When Shen Yanming said that he would do it, he meant it.

In fact, after Shen Yanming shouted that sentence, the enemy’s nanny was no longer alone because his teammates quickly rushed over.
The nanny, who could still cling on for a while, took the opportunity to slip behind his teammates, intending to revive the just-deceased assassin under their cover.

Wind Archer’s damage bonus buff still had a few seconds left.
With a tank and a mage standing in front of the nanny, Shen Yanming directly activated a dash and charged forward.

It was like rushing into the enemy’s encirclement.

The enemy’s attacks hit the Wind Archer directly with no buffer, and this squishy character couldn’t withstand the damage.
His green health bar turned red in no time.

Even the commentator, who had been praising Shen Yanming’s previous moves, was a bit puzzled now, “I can understand Chaos’ eagerness to take away GLX’s nanny, Bored, in one fell swoop, but this behavior is a bit too aggressive…”

After all, if he had used a character with more health, people might still bet on him being able to take down the nanny.

But now, looking at the situation, Wind Archer hadn’t even reached the nanny yet, and his health was already at the bottom.

Moreover, in order to preserve his skills, Wind Archer had hardly counterattacked while moving.

The other viewers and online fans who had just started to have a better impression of Shen Yanming were also anxious.

– I feel like I’m on a roller coaster right now.

– I’m tearing up, don’t throw,1Don’t throw: In esports and gaming contexts, “throw” refers to making a costly mistake or misplay that leads to losing the game or advantage.
So, “don’t throw” means “don’t make mistakes” or “don’t mess up.” Luanzi ge.


– Do you all remember that exhibition match? Luanzi ge was cued up by Yuzi to play,2Yuzi “cued up” Luanzi ge to engage or attack during the exhibition match, indicating that Yuzi provided the setup or opportunity for Luanzi ge to make a play.
it was a good start, but he insisted on rushing in and ended up giving… Although he eventually turned the tables, I can’t help but feel that he gets carried away when things go well.

– Stay steady, stay steady, ball ball!3ball ball: is a way of reminding the player to stay focused and not make impulsive decisions.

– Kong Shen should be able to heal him, right!!

Just when everyone thought that the Wind Archer was about to meet his glorious death, He Changkong’s Moonlight Envoy quickly shielded him and immediately applied crowd control to the enemy mage.

The enemy healer was still chanting the resurrection skill – resurrection skills had a long casting time, and healers couldn’t move during the chanting, with the tank guarding in front of him.

Shen Yanming made a move to go around, and Meng Yan baited the tank away from the nanny.

Shen Yanming interrupted the nanny’s chant with a basic attack, causing the resurrection to fail, so the nanny decided to go all out and face Shen Yanming to the bitter end.


Although Moonlight Envoy’s healing output was not significant, he continuously applied heals to Wind Archer.
Wind Archer’s health remained in a critically low state, but he managed to stay alive.

The commentator exclaimed, “This isn’t luck; Kong’s calculation of health is so precise that it’s reached a terrifying level… Chaos finished the remaining half of the combo just now, and Nightmare charged in.
Yet, Kong managed to grant Nightmare an instant cast buff in such a tight window of time.
With no casting restriction, Nightmare and Chaos overwhelmed Bored with no chance of retaliation.”

The screen displays TMM_Chaos securing another kill.

The audience went wild.

– Ahhhhhh!

– Who said Luanzi ge is reckless but lacks strategy?! Come out and get slapped!

– Isn’t it just recklessness? If Kong didn’t heal him, they would have lost this round, right?

– Some people misunderstood the premise, didn’t they? It’s clear that Luan Luanzi knew Kong could heal him, so he dared to do this.
This move might seem reckless, but If you look closely, Meng Yan and the two of them are also cooperating very well.
No one seemed flustered at all; obviously, they discussed this plan beforehand, right???

– Damn!! This is what a team game should look like!! Each team member can unleash a stronger performance than when they play solo.
This is truly one plus one greater than two!!

– But what if they made a mistake?


– But there was no mistake, right?? They planned every step perfectly.
It’s just amazing, isn’t it???

– Who cares! TMM is awesome!

– Oh my god, what is Pudding doing?

While the intense team fight was taking place, Pudding roamed the entire map by himself.
Without anyone noticing, he had already grabbed the crown and was calmly heading toward the finish line.

Originally, there were others trying to intercept Pudding earlier, but this little, weak, and pitiful tank managed to resist for a considerable amount of time thanks to some random buffs.
When the battle erupted at the bottom of the map, several enemies went to join the team fight.
Normally, Pudding should have followed suit, but he didn’t.
Instead, he turned around and embarked on his carefree journey.

If the players’ voice chat were to be made public, everyone would hear that their team’s communications were very fragmented.

On one end, Shen Yanming was shouting, “Gege, heal me, heal me! Can you squeeze in one more? Can you give me another sip? Ah, ah, ah, I’m about to die… Ah, I’m alive again.”

On the other side, Pudding was humming a song, “I’m alone~ eating and traveling~ wandering around~ stopping here and there~”

Shen Yanming was still yelling loudly, “My buff is about to run out!!! Ah, ah, ah!”

He Changkong remained calm, “It’s okay, just go up, don’t be afraid.”

Pudding switched to another song, “You’ve seen many beautiful sceneries~ and many beautiful girls~ you get lost in every fleeting moment on the map~”

Meng Yan interrupted his self-indulgent singing, “Ding Jiang, don’t get lost, did you steal the crown or not?”

Pudding replied, “Speak nicely, what do you mean by steal? Victory is right in front of us.
I’ll take you guys to see the scenery on the throne.”

True to his word, they easily won the first round.


As the word “victory” floated in the center of the screen, Shen Yanming quickly took off his headphones and rushed to He Changkong’s side.
He reached out with both hands, hugging the upper half of He Changkong’s body, and rubbed his head against He Changkong’s right shoulder.

“Ge, I really love you so much,” Shen Yanming couldn’t contain the excitement in his tone.

Even though he had shown confidence before going on stage, there was always a possibility of unexpected incidents on the battlefield, so he lacked confidence until he achieved victory.
But now, not only did they win the first round, but they also did it beautifully.
Shen Yanming’s previously anxious heart finally settled down.

While he felt settled, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

Pudding pushed his hair back behind his ears and said, “What? I stole the crown, I took the fruits of victory, why don’t you love me?”

Shen Yanming turned away and replied casually, “Step back a little for now, we can talk about love later.”

Then Shen Yanming turned to He Changkong again and said, “Actually… I’ve always wanted to try some risky maneuvers on the battlefield, but no one has ever been able to coordinate with me.”

He Changkong was suddenly hugged tightly, he was momentarily stunned, not sure where to look, so he just stared at the hair swirling around Shen Yanming’s head.
The dyed hair from before had grown out a bit, revealing new black roots.

“You always like messing around,” He Changkong said.

After a while, He Changkong finally blurted out those few words.
Shen Yanming, who had been holding onto him, let go, but he still squatted in front of him, propping his face with one hand as he looked at He Changkong, smiling so brightly that his eyes almost disappeared, “Yes, I like messing around… I’m really so happy! Although the match is not over yet, I shouldn’t be too happy too early, but I am… truly very happy.”

Seeing Shen Yanming like this, He Changkong felt that a void in his heart had strangely been filled.

He Changkong thought to himself, yes, maybe from a long time ago, even before he realized it, he wanted to see such a pure and bright smile on Shen Yanming’s face.
Not the instinctive laughter when he saw something funny, not the social smiles he put on to deal with others, but a genuine, content, and fulfilled smile that overflowed from his heart.

He wanted to see that smile, so he would do things he hadn’t even thought of doing before.

Now that he finally saw it… he wanted to protect that smile.

So, he wanted to fight side by side with Shen Yanming countless times, not just on the competition stage.

There were some things he hadn’t completely figured out yet, but at least one thing was certain –

“I also… like messing around,” He Changkong said softly.

The other two teammates had already left the room, and the noise from outside seeped into the previously enclosed player’s room.
It wasn’t particularly noisy, but it wasn’t quiet either.

However, after He Changkong spoke those words confirming his feelings, he felt like the whole world became silent, and he could only hear the clear sound of his heartbeat.

It was beating at the same frequency as when he secretly held the person in front of him at night.

He Changkong’s words carried a double meaning, but unfortunately, Shen Yanming didn’t catch on to anything – of course, He Changkong didn’t intend for him to understand anything either.

Instead, Shen Yanming turned into a chicken soup master4chicken soup master: refers to someone who gives inspiring and uplifting advice or motivational speeches.
, and with just a few words, He Changkong was pulled back into the lively world of mortals.

Shen Yanming said confidently, “That’s right, where do all these rules and boundaries come from? Break the boundaries, transcend imagination,5Break the boundaries, transcend imagination: surpassing conventional limits, pushing beyond what is expected or believed to be possible, and achieving something extraordinary or exceptional.
do whatever I want, how exhilarating… But in the past, I didn’t have this condition.
If someone else had been healing me today, I would’ve died a lot faster…”

He Changkong chuckled, “Alright, get up, don’t squat there.
Let’s go back to the lounge and…”

Shen Yanming stood up, looked at the coach waiting by the side, and asked before walking out, tilting his head, “And what?”

Thinking that He Changkong was going to say something serious, Shen Yanming perked up his ears to listen.
But He Changkong said, “Your hair needs to be touched up.”

Shen Yanming: “…”

The match was played in a BO3 format, and after a brief rest and tactical adjustments, the players returned to the battlefield.

For some reason, GLX decided to ban White Wolf again, but in their character selection, they picked more characters that could counter the combination of Wind Archer and Moonlight Envoy.

However, in the next round, Shen Yanming didn’t even choose Wind Archer.

TMM also switched to a lineup they rarely used before.

In fact, they did it on purpose to showcase their new assassin, who was going to make a grand debut.
It was essential for everyone to know that TMM’s new assassin, Chaos, was not limited to playing just one role; he excelled in every role.

And they succeeded.
Even those who previously underestimated him, including regular players and other teams that were about to face them, were all shaken to varying degrees.

By the end of the first round, many people silently deleted their previous criticisms of Shen Yanming, but some remained in a wait-and-see state.

However, when Shen Yanming operated another rarely-seen character and got the most kills in the entire game in the second round, more and more people shifted from the wait-and-see camp to the supporting camp.

… A little face slap is nothing; the strong one is the boss.

Compared to the first match, the pace of the second match was much slower.
The opponents, having suffered losses in the previous round, didn’t give TMM’s players any chance to secretly go for the crown or execute sneaky moves.
They played more cautiously during the laning phase and their overall gameplay was sharper than before.

However, after a tense back-and-forth for dozens of minutes, TMM still secured the victory.

TMM won 2-0 against GLX.

After winning the second round, Shen Yanming wasn’t as excited as before.
He exchanged high-fives with his teammates and was then taken to the interview area by the staff.

The hostess first asked many questions related to the match, and Shen Yanming answered them smoothly.

The last question wasn’t anything special either.
The hostess asked, “You achieved such great results in your first appearance.
Have you thought about rewarding yourself?”

Shen Yanming thought for a moment and replied, “I’ll go dye my hair.”

The hostess was puzzled, “Huh?”

Shen Yanming bent down and pointed to the top of his head, “I need to touch up my elegant white hair.”

The hostess agreed, “…Indeed.”

Shen Yanming sighed and continued, “It’s like having a Samoyed with pure white fur, accidentally falling into a mud pit, getting a little black stain on its white fur, and the owner starts disliking it.”

The hostess naturally know the joke about Shen Yanming being No.1 Samoyed in the Chinese Server, so she recognized that the first half of his statement was self-deprecating humor.
However, the last word “owner” made her gossip radar tingle, “Who is the owner of the Samoyed?”

Shen Yanming laughed, “It’s my Nanny, of course.
Whoever provides the milk is the mom, you get what I mean.”

The hostess: “…”

The team manager watching the live broadcast on the big screen below shouted, “Quick, get this brat who only knows how to talk nonsense off the stage!”

The interview didn’t last too long, and Shen Yanming chatted with the host for a few more moments before stepping down.

On his way back to the lounge, he ran into someone.

It was Zhuo Minxing, the little gay guy who had once caused him to directly say goodbye to his professional career.

Who knows how this guy managed to get backstage… but considering how he usually acts like a social butterfly among players, it’s not surprising he could get backstage access.

Fate is indeed strange, Shen Yanming thought.

He took out his phone and pretended to swipe it randomly.
He really didn’t want to talk to the other person.
However, with so many people around and others unaware of his prejudice against Zhuo Minxing, and even Zhuo Minxing himself unaware of it, if he showed a bad attitude, he might get criticized.

But it was hard for him to show any warmth to this person.

There’s nothing to fear, bring it on.
With a few cups of milk tea in hand, Zhuo Minxing stood in front of Shen Yanming and said, “Luan luanzi! I watched the match just now, I really love your gameplay, and I really like you!… So, um, let me treat you to a drink, okay?”

Shen Yanming: “…”

Author’s Message:

Kong: Who allowed this messy person from who knows where to bring milk tea to my puppy?

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Hope you enjoy the rest of your day

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1Don’t throw: In esports and gaming contexts, “throw” refers to making a costly mistake or misplay that leads to losing the game or advantage.
So, “don’t throw” means “don’t make mistakes” or “don’t mess up.” 2Yuzi “cued up” Luanzi ge to engage or attack during the exhibition match, indicating that Yuzi provided the setup or opportunity for Luanzi ge to make a play.
3ball ball: is a way of reminding the player to stay focused and not make impulsive decisions.
4chicken soup master: refers to someone who gives inspiring and uplifting advice or motivational speeches.
5Break the boundaries, transcend imagination: surpassing conventional limits, pushing beyond what is expected or believed to be possible, and achieving something extraordinary or exceptional.

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