Shen Yanming rested his chin on his hand, “You’ve said all sorts of things, so I guess… let’s call it a draw.”

In fact, this game didn’t have a draw mechanism.
As soon as Shen Yanming’s words came out, a chorus of boos erupted in the barrage.

– Getting cold feet?

– Let me see what true greasiness is, don’t just talk, act! I’m not afraid of getting disgusted.

– Stop the nonsense and start the match already.

– #Luanzi ge can’t handle it##Luanzi ge is chickening out#

Shen Yanming slammed the table in anger, “You can’t say that a man can’t handle it!”

Provoked by the barrage, Shen Yanming’s courage surged.
He stood up proudly and confidently, moving in front of He Changkong.
One hand rested on his hip, while the other was placed on the armrest of the gaming chair, and then he gave He Changkong’s chair a thump.

He Changkong: “…”

Shen Yanming’s face got closer and closer.
He Changkong didn’t lean back, but he just stared steadily at Shen Yanming.
In reality, even if he wanted to retreat, there was no way out.
He couldn’t exactly use the gaming chair as a wheelchair and zoom away at the speed of light.

As they got closer and closer, until their noses were about to touch, Shen Yanming held his breath, bit his lip, and froze in place.

Could they actually be about to kiss?


Shen Yanming looked at He Changkong’s slightly parted lips.
He usually paid attention to various self-care details.
Even in the dry autumn, his lips weren’t chapped and dry like other rough guys, his lips remained healthy and moisturized… quite sexy, in fact.

Absurd thoughts raced through Shen Yanming’s mind.
If the barrage had sound, it would probably be like when they sang military songs during training, a crowd of people madly shouting, “Kiss, kiss”… Something like this had happened before, of course, not to him but to someone else who was being teased.

Time seemed to stand still.
After a few seconds, Shen Yanming straightened up again.

Forget it.

Although he had dared to make this move out of provocation, unfortunately, mustering the courage to lean in had taken up 99.9% of his bravery.

He returned to his seat, brushing away some stray hair from his forehead.
In response to the doubts in the livestream room, he said fiercely, “What’s wrong? We just had a one-minute French kiss! What’s with this? Moderators, kick this person out.”

– You were just standing in front of him for a while, and you call that a French kiss?

– You’ve done well, you know what a French kiss is.
Last time in Xiao Ba’s live stream, that idiot thought kissing was just lips touching.


– A kiss that only smart people can see.
Very exciting.
After watching, all five of my roommates went to have babies, and I got my postgraduate recommendation successfully.
I’ll definitely come back next time, thanks to the anchor’s recommendation.

– #Luanzi ge can’t handle it##Luanzi ge only lasted a minute#

Shen Yanming: “…”
He Changkong, who had remained silent throughout, finally broke the deadlock.
He sighed helplessly, “Fine, let’s queue up.
Do you want to play as a healer?”

Shen Yanming selected Holy Priest, “Hmm, my milk is only for Kong ge to sip.”

He Changkong replied, “Don’t talk nonsense; it would be troublesome if the livestream gets banned.”

Shen Yanming exclaimed in surprise, “Why would that happen? I meant that I will only heal you.”

He Changkong said, “…I know.”

Barrage: Hahaha.

He Changkong selected the character Little White Wolf, which Shen Yanming usually liked to play.
The two of them queued up with random teammates for a match.

Before the game officially began, Shen Yanming spoke with a serious tone, “As the one and only direct disciple of Kong ge, I’ll share some key points about playing a great nanny with you all.
As you all know, an excellent nanny never lets any teammate die in vain.”


Shen Yanming spoke earnestly and seriously, and the audience really thought he was going to share some valuable insights.
Although he just introduced the topic and said a few random things, some viewers started commenting, “Well said” and “That’s right.”

Satisfied, Shen Yanming nodded and continued, “An excellent nanny would rather die themselves than let a teammate die.
So, at the beginning of the match, a nanny should rush in to provide support.
It doesn’t matter if the nanny dies first.
After they die, if other teammates die, it’s not the healer’s concern anymore… I’m going in!”

He Changkong: “…”

Barrage: Does Kong Shen really not want to fight against him???

Seeing this comment, Shen Yanming blushed slightly and said, “My wife is gentle; he doesn’t hit people.”

The reappearance of the ID [I’m Messing Around Again], coupled with the nonsensical words just spoken, finally stirred up memories of the fear that had once been dominated by Luanzi ge’s chaotic playstyle.

Moreover, even when he wasn’t messing around, he was known for being aggressive even in serious matches, always pulling off unexpected moves.

The onlookers were all prepared to light candles in advance for the teammates they would be matched with.
However, after the game started, Luanzi ge was trailing behind Kong ge like an obedient little wife, not daring to go too far away, let alone attempt any flashy maneuvers.

Seeing that He Changkong had lost a bit of health, Shen Yanming immediately started healing him, exclaiming, “It hurts in my heart when you’re hurt.
Although you only lost a little health, it must be painful.
It’s my fault; my shield wasn’t thick enough, and I made you suffer.
Sob, sob.”

The audience initially thought it wasn’t necessary for Shen Yanming to react so dramatically, but then He Changkong replied, “It’s okay even if I don’t lose any health.”

Perhaps taking advantage of the fact that they were against novice opponents, He Changkong then surprisingly secured a kill without taking any damage.

Shen Yanming continued to murmur, “You can even get kills without taking damage now.
What use do you have for me? I’m practically insignificant to you…”

He Changkong said, “…Come here and heal me.”

So, Shen Yanming cheerfully controlled his character and hopped over.

– Uhh, ahh, this is true flirting, much better than those cheesy lines from earlier, isn’t it?


– Kong ge, so amazing!

– When will I ever have a partner as divine as this?

After playing a couple of casual matches, they ended the livestream.
There wasn’t any other specific arrangement; it was purely because Pudding was too efficient.
He had prepared all the chat records and such in advance, and now even the video was ready.
It had been shared with everyone in the new chat group they created.

[NurseSisNumberOne]: I’ve prepared the video, images, and text.
When should we post?

[TopDoctorNumberOne]: Whenever works, show us first.

The person behind the ID “TopDoctorNumberOne” was Meng Yan.
One day, when Pudding had praised the nurse who changed his dressing in the group chat, Meng Yan had mischievously changed his ID.
Pudding had playfully protested, “Top Doctor is a man in his fifties.
I didn’t expect you’d like that.”

Meng Yan then explained that he meant to praise the other’s medical skills as number one.
Pudding was left speechless.
Every time he saw this ID pop up, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

[NurseSisNumberOne]: Is the exhibition match over?

[TopDoctorNumberOne]: Yes, it’s done.
The manager drove me back.
I played with a few small celebrities.
I didn’t dare to perform too well, so as not to hurt their self-esteem.

[NurseSisNumberOne]: You’re overthinking it.
They’re just getting paid to appear on the show.
There’s no need to worry about hurting their pride.

Shen Yanming and He Changkong returned to the player dorms.
After some idle chit-chat, they quickly steered the conversation back on track.

[KongJiangNumberOne]: Where are the images and videos? Let me see, let me see.

Pudding shared a long image that mainly featured their recent fishing accomplishments.
Moonlight, who supposedly had a girlfriend, was actually quite active on dating apps.
In fact, after some investigation, They found out that Pudding’s private address might have been disclosed by Moonlight.
However, Pudding wasn’t the naive youngster from a few years back.
He didn’t want irrelevant people to know about his personal life.
Hence, this part was omitted.

Nevertheless, this content was enough to stir up some drama.

[TopDoctorNumberOne]: I just went to that brat’s profile again.
He just posted a celebratory Weibo about his anniversary with his girlfriend [Image]

[NurseSisNumberOne]: Well, let the girl finish this last anniversary.
Let’s post it tomorrow when the traffic is high.
Send me your Weibo account and password every day.

[NurseSisNumberOne]: But this guy is really something.
He’s celebrating his anniversary while also arranging dates.
Does he get itchy if he doesn’t fool around every day?

[TopDoctorNumberOne]: Be careful, there’s a kid in the chat.

[NurseSisNumberOne]: It’s okay, he can’t read anyway.

[SunnyBoy]: I can read lots of words!!!

[SunnyBoy]: Account: sund***, Password: littlemonst***

[NurseSisNumberOne]: Baby, you can just send it to me privately…

SunnyBoy had a bit of difficulty typing, so he sent a voice message: “It’s a coal oil relationship.1coal oil relationship: “煤油关系” (Méiyóu guānxì) likely refers to a close or symbiotic relationship, where two individuals have a strong connection or understanding.
It’s not a common phrase, but it seems to suggest a bond or dynamic where both parties rely on and support each other, similar to mutualism.
In the future, when Meng ge wants to scold someone, you can use this account.”

Shen Yanming didn’t reply in the group chat.
He was obviously feeling a bit low.
At the moment, he was sitting in He Changkong’s room, something he hadn’t done in a long time.
He occupied the chair in front of the desk, lying face down, chin resting on the desk, “His girlfriend is quite pitiful.
She probably had a happy anniversary today, but when she checks Weibo tomorrow, it’ll turn her world upside down.”

Of course, Shen Yanming wasn’t a saint either.
He had already taken great pleasure in crushing the opponent’s morale on the battlefield before, and he found it even more amusing when their opponent’s conduct was questionable.
However, the girl was probably innocent, and he couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for her.

He Changkong placed his hand on Shen Yanming’s head, saying, “Actually, it’s a good thing.
It lets that girl cut her losses in time.
It’s better than getting married or even having a child and then realizing that the other person has a chaotic same-sex love life…”

“True,” Shen Yanming turned his head, lifting his eyes to look at He Changkong.
Since they were on this topic, Shen Yanming playfully prodded, “Ge, have you thought about getting married and having kids?”

He Changkong didn’t expect Shen Yanming to ask such a question, and he paused for a moment, “Not at the moment.”

“Not at the moment, but will you in the future?” Shen Yanming persisted, playfully firing away again, “…Wife, you already have me.
Do you still want to marry someone else and have kids? You can put in some effort, who knows, maybe I can give you a child too.”

He Changkong’s ears turned red.

After saying this, Shen Yanming’s gaze became somewhat evasive.
He rested his head back on the desk, rubbing his face, and after a while, he said, “I’m too lazy to move.
Can I sleep over at your place tonight?”

“Sure, you can…” He Changkong felt that Shen Yanming’s speech was a bit erratic tonight, “Why suddenly?”

Shen Yanming continued rubbing his face, his face a bit warm, unsure whether it was due to his rubbing or something else.
“I want to take advantage of you.”

He wanted to stay together, to cling to each other, and he felt a little regretful about the kiss they hadn’t completed during the livestream.
If they had really kissed back then, it probably wouldn’t have been a problem.
He could just say he was going all out with the fanservice.

He really liked He Changkong.
He wondered if this emotion was magical.
Unbeknownst to him, it was like an unearthed seed.
Once it sprouted, this feeling became stronger day by day.
He just felt like everything about He Changkong was pleasing, although He Changkong hadn’t done anything particularly special.
Nevertheless, every day he found himself liking him a bit more.

Did He Changkong actually have feelings for him? There was probably a bit of something.

Of course, Shen Yanming couldn’t be sure.
He didn’t want to be one of those overly confident straight guys that online girls often complained about, the ones who started thinking about their children’s education the moment someone looked at them… Even if he wasn’t a straight guy, he still didn’t need to consider the issue of children, since he couldn’t give birth anyway.

He mused over these random thoughts.
If Kong ge really had feelings for him, he could just kiss him forcefully.

Sigh, in the end, he was just a coward.

He Changkong patted Shen Yanming’s head.

Shen Yanming had initially said he was too lazy to move, but then he went back to take a shower, changed into his pajamas, grabbed a pillow, and returned.
Since it was autumn, his thin blanket wasn’t enough to keep him warm.
Bringing a quilt would be too exaggerated, so he simply shared a blanket with He Changkong.

They chatted for a while, and when it was getting late, He Changkong turned off the lights.

He Changkong thought Shen Yanming would fall asleep like before and naturally roll into his arms.
However, he waited for a long time, but Shen Yanming didn’t come over to hug him.

Was he unable to sleep?

He Changkong was contemplating if he should quietly ask if Shen Yanming was still awake in a little while.

Just as he was thinking this, he suddenly felt Shen Yanming moving closer beside him.

Ah, what he had anticipated had finally come.

…But what He Changkong got wasn’t an embrace, it was a gentle kiss brushing against his cheek.

He Changkong stiffened entirely, yet he didn’t show any reaction.
He even made an effort to keep his breathing steady, pretending to be in a deep sleep.

In the darkness, only the synchronized rise and fall of the two people’s breathing could be heard.

Soon, Shen Yanming rolled back, hugging the blanket and burying his face in it.

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1coal oil relationship: “煤油关系” (Méiyóu guānxì) likely refers to a close or symbiotic relationship, where two individuals have a strong connection or understanding.
It’s not a common phrase, but it seems to suggest a bond or dynamic where both parties rely on and support each other, similar to mutualism.

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