The beautiful female commentator walked over and asked Chaos if he would accept Andrew’s invitation.
In front of the live camera, Shen Yanming responded quite amicably, “What invitation?”

Meanwhile, Andrew had already stood up and called out to Shen Yanming, “How about a duo queue?”

Meng Yan, who was still in the dark, muttered, “These foreigners are really something.
If they want to duo queue, they should just ask straightforwardly.
They even say ‘willing to accept the invitation,’ making it seem like some kind of dating show scene…”

With the elevator incident fresh in his mind, Shen Yanming wasn’t convinced that Andrew only wanted to play a game with him.
Moreover, he found Andrew’s behavior confusing and distasteful.
So, he smiled and faced the camera, saying, “No, my schedule is already full.”

He Changkong glanced sideways, feeling a bit surprised.
Admittedly, he also felt uncomfortable with Andrew’s casual manner of speaking, but if it was just about playing a game, it shouldn’t matter.
Besides, Shen Yanming wasn’t one to refuse others when they wanted to play with him, especially if they were skilled players.

Could it be because they had agreed to play together today? But they weren’t even queuing up together at the moment.

The female commentator expressed regret, and Shen Yanming added, “There are many people who want to invite me, so you can wait your turn.”

Hearing this, He Changkong felt even more off — Shen Yanming wasn’t someone who would exhibit such aggressive behavior without reason.

He spoke in Chinese, leaving the female commentator temporarily confused.
Other players who didn’t understand the language paid no mind.
However, viewers watching the program through the live stream understood clearly.
Chinese-speaking players got the message loud and clear, and with the help of some well-intentioned translators, players in the non-Chinese-speaking regions also got the gist of Shen Yanming’s last remark.

The comments section was abuzz.

– How arrogant!

– Is there some kind of grudge between them???


– Luanzi ge’s getting too full of himself.
My friend is an NPC, and he told me that Luanzi ge didn’t have much recognition among foreign players until yesterday’s match.
He was doing pretty well, so quite a few people wanted to play with him.
Now he’s acting all superior.

– Here we go again, here we go again.
What NPC friend are you talking about? Give us a name?

– Who could believe that overseas players wouldn’t pay attention to our rookie king over here…

– It’s not like he’s never talked so arrogantly before.
Why do people act like he can’t be shady?

As the female commentator left, the coach who had come with the team approached Shen Yanming and had a few words with him, reminding him to be cautious with his words.
Shen Yanming knew that his current behavior seemed unreasonable to those who didn’t know the full story, and he didn’t feel like explaining.
He simply nodded in response.

He Changkong asked him, and Shen Yanming felt that it wasn’t such a big deal.
He scratched his head and chuckled while trying to brush it off, “No, maybe I’m just a bit grumpy from not getting enough sleep.”

That evening, the organizers arranged a nanny brawl exhibition match, where two teams competed with four players on each side, all playing healer.
Naturally, He Changkong was called to join in.


The match was quite interesting.
Eight healers were battling it out, clearly showcasing each player’s distinct support style.
Shen Yanming had been watching attentively from below when he suddenly received a text message from an unknown number.

Upon reading it, Shen Yanming almost burst into laughter out of frustration.
Andrew was still persistently trying to meet him alone.

He wondered who had blabbed about his contact information.

He really couldn’t fathom this person’s thought process.
Generally, even if someone wanted to make a move, it wouldn’t be in such a distasteful manner, right?

Initially, he planned to ignore it, but after a while, he found himself curious about what Andrew was up to.
So, much to the surprise of Meng Yan and Sunday, he stood up.

This match was mainly for the audience’s entertainment.
Whether the players watched it or not wasn’t mandatory.
Those interested could stay and watch, while those who weren’t could head back for free training.
However, Shen Yanming leaving at this point was quite abrupt.
Kong ge was playing, shouldn’t he be watching the whole game?

Shen Yanming explained, “I need to use the restroom.”

The other two understood, waving him off.

Shen Yanming looked at the text message again.
It mentioned an exhibition hall on the second floor of the venue, which wasn’t open to the public recently, so there would be no one there.
Andrew said he would be waiting there.

Walking out, Shen Yanming turned on the recording function on his phone.
He hesitated at the elevator entrance before turning back.


Meng Yan glanced at him, “Done with the restroom?”

“Not,” Shen Yanming paused for a moment, then said, “Yan Jiang, come with me.”

After thinking it over again, he still didn’t know what Andrew’s intentions were.
If he was just awkwardly trying to approach him, it was one thing, but if he had something else in mind, Shen Yanming couldn’t guarantee that he could handle it alone.
So, he wanted a partner to watch out for him.

A multitude of question marks seemed to dance above Meng Yan’s head, “Are you okay? You need someone to accompany you to the restroom?”

Sunday also raised his head and looked at them for a moment, then interjected, “Take me with you, take me with you.
I want to go too.” It sounded as if he wanted to go somewhere wonderful, not the restroom.

Shen Yanming pinched Sunday’s cheek, “You’re not going.”

Sunday protested, “Why not?”

Shen Yanming replied, “I drew the Consort Yan card today, so don’t come and join in the fun.”

Sunday responded, “I’m telling Kong ge.”

Ignoring Sunday’s protests, Shen Yanming turned to Meng Yan.

Despite his confusion, Meng Yan followed Shen Yanming outside.
As they walked, he realized that Shen Yanming wasn’t heading toward the restroom.

Meng Yan called out to him, “Where are you going?”

After a moment’s thought, Shen Yanming explained, “I feel like Andrew wants to cause trouble, so I’m bringing you along.”

Meng Yan recalled Andrew’s size, “The two of us might not be able to overpower his big build… Wait, so there’s really some friction between you two? When he mentioned inviting you to duo queue this morning, could it be he was provoking you?”

Shen Yanming replied, “He touched my butt.”


Meng Yan exclaimed, “…???!!!”

“Was he just joking around or what? But that can’t be the case.
You didn’t even know him before… Damn, he’s a pervert, touching a young guy’s butt,” Meng Yan got agitated and pulled out his phone.
“This is sexual harassment! And he said those things in the afternoon.
The more I think about it, the more disgusting it seems… We should report this to the authorities.”

Shen Yanming quickly held Meng Yan back.
Words alone won’t do anything.
He did it as he got off the elevator… um, anyway, the surveillance might not have caught it, and even if it did, it could be argued as an accident.
Besides, I’m a grown man, making a fuss just because someone touched me…”

Meng Yan said, “Can men just touch anyone as they please? Men’s dignity is important too… Of course, if it’s a hundred dollars for one touch, then sure.”

Shen Yanming retorted, “…You’re giving it away too cheaply.”

Meng Yan added, “This damn guy approached you separately.
Who knows what he’s planning, you know, you gay bastard, truly disgusting.”

The newly recognized gay Shen Yanming felt offended, “Don’t use such stereotypes!”

Meng Yan corrected himself, “I mean that specific scoundrel is disgusting, not all gay people are disgusting… So, what’s your plan now?”

“I’ll test him a bit,” Shen Yanming said.

That was why he agreed to meet the guy.
Moreover, He Changkong was in the middle of a match.
If He Changkong were with him, he wouldn’t know how to broach the topic, and even if He Changkong understood the situation, he wouldn’t be pleased with Shen Yanming taking on this kind of conversational work.

This time Meng Yan was quite cooperative, “Alright, I’m your old tool man.
I’ll go up with you later, find a spot to squat down and secretly record something.”

Although it was a test, Shen Yanming didn’t bother acting along with it.
If he were to become an actor, his facial expressions alone would probably give him away.
With a mixture of disgust and impatience on his face, he stood in front of Andrew, intentionally keeping some distance.

Shen Yanming stepped on one of the steps in the exhibition hall, not even glancing at Andrew.
He casually swept his gaze over the displayed items.
To avoid drawing attention, the lights inside the hall weren’t turned on, only some dim light spilled in from the corridor outside, preventing total darkness.
Despite this, Shen Yanming didn’t really see anything clearly as he glanced around.
He focused his gaze on the displayed items, intentionally making Andrew wait a bit.
After a while, he said coldly, “What do you want?”

Andrew wasn’t offended, his smile deepening instead.
“Darling, you look cute even when you’re not smiling.”

Shen Yanming, “…”

Suppressing his discomfort, Shen Yanming asked, “So?”

Andrew’s smile remained, his tone softening, “I really like you, I liked you at first sight.”

Shen Yanming, “……Is this how you express liking someone? Getting touchy from the start?”

Andrew, “I’m sorry.”

Shen Yanming rolled his eyes.
He genuinely hadn’t meant to cause trouble.
If the other party wasn’t malicious, just not all there mentally, he might be able to let it slide.
Thus, he brushed it off with, “I’m not gay.”

“Darling, you’re quite good at joking,” Andrew chuckled, his smile tinged with sarcasm.
Then, he lowered his voice slightly, “I saw it all.
You were holding hands with Kong.”

Meng Yan, who was hiding around the corner, almost had his eyes pop out, “!!!”

Shen Yanming responded quickly, “What’s wrong with holding hands with a friend? Don’t tell me you don’t have any friends?” It seemed the person he bumped into in the corridor that night was indeed Andrew.
At the time, Shen Yanming thought they were alone and had grabbed He Changkong’s hand.
The action was subtle, and he hadn’t expected it to be noticed.

But really, was it that big of a deal?

Meng Yan, who was listening attentively, thought, “… Right.”

Andrew shrugged, “Holding hands with a friend is fine, of course… But I also saw you kissing him.”

Meng Yan: “…” It’s really difficult to hold back from screaming out.

Shen Yanming frowned.
He was sure he hadn’t displayed excessive intimacy with He Changkong in any public place.
As for what they did in their room, he believed Andrew couldn’t possibly have seen it.

This person was intentionally saying this.

However, as Shen Yanming paused, Andrew seemed to indirectly confirm his suspicions.
He took a step forward, getting closer to Shen Yanming.
“Stop pretending.
I’ve played with a few boys like you before.
The little gays from your country are quite open, aren’t they? They do everything.”

Shen Yanming stepped back, “Bullshit!”

Andrew caught Shen Yanming’s wrist, “After finally finishing the regular matches, you don’t have to be this tense all the time.
Don’t be shy…”

Shen Yanming hesitated whether to kick this idiot in the face or not, but it didn’t seem like he had a good chance of winning.
At this moment, he regretted not exercising more.
Panic welled up within him, but he didn’t back down.
“I’m not interested, and there are surveillance cameras in this room.
You’d better let go of me right now.”

Andrew, however, seemed unfazed, “Or you can invite your little boyfriend to join us.”

At this moment, Shen Yanming was torn about whether to let Meng Yan intervene.
Just now, he had agreed with Meng Yan that if there weren’t any major issues, even if their words between the two became heated, they shouldn’t intervene.

Just as he was weighing his options, he suddenly heard He Changkong’s voice from behind the door, laced with anger, “Let go of him.”

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