p>[Strongman Xiao Ding]: ? You’ve seen it already?

[Strongman Xiao Ding]: They say you’re really lucky [/shy]

[Quick-handed Xiao Shen]: What’s going on?


[Quick-handed Xiao Shen]: White robbed Angel Xiao He*, why are they gayer than us=o=

While Shen Yanming wasn’t actively browsing the internet, he still checked his messages from time to time.
Therefore, when he received Meng Yan’s questioning message, his gossip radar was immediately activated.

After a brief conversation between Pudding and Meng Yan, Pudding understood that Meng Yan had only seen a screenshot and didn’t know the full story.
Considering that the online discourse hadn’t turned too negative, he thought sharing the post with their teammates wouldn’t hurt.
So, he shared the link.

He also explained why he had used Meng Yan’s name as a shield.
In return, Meng Yan sent him ten cat-flipping-its-eyes emojis.

Shen Yan Ming lay on his bed, reading the post, while He Changkong was in the shower.
As soon as the sound of running water ceased, Shen Yanming raised his phone, pointing at the post’s content for He Changkong to see.
“Someone on the forum spilled the beans for us… Ding Ding Jiang says it might be a crazy CP shipper.”

He Changkong bent over, leaning in close, and naturally pressed a kiss, still carrying the remnants of steam, against Shen Yanming’s cheek.
“Let me see.”

After skimming through the main post’s content, He Changkong furrowed his brows slightly.
“It can’t be a CP shipper; their malice wouldn’t be this intense.”

After all, aside from the part where someone implied they were a couple, the bit about not training properly was the most infuriating.
Who knew what purpose this rumor served? The results would be clear once the major competition started.
Besides potentially leaving behind a dark history, what else could posting something like this achieve?

“True,” Shen Yanming rubbed his chin, “but it’s alright.
In the end, hardly anyone actually believes it.”

He Changkong nodded.
“Yeah, let’s not bother with this.”

Seating himself on the edge of the bed, He Changkong wiped his hair with a towel.
As soon as he moved, the towel was snatched from his hand by Shen Yanming, who had knelt behind him.
Shen Yanming said, “Let me dry it for you.”

He Changkong’s hair was rather short, and it wouldn’t take long for it to air-dry naturally.
However, Shen Yanming seemed to be reveling in this task, his hands moving mischievously through He Changkong’s hair, separated only by the towel.
After a while, he added with a bit of dissatisfaction, “But nobody believes us…”

He Changkong asked, “What do you mean?”

Shen Yanming covered He Changkong’s head with the towel and didn’t bother to move it, hooking his arms around He Changkong’s waist and resting his head on his shoulder.
“No one believes that we’re a thing.
Look at how earnestly that original poster was, but only a few people genuinely believe it… What if we come out in the future, and others still think we’re just joking?”

After all, Shen Yanming had been addressing He Changkong as “wife” for quite some time, and no one had taken it seriously.


He Changkong blinked.
“Do you want to come out?”

“Kind of.
This is something between the two of us, and whether we tell others or not doesn’t seem to matter much.
But…” Shen Yanming became hesitant, “but I think you’re really great! I really want to show you off everywhere!”

After saying this, Shen Yan Ming seemed a bit embarrassed.
He got up and jumped off the bed.
“I’m going to shower!”

He Changkong watched Shen Yanming’s swiftly retreating figure, shaking his head in helplessness.
He then asked, “Did you take your clothes?”

“!” Shen Yanming turned back, “I forgot.”

Shen Yanming grabbed the clothes and entered the bathroom, while He Changkong remained seated on the edge of the bed, unmoving.

At this moment, their feelings should have been in sync.

He too wanted to show off, for he had acquired a brilliantly colored candy.

But now wasn’t the right time.
He wanted to stand on a higher ground.
Doubts would always arise, and he didn’t want Shen Yanming to hear too much of the world’s gossip.
He couldn’t silence everyone’s lips, yet as long as they stood on a higher ground together, they would only see light, only hear the wind, and no longer be plagued by disruptive noises.

He Changkong removed the towel that Shen Yanming had casually thrown over his head and prepared to find a hanger to put it on.
As he stood up, he noticed that his phone, which was charging on the bedside table, lit up.

A text message had arrived, from an unfamiliar number that he hadn’t saved.

The message read: What’s the relationship between you and your teammate named Chaos?

Author’s Note:

*Irrelevant note: Kong ge generally doesn’t mess around with the group name cards in the chat.
He uses his original nickname or changes it to his real name or game ID as needed.
This “White Robed Angel” is changed by Luan luanzi

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