Shen Yanming was taken aback.
Could it be that He Changkong was getting addicted to sleeping with him?

Although he didn’t mind sharing a bed with friends and family after hearing that his sleeping posture was acceptable, it wasn’t the same to keep going to someone else’s room.
Shen Yanming pondered for a moment and said, Shen Yanming thought for a moment and said, “Well, let’s see if the repairman comes today or not.
If not, it’s okay.
The weather has been slowly getting cooler lately…”

Even as he said it, Shen Yanming felt like he was being overly polite.

October was approaching rapidly, that was true, but in Haicheng, autumn arrived late, and even in October, it was still hot and humid.

It was still a bit uncomfortable without air conditioning.

He Changkong fell silent.

Shen Yanming put away his phone, got off the bed, and looked at He Changkong.

Although He Changkong’s face appeared as usual, Shen Yanming felt he now possessed the ability to see beyond appearances and understand the essence of things.

If there was an emotional antenna on He Changkong’s head, pointing up when he was happy and drooping when he was unhappy, then right now, that antenna should be in the latter state.

Shen Yanming found it strange because he thought He Changkong’s mood should be fine today, but after this rejection, he seemed a bit down again.

No way, Shen Yanming thought.
Could it be that beneath He Changkong’s cold exterior, there’s a heart of an empty-nest mother bird? When the baby bird wants to leave the nest, he suddenly becomes reluctant to let go?

So, Shen Yanming abruptly changed the subject, trying to lighten the mood, “But you know, it doesn’t cool down that much.
If there’s air conditioning, I’ll definitely come over and enjoy it with you.”


“…It’s up to you,” He Changkong didn’t comment on Shen Yanming’s urgent patching up, and he said, “I’ll go for a run now, see you later.”

Shen Yanming made an OK gesture.
Just as He Changkong was about to step out of the room, Shen Yanming suddenly thought of something else, “Kong ge, if you’re planning to take a shower, why not shower after your run? You’ll just sweat again, so isn’t it a waste to shower now?”

He Changkong: “……”

Shen Yanming was merely asking casually and didn’t actually expect any answer from He Changkong.
After asking, he followed He Changkong out of the room, ready to go back to his own room to freshen up.

The person who asked had no expectations, but the person who listened had a pond in their heart, which was originally not too peaceful.
However, now it was as if a small pebble had disturbed it, causing layers of ripples to ripple and spread even more dynamically.

While jogging, He Changkong kept thinking, did Shen Yanming find his actions strange? What would he think?

Soon, he realized that he was overthinking, as he didn’t even understand himself, so how could others know his true thoughts?

The training that day was not much different from usual for He Changkong.
The only minor incident was in the afternoon when he and the rest of the team had arranged practice matches with another team.
During the game, Pudding, who was walking with Meng Yan, disconnected midway, and Meng Yan lamented, “Ding jiang, if you die, what am I going to do? I’ll be all alone…”


He Changkong was about to go over to revive him, but then he heard Shen Yanming say, “Yan ge, are you afraid of being alone?”

Shen Yanming’s tone was quite serious, and Meng Yan didn’t know if Shen Yanming was joking along with him.
Still, he replied, “Well, who isn’t afraid of loneliness?”

Suddenly, Shen Yanming seemed to have an epiphany, “No wonder I heard that you like sleeping with people all the time…”

He Changkong pricked up his ears and, in the middle of Shen Yanming’s words, coughed a few times.

Shen Yanming stopped and asked He Changkong, “Kong ge, what’s wrong with you?”

He Changkong said, “It’s nothing, come over here, don’t wander too far.”

“Got it!” Shen Yanming played the role of a squishy character and indeed didn’t dare to stray too far from the healer.

Meng Yan didn’t quite catch what Shen Yanming had just said and was interrupted by He Changkong.
However, he was still curious and wouldn’t let it go, so he asked persistently, “Why do I like sleeping with people?”

This time, He Changkong quickly responded, “Like to sleep with people to discuss the new shoes that have come out.”

Meng Yan: “???” It seemed like he never discussed shoes with anyone.
When it came to shoes, he would surely only talk with someone who understood them.
How could he discuss them with everyone?


It was Shen Yanming whose eyes widened a bit.
He glanced at He Changkong with a sense of realization, thinking that he had misspoken.
Indeed, it was embarrassing for a grown man to be constantly seeking someone to sleep with, and stating it so directly would harm Meng Yan’s reputation.
He had been too straightforward.

Fortunately, He Changkong managed to smooth things over for him.

In his heart, Shen Yanming gave He Changkong a big thumbs up.
This person might look cold and aloof, but he was actually quite considerate of his friends.

With a sly smile in his heart, He Changkong didn’t continue the conversation, even though Meng Yan remained clueless the whole time, he couldn’t pry anything more from He Changkong’s mouth.

Fortunately, He Changkong wasn’t a talkative person, so now that he chose to stay silent, no one found it too strange.
Meng Yan asked a few questions, but not getting any answers, he decided not to push his luck.

After the evening training session, Shen Yanming returned to his room.
To his delight, the air conditioner had been fixed while he was out during the day.
This meant he didn’t have to impose on others anymore.
Although he didn’t think much about it, when he finished showering and checked his phone, he saw a message from He Changkong.

[kong_]: Is the air conditioner fixed?

Shen Yanming couldn’t help but smirk.

He Changkong seemed to care only about whether his air conditioner was working or not.

[Shen bird]: It’s fixed.

He Changkong replied after a while.

[kong_]: Alright, rest well.

If it were someone else, Shen Yanming would have thought that it was just pure concern.
However, recalling He Changkong’s pitiful look as an empty-nester earlier in the morning, Shen Yanming hugged his little blanket and pillow, walked out of his room, and marveled at what a thoughtful good son he was.

He knocked on He Changkong’s door, and a hint of surprise appeared on He Changkong’s face, “Isn’t the air conditioner fixed?”

Shen Yanming blinked, “I want to sleep with Gege.”


He Changkong’s heart skipped a beat again, and after a while, he said, “…Okay.”

Having slept over once, Shen Yanming was already familiar with the room.
He threw the blanket and pillow onto the bed and lay down, playing with his phone.
The faint scent of He Changkong still lingered around him, and Shen Yanming rather liked this fragrance.
While He Changkong had his back turned, Shen Yanming secretly took a deep breath to sniff it and asked, “What brand of body wash does Gege use?”

He Changkong told him the name of the body wash, and Shen Yanming continued, “When mine runs out, I’ll buy the same one.
Or maybe I’ll just come over and shower here, hahaha, or we can shower together to save water.”

Shen Yanming was just casually speaking, but He Changkong felt his words were like a tongue of fire licking at his ears.
He couldn’t control the warmth he felt in his ears and maybe even his heart.

He Changkong didn’t respond to his suggestion; instead, he turned to get something and noticed that Shen Yanming’s pajama’s hem had been pushed up slightly due to his posture, revealing a small, fair waist.
He Changkong’s hand paused for a moment, not knowing what to say.
He awkwardly blurted out, “Don’t lie down while playing with your phone.”

Shen Yanming thought, this brother really acts like an old lady, but he obediently turned over and sat up against the bed while playing with his phone.

Just as he sat up, they heard three knocks on the door, and someone loudly pushed the door open and walked right in.

He Changkong didn’t lock the door properly earlier, so the person outside could easily push it open and enter the room.

It was Meng Yan, Pudding, and Sunday who came in.
After their training, they went out to eat fish porridge and brought back some for their teammates who hadn’t gone out.

Meng Yan called out, “Your takeaway is here,” but midway through saying “here,” he exclaimed in surprise, “Oh my gosh.”

Pudding was also startled and looked at Shen Yanming, “Why are you on Kong jiang’s bed?”

Shen Yanming was in a playful mood again and pretended to take a drag on an imaginary cigarette.
He made a smoking gesture by placing his index and middle fingers close to his mouth, then pulled them back with a hiss, and squinted his eyes, making an expression of enjoyment, appearing like a boss, “Why is it so surprising that I sleep in my wife’s room?”

When it came to He Changkong, he didn’t dare to say anything too suggestive, but when facing the others, he dared to say anything.
He always spoke like this anyway, so Shen Yanming had no psychological burden.

Sunday didn’t seem to have any special reaction, just slightly puffed his cheeks and said, “Oh~” with a hint of admiration, “Kong ge, you’re so proactive and impressive.”

After that, Sunday pointed at Shen Yanming’s hand, mimicking his gesture, “This, is it the symbol of the Forest Demon?”

Shen Yanming did the smoking gesture again, “You don’t get it, huh? This is called post-action smoke.”

Pudding hurriedly covered Sunday’s ears and said, “I told you not to talk nonsense! We are still minors!”

Despite Pudding’s efforts to cover Sunday’s ears, he still heard it, “Post-action smoke, is that related to the Forest Demon?”

“He couldn’t use the air conditioner, so he came over to my place for the night,” He Changkong explained and then glanced at Shen Yanming.
“…Stop making things up.”

In the previous moment, Shen Yanming was still acting arrogant and domineering, but with just one sentence from He Changkong, he reverted to being a little coward, “Hah, the post-action smoke means making a wish to the heavens, and after the wish is fulfilled, we must fulfill our promise to the heavens by offering some cigarettes as tribute.
Since we’re going to play a match, I’m preemptively borrowing from the heavens, telling them that our team will be invincible, and promising to offer some high-quality cigarettes after our victory.”

Sunday: “That was long, didn’t understand it.”

Others: “…”

He Changkong asked, “Do you smoke?”

Shen Yanming, who had just mentioned offering cigarettes, immediately denied it, “I don’t.
I’m a perfect gentleman, don’t smoke, occasionally drink, never fool around outside…”

He Changkong seemed to remember something, “But you have a bunch of nannies.”

Shen Yanming: “…”

Meng Yan couldn’t take it anymore, “Enough, you damn gays.
The porridge is here, eat it yourselves.
I still have to go to other rooms to deliver the takeout, and if it’s late, they’ll deduct my money.”

Pudding nudged him, “You really got into character, Mr.
Delivery Guy.”

In the blink of an eye, two days had passed.
During these two days, Shen Yanming slept in He Changkong’s room every night.
Once he fell asleep, he didn’t know that he would cling to the person and refuse to let go.
He Changkong didn’t mention it either and secretly hugged the person back each night.

Doing this, to be honest, made him feel somewhat guilty.

But He Changkong was like a little thief sneaking up at midnight to secretly enjoy some honey, satisfied with a mouthful but not daring to make it known.

Being torn between emotions was indeed a perplexing feeling; he had never encountered such inner conflict before.

However, there wasn’t much time for him to dwell on these thoughts, as the day of the competition arrived quickly.

After the training matches in the past two days, Coach Afeng reviewed the games for everyone and discussed the details of the second round of the regular season.

In the first round of the regular season, although there were many participating teams, as long as they played one match and won, they could consider themselves set for this stage and advance directly to the next round.

The second round was different.

The second round was a point-based competition, adopting a round-robin format, meaning each team would face all other qualifying teams.
Winning a match would earn 1 point while losing would earn 0 points.
In the end, the teams would be ranked based on points, and the top 8 teams would advance to the playoffs to compete for a spot in the World Championship next spring and summer.

There were a total of 18 teams that qualified from the first round, and it would take about two to three months for all the teams to play against each other.
The schedule was tight, and the players would be pulled to the stage for a match every two to three days.

Their first match was in two days, against GLX, the team that suffered a brutal defeat from them in the first round but managed to fight back in the revival match.

Coach Afeng looked serious as he spoke, “GLX’s new assassins and nannies were trained in Korea.
You’ve faced them before, and they are not opponents to be taken lightly.
We mustn’t be complacent.”

Furthermore, the first match was crucial.
Though winning and losing were common in competition, the morale of the team was an elusive thing.
Usually, with a good start, the team would be motivated to perform better later on.
However, if the beginning was weak and caused players to lose confidence, it could be disastrous.

Coach Afeng didn’t explicitly mention this, as he didn’t want to put too much pressure on the team.

In the past, he didn’t bother discussing these things because it was no big deal for a championship team to smoothly advance in the points match.
But now, the team had undergone changes in its roster, and although Shen Yanming had been performing well during recent training, nobody knew what would happen when he actually played in a match.

Coach Afeng was also in a difficult position.
If he said too much, the players might overthink things, but if he said too little, they might not be steady enough.

Shen Yanming didn’t pay too much attention to it.
He understood everyone’s concerns, so he raised his hand proactively, “I won’t drag the team down.”

Right until they were about to go on stage, his mindset was still fine, and he didn’t feel the nervousness of his first major competition.
At most, he was a bit excited.

However, many of the on-site spectators didn’t have much confidence in him.
The murmurs below were full of words like “Can Luanzi ge perform well?” and the like.

Of course, Shen Yanming couldn’t hear the audience’s comments about him.

He could guess a bit, but it didn’t bother him much.

After the brief exchange of greetings, the players formed their circle and cheered each other on.
Then, they took their respective positions and began the character selection phase.
In official matches, there was a ban & pick phase, and the opposing team immediately banned White Wolf.

Many people knew that Luanzi ge was good at playing White Wolf.

While he excelled at White Wolf, not many had seen him shine with other characters.

Having White Wolf banned was something TMM’s players had considered.

A wave of sighs could be heard, even the audience watching the live stream was anxious.

– Luanzi ge claimed to be the number one White Wolf on the domestic server, right?

– He seems to play this character well, what if he only knows how to play this one…

– It shouldn’t be, right? I don’t think TMM would go crazy enough to have a player who can only play one character.

– I was already worried about whether he would perform well.
I even scolded him before, but there was no news of a replacement from the official blog in the days leading up to the match, so I didn’t dare to scold anymore.
I just hope he can play well.
Now that his signature hero is banned, I’m completely unsure.
I’m afraid our sweet journey will end here.

– +1 to the person above.

– Oh my god, what character did he pick??? Is he crazy???

White Wolf was banned, and Shen Yanming patiently waited for others to finish selecting their heroes.
Then, he clicked on the small icon of Wind Archer and locked in his hero.

Wind Archer – It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call it the weakest assassin in the current version.
Fragile and doesn’t deal much damage.

The audience erupted.

He’s really messing around!

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