t you say you had something to tell me?”

While he was showering, Shen Yanming had changed his mind and decided to bring it up later.
For now, he avoided the topic and said, “There’s nothing special to say.
Just hoping you’ll relax and play well in the match…”

As he said this, he got a bit tongue-tied.
Although he was usually quite eloquent, he found himself at a loss for words when he had to genuinely comfort someone.
Besides, how should he say it?

Should he say it’s okay if they lose? No, that wouldn’t do.
Losing was definitely not okay.
It wasn’t that he only cared about winning and losing and disregarded He Changkong’s feelings.
He just knew He Changkong wouldn’t be willing to fall behind, either.
If he said that, it would actually be underestimating He Changkong.

But saying something like “I believe you can do well” or “I’m waiting for you to take me to fly” might put additional pressure on He Changkong.

Shen Yanming was truly at a loss.
Consoling someone was truly an art.

Actions spoke louder than words.

In the end, Shen Yanming decided not to say anything.
He pushed He Changkong lightly and made a finger gun gesture, then playfully shot at He Changkong, saying, “You’ve been hit by me.”

“Mhm.” He Changkong cooperatively slumped down, sinking into the bed.
Climbing onto the bed, Shen Yanming sat atop He Changkong’s legs, peering down at him, and rubbed his hands together in excitement, “Now, I’ve kidnapped you… I’m going to do something bad to you!”

He Changkong had actually wanted to take advantage of the opportunity while they chatted to share his findings from being a detective for a few days.
But the timing was obviously wrong now — Shen Yanming was in such high spirits that bringing up something else would be too off-topic.

He Changkong asked, “So, Mr.
Kidnapper, what do you plan on doing?”


Shen Yanming reached over and turned off the bedside lamp and then returned, straddling He Changkong’s lap.
In the darkness, his hands moved about restlessly on his captive’s body, exploring rather impishly.
His hand encountered a hard area, and he quipped, “I suspect you’re hiding something you shouldn’t.
Let me check.”

The lines Shen Yanming was using were exactly what a shady bandit from a film or television drama might say to a tender, young maiden.
However, as he spoke, he sounded more like a harmless prankster than a rogue.
For those who didn’t know the context, they might think he was the one being playfully seduced.

As he spoke, Shen Yanming began checking rather diligently.
In the middle of the inspection, it somehow transformed into a wrestling match between the two.
Shen Yanming used his forearm to prop himself up on the bed, his waist pressing against He Changkong.
Before long, he felt he was running out of strength.

It turned out the hostage was just pretending.
He had only pretended to comply before as a ruse.
When the captor was out of breath, he reversed the situation and subdued the captor instead.

In the end, He Changkong, the supposed hostage, helped Shen Yanming reach his goal.

He Changkong seemed surprised, “Didn’t you do this in the shower earlier? Why is there still so much?”

Shen Yanming panted, “Because I’m vigorous.”

He Changkong grabbed a tissue to clean up his hands, then heard Shen Yanming continue, “Alright, I was lying just now.
I didn’t do anything bad in the bathroom.”


After Shen Yanming finished speaking, he continued to use his hands playfully.
It seemed like a battle of wills, but ultimately, he managed to make the hostage surrender.

Both of them lay on their sides, hugging each other face-to-face.
Shen Yanming rested his head on He Changkong’s shoulder, his voice sounding like a mosquito’s hum, “Shall we continue, gege?”

“Hmm?” He Changkong responded.

Shen Yanming wasn’t sure whether He Changkong genuinely didn’t understand his meaning or if he was just toying with him.
Taking a deep breath, Shen Yanming confessed, “Actually… I secretly bought some lubricant and such, and I placed it in the third compartment of your wardrobe.”

He Changkong was genuinely caught off guard, “You…”

Shen Yanming threw his shame out the window, tearing off all inhibitions, “I’m just a pervert.
I’ve been craving your body for a long time, you know?”

Shen Yanming had once posted about some emotional confusion on a gay social app’s forum.
At that time, he still thought he was the straightest of straight guys, but he quickly slapped himself in the face.
He replied to the post with, “Thanks everyone, we’re together now.” The gays on the forum responded with, “We knew it,” and offered their blessings one after another.

Afterward, Shen Yanming didn’t post again, but he occasionally browsed through the forum.
While some of the content was indeed a bit chaotic, overall, the interactions were quite supportive.

At first, Shen Yanming read some emotionally oriented posts.
He was a bit embarrassed to delve into more explicit content.
Until one day, he clicked on a post from someone else seeking guidance, where the original poster mentioned not knowing if they were a 0 or a 1 and asked how to differentiate between the two.

Responses were all over the place.
Some straightforward guys said, “Isn’t this simple? It depends on whether you want to be the one on top or the one underneath!”


Shen Yanming was a bit flustered.
As a former straight guy, he had never thought about being dominated by someone else.
Even in fanfictions where he was the protagonist, he always took the dominant role.
However, after reading this post, he started to think differently.

Firstly, he noticed that in fanfiction, people preferred him to be the dominant one.
Apart from his deeply rooted understanding as a straight guy, he believed that the dominant role was usually portrayed as cooler.
After all, in fanfiction, the dominant character was usually very assertive.
A single word from them could bankrupt an entire street, and a single glance could turn a whole city upside down.
They were usually wealthy, with big houses, butlers, and an endless supply of luxury cars… Even if it wasn’t that extreme, the dominant characters tended to live more luxuriously.

For instance, in some campus romance fanfics, they would write that the dominant character would control the entire school’s supply of bubble tea and fruit tea.
Whenever he raised his hand, his loyal underlings, such as Sunday Liu, a foreign student, would bring him the latest jumbo cups of cheesy fruit grape tea from the campus store, along with grapes air-shipped from other provinces! He would sit in his classroom at his exclusive seat, enjoying the cool breeze provided by his junior subordinates 1, 2, 3, and 4 (representing their other teammates and friends in the community).
He would taste a sip of sweet succulent grape tea, let out a satisfied sigh, and then arrogantly say to their poor senior, Kong Kongzi, “Do you want some? If you do, come and serve me.”

Who wouldn’t want to be the dominant one? No one would dislike that!

However, in reality, Shen Yanming had no desire to be the one on top of He Changkong, not even a bit.

In fact, because of the reminders from this post, he tried to think about what it would be like if He Changkong were the one in control.
Something magical happened—he found himself surprisingly excited by the idea.

He had never anticipated, that he would be this kind of person.
Shen Yanming deeply introspected.

After self-reflecting, he opened the door to a new world and read many instructional posts about being the one on the bottom.

However, for now, it was all theoretical knowledge.
He didn’t have the courage to put it into practice.
Of course, he couldn’t bring himself to ask directly either.

He would just occasionally indulge in these thoughts in his mind.

Furthermore, as the competition and training schedules became increasingly intense, he didn’t have the mental space to dwell on these matters.

But tonight, the atmosphere seemed just right, and everything appeared to fall into place.

In this delicate ambiance, Shen Yanming felt a bit intoxicated and decided to throw out a question.
However, He Changkong didn’t immediately respond.

He didn’t know what overcame his cowardice, but Shen Yanming gently nibbled on He Changkong’s earlobe like a puppy and whispered into his ear, “Shall we… do it? Don’t you want to… do me?”


The night was quiet, with only the sounds of their heartbeats and heavy breathing filling the air.

After Shen Yanming uttered this sentence, He Changkong’s heartbeat noticeably sped up.
The hand that had been loosely resting on Shen Yanming’s waist suddenly gripped his shirt with force.

Shen Yanming himself was so flustered that he didn’t even notice these details.

Having asked the question and not received an immediate response, his imagination ran wild and spun into a black hole.
He wondered what was happening? Could it be that He Changkong really didn’t want to? Could it be that He Changkong wasn’t the fierce top he had imagined? Or was he just too shameless and made He Changkong uncomfortable? Aaaaaaah, so embarrassing!

So Shen Yanming said, “Ah, forget what I just said.
Let’s forget about all of this.
Tomorrow is a new day!”

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