excuse and left.
In the afternoon, when people inquired, they found out that he had quietly packed up and left the training camp.

They also heard that he had been punished quite severely this time.
Initially, their club had wanted to protect him, but he embarrassed himself repeatedly during the livestream, which brought a lot of negative public opinion impact on the team.

They had already witnessed Shen Yanming’s prowess, so to prevent any further mishaps, the club forced Andrew to issue a public apology on social media.


Although it was posted on an overseas platform, numerous domestic gaming bloggers reposted it.
Together with the substantial number of viewers who stayed up late to watch the livestream, the incident quickly spread.
The group of people who had earlier criticized Shen Yanming for his arrogance and poor attitude towards others now fell silent.

Shen Yanming briefly glanced at the outcome of the matter and didn’t dwell on it.
He merely sighed, “He should have owned up to it earlier.
I’m not the kind who doesn’t give others a way out.”

During dinner time, Zhang Xixi left the team temporarily and came to the TMM side, insisting on sitting next to Shen Yanming.
Upon hearing Shen Yanming’s words, Zhang Xixi immediately chimed in, “No, no, no, Luan Ge, I think you look particularly handsome when you don’t spare your opponents.”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he felt a cold gaze sweep over from the opposite side.
Zhang Xixi glanced at him, seeing that He Chongkong, who was sitting diagonally across and facing Shen Yanming, had a seemingly expressionless face.
The feeling of icy hostility might just be his imagination.
Zhang Xixi instinctively shrank back.

“Well, yeah, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” Meng Yan inserted, putting a piece of fruit into his mouth and mumbling unclearly, “But that opening move in the first round of your solo was quite impressive.
Such a move could certainly be useful in an official competition.”

Zhang Xixi got enthusiastic and patted his chest like taking credit, ‘Me, me, me!’

Meng Yan asked, ‘You, you what? ’”

Zhang Xixi said, “This move was developed by me and Luan ge when we were soloing a couple of days ago!”

Back then, they had tried out many characters and even unconventional strategies, mainly aiming to discover unique tactics for gaining an advantage.
Of course, the knockback move of the Death Knight wasn’t exceptionally unique; other players and streamers had mentioned this approach before.
However, not many people use knockback skills when facing one-on-one situations, mainly due to the high difficulty and low payoff.

During that night, Zhang Xixi tried several times but couldn’t successfully use the knockback to immediately bounce behind the opponent.
There was always a slight time gap.
Shen Yanming had only watched Zhang Xixi’s performance that night and hadn’t tried it himself.

Zhang Xixi never expected Shen Yanming to use this move today.
He asked again, “Did you secretly practice this on your own?”

Shen Yanming looked innocent, “No, I didn’t.”

Zhang Xixi was shocked, “Then how did you manage to pull it off?”

Shen Yanming replied, “I could do it from the start.
Why would I need to practice?”

Zhang Xixi angrily lowered his head and took a few bites of food.
He thought to himself that comparing oneself to others is a surefire way to be miserable.
It’s like studying all night for a whole semester and just passing, while a genius sleeps for a semester and aces the exam.

Shen Yanming scratched the back of his head, sensing that what he said had struck a nerve.
He added, “I wasn’t being precise enough.
Reaction speed and such are things I practiced before.
That’s why practicing new characters is easier for me now.”

Zhang Xixi pondered and soon realized something was off, “No, you joined the professional team even later than me! You definitely practiced less than I did! Ahh, don’t try to comfort me.”

Shen Yanming responded, “…” It seemed like he struck a chord again.

Hand speed could indeed be improved through practice.
However, everyone has different physical conditions.
Some people have a natural talent for it, enabling them to easily outperform others who have practiced tirelessly.
Shen Yanming was one such person.

Back when he had just been reborn, he struggled with slower reaction times.
However, after joining the team and practicing intensely every day, he felt like he had unlocked his hidden potential.
With the same amount of practice time, he achieved better results than others.

Shen Yanming felt a bit guilty and admitted, “Hey, but the idea was yours.
If you hadn’t brainstormed with me, I might not have been able to showcase it today.”

This was a well-intentioned lie.
How could Shen Yanming from the future not know about such a playstyle? In fact, many top-tier speed players used this tactic later on.

Zhang Xixi found a slight consolation in Shen Yanming’s words, and he immediately got enthusiastic, “Then after we finish eating, let’s go for a solo!”

Shen Yanming was about to agree when He Changkong intervened, “No.”

Zhang Xixi asked without realization, “Why not?”

He Changkong thought for a moment.
He seemed to lack a strong reason to stop them, so he reluctantly said, “Well, I guess it’s fine.”

Shen Yanming slapped the table, coming up with an idea, “How about we do a round-robin? It’s not very interesting if it’s just the two of us honing our skills in isolation.
Let’s mix with a few more players, and collide with different styles, sparking more ideas and excitement.”

He Changkong almost immediately accepted this proposal.

As long as it’s not just the two of them playing alone, it’s fine.
They get along well, and who knows, if they start playing, they might end up playing until midnight.

The idea of the round-robin was Shen Yanming’s, and he was the defender.
Initially, only XXL and TMM players joined in, but later members from other teams participated as well.
After these few days, Shen Yanming had gained some reputation within various teams.
Many people wanted to play against him, but due to unfamiliarity or other reasons, they hadn’t directly invited him.
Some even hoped to get matched with him.
Now with this opportunity, those who wanted to challenge Shen Yanming rushed in.

He Changkong watched the scene with a sense of frustration.
Originally, he had agreed to this proposal to prevent Shen Yanming and Zhang Xixi from playing alone.
But now, Zhang Xixi was absent, and a multitude of players had swarmed in.

Of course, there were times when Shen Yanming couldn’t hold onto the top spot either.
However, as soon as that happened, someone else would leapfrog over their own solo matches and directly challenge Shen Yanming.
It was endless, but surprisingly, Shen Yanming seemed to be enjoying every bit of it.

So, they played until after 1 a.m.
Shen Yanming realized that it had long surpassed He Changkong’s bedtime according to his elderly sleep schedule, so he quickly shooed away the players who had come to challenge him.

He Changkong didn’t say much, but when he returned home, he casually remarked, “My Xiao Luan seems to be quite popular.”

Shen Yanming followed along with the joke, sticking to He Changkong and asking, “Shall I comfort you a bit?”

He Changkong responded, “Mhm.”

The two leaned against the wall and shared a kiss.
After the kiss, Shen Yanming’s face turned rosy, seemingly wanting to say something.

He Changkong gently touched his face, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Yanming hesitated and stammered, “Um… it’s just… well… gege, could you be a little more domineering?”

For a moment, He Changkong didn’t quite understand, “… Huh?”

Summoning his courage, Shen Yanming blurted out, “Oh well, I mean! When we’re kissing! Could you be a bit more fierce? I… I kinda like it that way…”

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