Shen Yanming didn’t immediately do as he was told.
He asked uncertainly, “Did you also read that…”

With just this sentence from He Changkong and the accompanying action, Shen Yanming felt a strong sense of déjà vu.

When he mentioned “that,” he was referring to an ongoing fan fiction.
Occasionally, Shen Yanming would read fan fiction about himself when he had nothing else to do.
Pairings didn’t matter, and the content was diverse.
He mainly read them out of curiosity and found enjoyment in all kinds of genres.
Lately, he hadn’t been reading much, but after developing a liking for He Changkong, he secretly searched for related tags and found that KongLuan was already a popular cp.

Unfortunately, reality wasn’t as he had hoped.
Searching for KongLuan yielded very few results! The fans of this pairing were really lacking in taste!

Holding onto his conviction that this pairing was reversible but not separable, Shen Yanming resolutely dove into the KongLuan tag for some content.

Just now, when He Changkong placed his fingertip against his own lips and suggested trying to kiss there… it was practically identical to the latest excerpt in that fanfic!

Shen Yanming was so angry when he read it that he left a comment using an alternate account.

[bird jiang]: Why did it end there? Can’t you just let them kiss and be done with it? By the time you update again, the poor kid will have suffocated!

He Changkong responded with a simple “Hmm.”

“You’re reading that too…” Shen Yanming realized, no wonder.
Given He Changkong’s personality, he would never say something so straightforward.
It turns out he learned it all from fan fiction.

“I saw people discussing it on the forum, so I searched it up.”

After He Changkong finished speaking, he didn’t release Shen Yanming’s hand.
Instead, he gently nibbled on his fingertip—not really a bite, more like teeth grazing the skin.
With just that touch, Shen Yanming felt as though an electric current traveled from his fingertip to his entire body.


Shen Yanming asked in a daze, “I haven’t read the updates… Is this action part of what comes next?”

He Changkong denied, “No.”


He Changkong continued, “In the next part is you leaning in for a kiss.”

Shen Yanming’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, and after a moment, he said, “Let me try.”

He leaned forward, getting closer, but just as he was about to reach his destination, he hesitated, “I’m not very good at…”

In fact, he had no idea how to do it at all.

Shen Yanming was usually the one to crack jokes and say anything as if he were an experienced driver.
Yet, when it came to the real deal, he transformed from an experienced driver to a novice.


He Changkong lightly brushed his lips, which were tantalizingly close.

Shen Yanming froze.

After a while.

Shen Yanming: “…” Was that it?

He Changkong: “…”

In the darkness, the two exchanged glances, and before long, Shen Yanming burst into laughter.

Hearing his chuckle, He Changkong cradled his head, closing the remaining distance between their lips.
Shen Yanming slightly opened his mouth, and He Changkong slipped his tongue inside.

Shen Yanming closed his eyes, feeling his body turn weak.
It felt like he would fall if he didn’t hold onto something, so he tightened the hand that was placed on He Changkong’s waist.

Amidst the intertwining of lips and tongues, Shen Yanming thought in a daze, Kong ge is really skilled.
Even for a first kiss, he’s doing so well.

He Changkong didn’t return home this time, naturally avoiding various troubles that might have arisen.
After spending some time at the base, he joined the team to depart for North America.
The training camp took place at a locally renowned esports arena that boasted a hefty investment.
The teams stayed at a hotel conveniently connected to the arena.
With numerous top players from various regions gathered there, this event also aimed to raise the arena’s reputation a notch.


Of course, the players weren’t concerned about the publicity; what mattered to them was the opportunity to play, especially against formidable opponents.

On the first day, they adjusted to the time difference and took a brief tour of the venue and nearby attractions.
The second day marked the beginning of the real deal – training.

Naturally, the organizers hadn’t invested so much just for the audience to watch the players’ ordinary and potentially dull training routines.
They added an exciting twist by turning the first activity into a massive free-for-all.

In other words, the teams that came for the training camp were disbanded, and new groups were formed randomly.
Following specific rules, no player would be placed in a group with their original teammates.

After the reshuffling, the new teams would compete against each other.

However, this wasn’t just for show; there was practicality behind it.

A player’s traits differ when they’re an opponent versus when they’re a teammate.
Viewing a player’s performance from a God’s-eye perspective after the match might lead to a different perception.
So, if a player who typically faces another in matches or has few chances to interact suddenly becomes their teammate, it provides a unique opportunity to understand their strategies from a different angle.
This could prove advantageous for future matches.

Of course, some viewers might think that reshuffling teammates isn’t anything extraordinary; players often do it on their own during practice sessions.

However, while online practice sessions usually focus on the training aspect, now the organizers turned these confrontations into something akin to real matches, elevating the overall experience.
On one hand, players were undoubtedly more focused than they would be during a regular ranked game.
On the other hand, teammates who had fought side by side might find themselves on opposing sides, adding an extra layer of entertainment.

Communication did become a bit of an issue.
The in-game shortcut commands covered a lot, and most of the time, pressing a key was enough for others to understand the intended action.
However, compared to a well-established team, these makeshift international teams might face challenges in effective communication.
Yet, this only added suspense to the matches.

The matches follow a draw-and-play format.
The first two randomly chosen temporary teams had nothing to do with TMM.
Although the original teams were mixed up, no situations arose where archrivals were placed together or great partners were forcibly separated.

However, due to the lack of synergy from random selection, there were indeed some minor complications during the matches due to miscommunication.
Thankfully, they were resolved in the end.
Sitting down below, Shen Yanming watched while Sunday beside him observed and noted things down.
Muttering to himself and occasionally jotting down numbers in his notebook, Sunday was entirely absorbed.
Shen Yanming didn’t disturb him; he knew this was Sunday’s usual approach to watching matches.
Others watching a match: “Amazing!” Sunday watching a match: “Let me calculate the damage range of his first skill…”

So, Shen Yanming turned his attention to bother He Changkong instead, engaging in casual conversation with him.

As the second round of matches approached its end, the host began drawing for the third round.

After announcing several positions, Kong’s ID appeared on the screen when the healing position was mentioned.


The host repeated the roster for Team A in the third group, and He Changkong stood up.

Shen Yanming looked at him reluctantly, “You promised to be my exclusive healer, and now you’re off healing other dogs, sigh.”

He Changkong playfully ruffled Shen Yanming’s hair.

Of course, Shen Yanming was just teasing; regardless of teammates or opponents, as a player, he should give his all in any situation.
But this didn’t need to be said; He Changkong undoubtedly shared the same sentiment.

He Changkong stepped forward, and Shen Yanming cupped his hands into a makeshift megaphone, shouting from below, “Kong ge, give it your all, crush the opponents!”

He Changkong didn’t turn around, just raised his hand in acknowledgment.

Seeing the vacant seat in the middle, Meng Yan shifted over and said, “What if he draws one of us as the opponent?”

Shen Yanming glanced at Meng Yan and retorted, “If he gets you, he’ll turn you into ‘Yan Jiang’.”

Meng Yan: “?”

It took Meng Yan a moment to grasp the meaning; he finally understood that the “Jiang” in “Yan Jiang” was a literal reference to sauce.

“Isn’t that a bit harsh, Luan jiang?” Meng Yan said, “What if he draws you? Former close friends, the most talked-about legendary partners, turning against each other.
Is this the extinction of human nature or the decline of morality…”

Shen Yanming quipped, “Yan ge, if you ever stop gaming, you could become a new media copywriter.
No need to worry about food.”

As his words fell, the host began drawing the Team B members.

The first draw was for the assassin position, and several player names scrolled across the screen before stopping.

Displayed was: tmm_chaos.

Shen Yanming clicked his tongue disapprovingly and cast an annoyed look at Meng Yan, “You and your jinx.”

Meng Yan: “Hahaha, go get ’em, Pikachu.”

Shortly after Shen Yanming had encouraged He Changkong to crush the opponents, he found himself facing He Changkong as an opponent.
Still, he was rather excited and trotted onto the stage.

The host had drawn all the players for this group.

The commentary team included a Chinese commentator named Xu Yin, a former player who had recently retired from the Chinese region.
After transitioning into commentary, Xu Yin’s in-depth knowledge of the players and his entertaining style had earned him the affection of many viewers and fans.
He was invited by the event organizers to handle the Chinese commentary for this event.

Seeing He Changkong and Shen Yanming coming up one after the other, Xu Yin first gave a brief introduction to the situation for the audience.
After all, viewers from other regions might be familiar with Kong but not so much with Chaos, this new face.

After introducing the pair as a perfect duo with remarkable synergy capable of taking on gods and buddhas alike, Xu Yin deliberately asked, “When Kong came up just now, our cameras caught you saying something to him.
Were you encouraging him?”

Shen Yanming smiled, “Yes, I told him to give it his all and crush the opponents.”

Xu Yin continued, “Did you ever consider that you might end up being his opponent?”

Shen Yanming shook his head, “No.”

Xu Yin probed, “So, do you still want him to crush the opponents?”

Shen Yanming chuckled, “I’ll be the one crushing him.”

Xu Yin seemed to be enjoying the spectacle, “Not showing any mercy, I see.”

The viewers watching the livestream were in an uproar.
Everyone knew that these two partners were invincible when together.
However, many still regarded He Changkong as having a slight edge in individual skills.
Shen Yanming’s soaring performance owed much to He Changkong’s excellent support.
People had seen how ruthless He Changkong could be when playing other roles on his own.

But no one had witnessed them in a solo match.
No one knew who would come out on top if they were separated.
Moreover, in this situation, Shen Yanming couldn’t possibly say on stage, “No, I can’t beat my ge.”

So, while a few people made sarcastic remarks, most of the comments were polite.

Shen Yanming said, “We take every match seriously.
Whether I can really defeat my ge or not, I don’t know.
The main thing is to have determination.”

Xu Yin applauded, “What about Kong?”

He Changkong stated, “My thoughts align with his.”

After a while, another staff member rushed up and whispered a few words to Xu Yin.
Xu Yin raised an eyebrow in surprise and then said, “Sorry, Chaos, it seems the organizers have something planned.”

Shen Yanming asked, “Just spill it.”

Xu Yin explained, “They’ve assigned you a specific character for the upcoming match.”

Shen Yanming inquired, “Which character?”

Xu Yin answered, “White Wolf.”

Shen Yanming whistled.

Now, having him play White Wolf was an entirely different concept from before.
Previously, if someone asked him to play White Wolf, it meant showing off to his heart’s content.
But now, it was different; he was clearly being set up.

With the conclusion of the regular matches in various regions, Return to the Throne also ushered in its annual major update.
The update brought enhancements and redesigns to many characters, as well as some nerfs.

Take White Wolf, for instance, it had been changed to the point where you couldn’t even recognize it.

Previously, there were discussions among some netizens on forums and such, stating that Shen Yanming’s success was greatly attributed to this character.
Now that White Wolf has been changed this way, if Shen Yanming can’t adapt to the new version, he might end up as a one-hit-wonder.

Compared to his first appearance in a match, these comments were already quite friendly.
After all, his achievements were widely acknowledged.

However, even in this situation, there were still many who doubted him.

Shen Yanming is not worried, though.

He thought to himself, what do these people know? Don’t even talk about this version’s changes; he knows perfectly well how to play White Wolf in the next version and the one after that.

After all, he is the only true prophet in the entire arena!

Author’s Message:

Kong: I seem to be a prophet too?

Luan luanzi: We are together, it’s not too much to count us two as one, right?

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