such difficult words?”

Meng Yan: “Lately, he’s been enjoying those storytelling podcasts.
Every night, he and Ding Jiang get on voice call to listen to them…”

Sunday vigorously nodded, “Exactly, at midnight every night, let the NetEase Cloud Music, begin!”

Shen Yanming: “…While others use NetEase Cloud Music to listen to sad songs, you guys listen to stories from the Three Kingdoms? Do you even understand?”

“We don’t understand,” Sunday added, “Help me take care of the fans, I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Off you go,” Meng Yan waved at Sunday, then turned to their two teammates who had been eating one-handed since a while ago, “What are you guys doing? Did your hands break or is this some new trend?”

Under the table, the two of them, who had been tirelessly holding hands, suddenly froze.
Shen Yanming then pinched He Changkong’s palm, released his hand, placed it back on the table, and wore an embarrassed yet polite smile on his face, “Ahaha.”

He Changkong also lowered his head.

Meng Yan said, “Something’s off.” He looked at Shen Yanming and then at He Changkong.
He had a gut feeling that there was something unusual between these two, but after staring for a while, he couldn’t figure out what it was.

Sunday left and returned.
He said he had given his account to someone else and knew nothing.
He received a scolding, but the leaders seemed to turn a blind eye to it.

He Changkong analyzed, “Actually, it’s normal.
To be frank, the club wants us to win and probably hopes to have fewer competitors.
As long as we haven’t been exposed, they probably don’t care.”

Shen Yanming poked at the chicken in his bowl, “Whether there are competitors or not doesn’t matter.
Anyway, they can’t beat us.”

Meng Yan teased, “Luan Jiang, you’re quite full of yourself.”

He Changkong took out his phone and sent a message to Shen Yanming.

[kong_]: Behave.

Shen Yanming received the message, and the corners of his mouth lifted again.

After they returned to the training room and trained for an afternoon and evening, when they stepped out, the public opinion had turned upside down.

Drawing from the experience of witnessing the other girls flip Lan’s situation last time, Pudding, alone in the hospital room, had ignited a storm with his Weibo posts.
Initially, he had only shared chat records of their conversations, and as expected, there was no creativity on the other side’s part to explain anything; it was all just bluffing.
He even rode the wave and portrayed himself as a caring and affectionate boyfriend.

Subsequently, Pudding released a video.
The content of the video matched the time, place, and outfit mentioned in the chat records.
Even his teammates came forward anonymously to confirm that he did go out that day.

Moonlight couldn’t refute this anymore.
The harder he had denied before, the more embarrassed he looked now.

This event wasn’t only making waves within the esports circle, but even outside of it.
People started sharing the Weibo post because it wasn’t just about some esports player’s scandal; it touched upon the issue of deceiving straight women with a same-sex relationship, making it a huge controversy.

Initially, some fans were helping to speak up for him.
However, later on, a long-time fan came out with a somewhat sarcastic remark: “Do you know why I stopped pursuing him back then? Because he privately told others that we, the ‘handicapped and brainless’ players, don’t understand anything and just know how to give advice all day long.
Well, I won’t give advice anymore.
Don’t bother defending him, he doesn’t rely on fans for a living, and your affection means nothing to him.”

Of course, this old fan’s words lacked concrete evidence.
However, at this crucial moment, many people bought into this rhythm.
After all, this fan had genuinely helped TR gain some sponsorships and find matches when the team was just a small workshop-style team.
If nothing significant had occurred, they wouldn’t have left so decisively.

Then, Zhuo Minxing’s ex-boyfriend stepped in.
He didn’t reveal his identity, but he sent Liu Ritian a photo of Zhuo Minxing and Moonlight in an intimate moment, along with a statement after providing some context: Moonlight showed me these photos to anger me, so no need to cleanse your eyes.
Moonlight is just a deceptive gay.

In one short evening, public opinion had completely turned around.
Later, various bits of information were leaked by different people, all contributing to Moonlight’s downfall.

Their club’s response was quite swift.
They issued a disciplinary announcement not long after, banning Moonlight due to the severity of the situation, and he was expelled from the team.

Following that, some individuals even contacted Zhuo Minxing’s school’s official account, and they indicated that they would address the matter.
Regardless of the outcome of the discussion, this individual had, at the very least suffered a social death.

It was a tumultuous night, the only consolation was that the deceived young lady seemed quite resilient.
She sent a private message to Liu Ritian’s account, expressing her sadness and gratitude to the person who exposed the truth behind the submission.
Otherwise, she would have really been preparing to marry this trash.

Shen Yanming didn’t return to his room; instead, he pulled He Changkong along for a walk outside.
They strolled around while glancing at things on Weibo.
After a while, Shen Yanming found it annoying and pocketed his phone, looked up at the sky, and said, “Ge, I defeated him fair and square in the competition, and I’m happy about that.
I’m glad to see him face the consequences of his wrongdoings.
But I really don’t want to see all this mess… People used to curse me the same way back then.”

Netizens were indeed a spiteful group; scum like Moonlight was now being bombarded with curses whenever his name was searched.

Once upon a time, Shen Yanming had been mistaken for such a person too.
Due to his soft-heartedness, he didn’t immediately defend himself.
Furthermore, his teammates falsified evidence and slapped labels like violence directly onto him.

Everyone wanted to appear upright and just, so they used the harshest words to curse him.
Some even managed to find his parent’s phone numbers and called to ask, “How did you raise such a beastly son? Simple-minded, all brawn and no brain, probably raised on pig feed.” They even felt smug enough to record the call and upload it online.

He didn’t realize he was merely standing up for someone else and how it had all spiraled into this.
If given a chance to start over, he was determined not to be a good person anymore.
Then again, he thought it might be better not to start over at all.

Isn’t it quite meaningless? He had worked so hard, yet his goals remained unattainable.
With good intentions, he had attracted the worst possible outcome.

Fortunately, the second time around, he met He Changkong and the other companions who firmly pulled him out of the mire.

He thought that if he had stayed in school, with his average grades and lack of enthusiasm for studying, even if he said he wanted to learn, he probably wouldn’t have achieved much.
After taking the college entrance exam, he might attend a technical college and eventually become a salesperson, just like his father had initially been.
The pay would be decent, but the socializing would be exhausting.
Late nights spent drinking with clients might even remind him of the dreams he once had.

Shen Yanming shook his head, trying to clear his mind of these chaotic thoughts.
He turned to He Changkong again, “Ge, can we hold hands?”

“Sure.” He Changkong held Shen Yanming’s hand, feeling it slightly trembling.
He then pulled him into an embrace, patting his back.

Of course, He Changkong was well aware of all those things.
Despite not being close before and not usually meddling in others’ affairs, that one night He Changkong had sent Shen Yanming some words of encouragement.
They weren’t anything particularly special, just a hope that he would pull through.

However, it seemed that even if it was sent out, there was no chance for it to be seen.

Because on that night, in that world, there was no longer a youth named Shen Yanming.

Fortunately, all of that has passed now.

He Changkong patted Shen Yanming’s back gently, saying, “Everything is okay, hugging is fine, crying and laughing are all okay.”

Shen Yanming let out a soft “wow” and buried his head in He Changkong’s shoulder.
It wasn’t long before He Changkong felt a dampness on his shoulder.

Go ahead and cry, my little friend.
That’s what He Changkong thought to himself.

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