He Changkong gave an affirmative response, but Shen Yanming wasn’t quite satisfied.
He straightened his body a bit, his hand still resting on He Changkong’s shoulder.

“Why didn’t you mention that you’re still unhappy?” Shen Yanming asked.

At first, He Changkong didn’t catch on, but when he saw the person in front of him blushing and avoiding eye contact, he suddenly realized.

He Changkong pinched Shen Yanming’s earlobe, “Now I’m unhappy again.”

Shen Yanming put on an air of righteousness, Then there’s nothing I can do.
Since you’re still unhappy, I’ll have to comfort you again… I’m just that understanding!” As he spoke, he tilted his head and pressed his lips forward once more.

After a bit of teasing, Shen Yanming was ushered off to freshen up.

There were two beds in the room, but one was completely unused.
It was cluttered with clothes and odds and ends, mostly Shen Yanming’s.
After He Changkong returned, he tidied up the bed.
However, as soon as Shen Yanming emerged from the bathroom and finished rummaging through his things, that bed, which was treated like a storage area, turned into a disaster scene again.

After grabbing his belongings, Shen Yanming felt a bit guilty.
He thought about how his Kong ge had been in the hotel room, acting like a devoted wife, tidying up and arranging his clothes in the hotel room, waiting for him to return.
Yet, he had been outside, playing games with other people, completely engrossed, completely lost.

He was indeed acting like a scumbag.

Usually, if Shen Yanming was alone, he would never bother to tidy up and arrange things as He Changkong had done.
However, now he was dutifully putting everything back in its place, just as He Changkong had organized them earlier.

Subsequently, he kicked off his indoor slippers and smoothly climbed onto the bed where He Changkong was lying.
He slipped into his blanket as if it was the most natural thing to do.

The excitement from staying up playing games faded, and tiredness crept in, Shen Yanming, after murmuring a few sentences to He Changkong, grew drowsy.
In a daze, he heard He Changkong say, “Actually, I’ve also studied a few characters with significant changes.
If you want, we can play together.”


Shen Yanming’s drowsiness was immediately dispelled.

“Got it, wifey.
I’ll only play with wifey,” Shen Yanming laughed a few times, snuggled up to He Changkong, got close to his face, and gave him a loud smooch.

He Changkong: “It’s not that, playing with different players helps to identify issues from multiple perspectives…”

Shen Yanming cooperated with every sentence He Changkong said, even though the meaning of the previous and current sentences had nothing in common, “Then I’ll just play with them every now and then.”

He Changkong kissed Shen Yanming’s forehead, “Alright, let’s sleep.”

He Changkong rarely slept past sunrise, but that day was an exception.
He only got up around noon.
Shen Yanming was still sleeping, and when he felt the weight beside him disappear, he just hugged the blanket and turned over.

He Changkong didn’t wake him.
He quietly got up, took care of some matters, and just as he was about to leave the room, he ran into Meng Yan and Sunday coming out of the neighboring room.

Meng Yan was extremely surprised, “You just woke up? Or did you come back to fetch something?”


He Changkong answered truthfully, “Just woke up.”

Before He Changkong could close the door, Meng Yan peeked inside, and the level of his astonishment went off the charts, “You and Luan jiang are sleeping in the same bed! And you’re waking up so late! What have you been up to, what have you been up to!”

Usually, at the base, it was well known that Shen Yanming liked to run into He Changkong’s room.
But outside, where there were two beds, choosing to squeeze onto one didn’t really make sense.

Not to mention He Changkong’s usual self-discipline.
Seeing him wake up at this hour was like seeing a ghost in broad daylight.

Sunday nudged Meng Yan with his elbow, “Hush, keep your voice down.”

Meng Yan covered his mouth and lowered his voice, “Your… progress is remarkable, huh?”

He Changkong: “…”

They were keeping their relationship a secret from others.
While Shen Yanming was usually outspoken, no one would think that what he said held any truth.
If they were to hold hands or engage in any other intimate actions, they would do so discreetly.

He Changkong felt that there was no harm in revealing it, but he hadn’t discussed it with Shen Yanming, so he wasn’t sure what Shen Yanming thought.

Until he had consulted with the other person, even if it was with his closest friends, he wouldn’t directly divulge the matter.


He spoke seriously, “His bed got wet last night, and it was too late to call the housekeeper.
So, we shared mine.”

Sunday responded to He Changkong with one of his newly learned internet phrases, “Really? I don’t believe it.”

“Really? I don’t…” Meng Yan repeated half of his sentence before he saw He Changkong’s icy expression and immediately shut up.
He awkwardly changed the subject, “Aren’t you waiting for Luan jiang to come down with you?”

He Changkong replied, “Let him sleep a bit longer.”

Indeed, Shen Yanming was a heavy sleeper.
Mainly because he hadn’t stayed up for a long time, and he had just arrived the day before and had to adjust to the time difference.
His schedule was a bit chaotic, and now that he had fallen asleep, he had no intention of waking up.

While the training camp leaned towards entertainment and didn’t have specific plans for the next day, it wasn’t just a vacation for the players.
Therefore, there’s a rule that the latest time for the afternoon free training to start is 2 o’clock.

Furthermore, the organizers mentioned that there would be a host entering the training room at any time for impromptu interviews, which was supposed to show the viewers the most authentic side of the players.

When Meng Yan saw the itinerary, he started grumbling, “What’s this? We’re just a bunch of stinky gamers.
Why do they want to see our ‘authentic’ side?”

Nevertheless, since things were arranged this way, and it wasn’t an overly intrusive segment, the players privately grumbled but ultimately accepted it.

Shen Yanming slept past one o’clock and was awakened by a phone call from He Changkong, urging him to get up.

When he got up, he saw a note on the bedside with some food and a cup of cooled boiled water.

After brushing his teeth, washing his face, and eating in a hurry, there was no one in the corridor at this time.
But as he was approaching the elevator, he encountered another player.
It was a player from a renowned team in North America, also playing as an assassin.
He seemed to be called Andrew.
They had crossed paths a few times before.
Shen Yanming generally only remembered names; he couldn’t easily recognize faces.
To him, most fair-skinned, blond-haired, and blue-eyed foreigners looked similar.

Thinking about it, he realized he had bumped into him yesterday when he returned with He Changkong.

It was quite a coincidence.
Shen Yanming proactively greeted him.

Andrew smiled and responded with somewhat stiff Chinese, “Hello.”


Shen Yanming was naturally sociable, and hearing the other person converse with him so friendly in Chinese, he dropped his guard and smiled back.
The two entered the elevator, and the tall Andrew stood beside him.

This “standing beside him” didn’t just mean standing side by side.
Perhaps because Andrew was rather tall, Shen Yanming felt a bit cramped.
He discreetly shifted a bit to the side, but every time he moved, Andrew would inch closer again.

In reality, there were only the two of them in the elevator, and it wasn’t rush hour forcing them to be close.
Shen Yanming found the situation a bit off, but he couldn’t say it directly.
He just frowned slightly.

Upon reaching the first floor, the elevator doors opened, and just as Shen Yanming stepped out, he felt his buttocks being grabbed.

He turned around abruptly, “What the heck are you doing?”

Andrew still had a cheerful smile, raising his hands innocently, “Just joking.”

Shen Yanming stated directly, “This isn’t funny, it’s offensive.”

With that, he walked forward quickly.

Certainly, among friends, playful actions and even butt-grabbing weren’t unheard of, but firstly, Shen Yanming and this person weren’t friends, and secondly, he felt that Andrew’s touch clearly wasn’t meant in a playful way.
Just thinking about it made Shen Yanming feel sick.
That person’s intentions were clearly provocative.

He’s really messed up.

Originally in a good mood, Shen Yanming was left somewhat dispirited by this incident.
Nevertheless, he didn’t show it on his face.
He tucked his hands into the pockets of his jacket, sat down beside his teammates, and greeted each of them, “Good morning, everyone.”

He also exchanged greetings with the XXL on the opposite side.

When Zhang Xixi saw Shen Yanming, he got excited and stood up, leaning over half of his body, “I’ve had my game interface open for so long, waiting for someone to team up with.
Let’s play together!”

Shen Yanming ruthlessly refused, “Not today, I have other plans.”

“Okay.” Zhang Xixi shrank back, and Shen Yanming saw him turning to bother other people.

Shen Yanming looked at He Changkong, “I’m playing with my wife today.”

He Changkong asked him, “Have you eaten?”

Shen Yanming nodded.

He Changkong said, “…You’re unusually quiet.
Are you not awake yet?”

Shen Yanming turned his head and smiled at He Changkong, “A little… Are we duo queuing? Oh, right, today we’re still mixing the teams, right? Me and Sunday will be together?”

He Changkong confirmed, “That’s right.”

The main point was that all the opponents they could match with in this session were likely to be encountered in the World Championship later— the organizers had set up a temporary server specifically for this event, and during this period, these players were essentially having divine battles here.
The members of TMM also wanted to use as many different team compositions as possible to engage with more people, rather than limiting themselves to a single lineup.

Shen Yanming switched seats with Meng Yan and sat beside Sunday, a bit further from his Kong ge, “Let’s queue up.”

He had just logged into the game interface, and before they even officially started queuing, an elegantly dressed female commentator, quite famous in North America, walked in on high heels, followed by a photographer.
It seemed like they were going to carry out the impromptu interviews as planned.

Meng Yan started grumbling again, “They’re making it look like some variety show.
We’re here for learning and exchange, aren’t we? It’s really annoying.”

His tone wasn’t aggressive, and his volume wasn’t high, so only those around them heard.

XXL’s Xiao Liu agreed from the opposite side, “Exactly… but they’ve invited commentators from North America for the interview.
If there’s a language barrier, they probably won’t ask us too much.”

Shen Yanming felt that Xiao Liu’s reasoning made sense.
It seemed like it shouldn’t concern them much, so he paid little attention.
He teamed up with Sunday and clicked the “Match with Teammates” button.

Meng Yan added, “Hard to say, maybe someone else will come over later.”

Meng Yan might really have a knack for foreseeing things, or you could say he’s a jinx.

Of course, they didn’t change the commentator; the red-haired and beautiful commentator walked over toward them.

The reason was that she had just interviewed Andrew, who claimed to be the last person to enter the training room.
She asked him why he was late, and he answered in an ambiguous tone, saying he had encountered a handsome Chinese guy and wanted to take a stroll in a nearby grove after the training session.

Upon further inquiry, it turned out that the boy in question is Chaos from TMM.
The players on their side were also making a commotion for some reason, and things got chaotic, to say the least.

After hearing the explanation, Chaos himself felt that if he were a martial artist with inner strength, he would’ve probably crushed the mouse in his hand.

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