Shen Yanming took aim and fired a Wind Arrow.
Almost at the same time as the shot, he leaped to another tree at a rapid pace, disappearing without a trace.

The enemy assassin then realized there was a third person there.

He instinctively used a skill towards the direction where the arrow had come from, but it was futile as the person had already left.
The assassin had clearly noticed this and turned around, looking for Wind Archer’s new hiding spot.

When the enemy found him, Shen Yanming fired another arrow, repeating the same tactic as before, and then swiftly retreated.

This was his purpose for using Wind Archer in this match.

In the game, characters naturally had strengths and weaknesses, but one thing could be confirmed—game developers would not design an utterly useless character.
However, for some characters, their strengths were challenging to bring out in normal situations.

For example, the Wind Archer, although having low health, defense, and attack values, had one of the highest movement speeds and agility among all characters.

Together with Shen Yanming’s incredible hand speed…

Hiding in the trees, shooting an arrow, and changing position could truly mess with someone’s mindset.

As Shen Yanming played hide-and-seek with this person, he chuckled and said, “I’ve been soloing with Kong ge every day during this period.
It wasn’t in vain.
I’ve been chased around like a dog every day.
My positioning now is not just me bragging.
The way I hide in the trees is like I activated an invisibility buff… Sigh, sorry to trouble you, my friend.”

Shen Yanming had exaggerated a bit when he said he was led around like a dog during practice.
It only happened a few times in the beginning when he hadn’t found his rhythm.
Later, he analyzed He Changkong’s positioning flaws seriously and found ways to avoid them.
Recently, when the two of them dueled in solo matches, even Meng Yan, who watched from the side, felt they were just plain boring! The two of them would exchange blows but never actually hit each other.
They didn’t do anything else during the whole match; it was all about positioning.

The commentator, whether by chance or some telepathic connection with Shen Yanming, used a similar metaphor when narrating this part, “Chaos’ evasive skills are truly extraordinary.
If we weren’t viewing from a god’s perspective and knew he didn’t pick up any invisibility tools, I’d almost think he had turned invisible.
How did he manage that? Perhaps only those watching with a lagging and buffering livestream could catch the moments of his jumps?”

The audience who were watching the match also felt pleasantly surprised.

Those who were just saying, “Why pick such a useless character like Wind Archer?” were now changing their tune, saying, “This character can actually be played like this?”

Of course, some people commented: The reason this character can be played like this is because of his terrifying hand speed and his familiarity with the position of every tree on the map.
If you try to play leapfrog on the trees like him, you’ll just get knocked down immediately.

Shen Yanming continued, “Oh, I hit him again.
I think he’s starting to lose it a bit.”

Indeed, the situation was just as Shen Yanming had said.
The GLX assassin’s mentality was already starting to crumble.

The opponent clearly knew that there was someone hiding nearby for an ambush, but no matter what, they couldn’t catch him.

Moreover, there was a mage attacking them from below, and their team’s healer was also being restrained by Kong.

It was very frustrating.

However, their commander remained calm, “Let’s leave the person in the tree for now.
He has low damage and is just trying to annoy you.
Focus on taking down Nightmare first, and the others will come to support when necessary.”

So, the assassin stopped paying attention to Shen Yanming on the tree and focused on dealing with Meng Yan.

According to their plan, if everything went smoothly, their assassin could withstand Shen Yanming’s not-so-high damage while trying to take down Meng Yan during this time.

As for Kong, they would let their healer hold him off.
With both sides maneuvering like this, there might still be some opportunities.

But then, the person who had been on the tree all along jumped down.

GLX initially thought that Shen Yanming was trying to play safe, considering his low health and Kong’s mediocre healing capacity.
If he didn’t hide and came down from the tree directly, he might be bursted down by a combo.

But unexpectedly, he jumped down directly.

The GLX assassin asked, “Should we target Chaos?”

Meng Yan and he had been entangled for quite a while, and their health was still relatively healthy.
But just now, Chaos, who they had been chasing around earlier, came down.
It was hard for this GLX assassin not to be tempted.

Especially since Chaos was such an easy-to-take-out squishy character.

They really wanted to go for it!

Even the commentator didn’t anticipate this, “I guess Chaos wanted to take advantage of the buffs from the Moonlight Envoy, but the Moonlight Envoy is currently dealing with the Shadow Shaman, so it’s unclear whether he can spare the energy to buff Chaos.
Also, there’s the issue of his low health points.
It’s hard to say if he can survive long enough to get the buffs and then release a full set of skills.
On the ground, there’s not as much cover as in the trees, making it somewhat difficult to dodge… Oh my, Chaos was indeed taken out.”

Squishy characters had this drawback; getting hit once could take away nearly half of their health.

The audience’s hearts were all stirred up.

The on-site spectators had slightly strained expressions.

Meanwhile, some unsportsmanlike fans of other teams took the opportunity to leave negative comments in the live chat.

– When he was up on the tree, his positioning was better, but once he jumped down, didn’t he just get hit right away?

– Couldn’t he just hide properly? Why did he have to come down and offer himself?

– Luanzi ge is getting a bit arrogant; he probably thinks he can show off with this character.
Looks like he’s going to crash now.

Even the regular fans began to waver:

– Can he really do it…

– Oh my god, I’m so nervous.

– It’s fine, it’s just the beginning; there’s still a chance even if he gets eliminated.

– He just got hit a bit, can you guys not overreact!!!

– TM,2TM: an abbreviation for “他妈的” (tāmā de), which is a Chinese profanity equivalent to “f**k” or “damn” in English.
It is often used to express frustration, annoyance, or emphasis.
he lost nearly half his health from that one hit! Nanny can’t spare any energy, Meng Yan also needs healing, but this character’s group healing is almost non-existent.
How are they going to manage this?

– Shut up and watch!

In the venue, the girl who had been holding the big flag stood up again and shouted, “Chaos, fighting!!!”

As soon as her voice fell, all the spectators saw Shen Yanming, controlling the Wind Archer, skillfully rolling away from the remaining attacks and entering the healer’s range.

He Changkong, still engaged with the opponents, didn’t know where he found the energy.
He quickly shielded Shen Yanming and then moved while waiting for the global cooldown (GCD) to pass, promptly providing him with the damage buff he had been holding onto.

In the instant he received the buff, Shen Yanming wasted no time and flawlessly executed the combo he had prepared in advance against the enemy assassin.
He had already calculated everything even before He Changkong gave him the buff, precisely timing every move without giving the opponent a chance to react.

Furthermore, while he was on the tree, he had been annoying the opponent with basic attacks and hadn’t used any other skills.
He wasn’t worried about skill cooldowns at all.
Everything went smoothly.

With the perfect coordination between Shen Yanming and Meng Yan, they secured the first kill in this battle.

It happened so suddenly that the GLX assassin couldn’t even wait for backup.

At the scene, there was a moment of silence, then gradually, applause broke out.

Shen Yanming’s voice became more excited, “Meng ge! Let’s take down this isolated Nanny too!!!”

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Kong: ……

Nightmare: (looking disgusted) Don’t drag me into this! I’ve been weaned for a long time now.
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1“grassroots support group” refers to a fan club that is independently organized and driven by passionate fans of the championship team, rather than being an official or formal fan club affiliated with the team or its management.2TM: an abbreviation for “他妈的” (tāmā de), which is a Chinese profanity equivalent to “f**k” or “damn” in English.
It is often used to express frustration, annoyance, or emphasis.
3=皮=: a typing emoticon used to represent a face with a mischievous or playful expression.
It is often used to express teasing, playfulness, or a sense of mischief.
In some cases, it can also indicate a cheeky or sassy attitude.

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