Normally, Sunday’s Chinese was rather clumsy, but now his mouth seemed to be well-oiled, and he could express himself clearly, saying, “Luan Luan hiong, don’t you want to go with me to meet the team leader?”

Shen Yanming couldn’t help but be amazed by Sunday’s ability to blurt things out, “Didn’t you just say you didn’t need me!”

Sunday covered his mouth and laughed, then quickly waved his hand and ran off.

Shen Yanming hurriedly explained to He Changkong, “He’s just talking nonsense.”

Though he wasn’t sure why he felt the need to explain…

“Hmm?” He Changkong seemed to have no intention of pursuing the matter further.
He just turned to look in the direction of the stairs and said, “Go back and change your clothes, then we’ll have breakfast.”

Shen Yanming rushed back to tidy himself up, and when he came downstairs, he saw He Changkong still waiting there for him.
His appearance seemed no different from usual, but Shen Yanming had a feeling that He Changkong wasn’t in high spirits.

It was reasonable, though.
He didn’t know how long He Changkong had been waiting at his door.
In the morning, he knocked on the door in vain, which could easily lead to irritation.

Shen Yanming felt a bit guilty and explained that he had come down to look for Sunday because he had seen a shocking post on Weibo when he woke up.

After explaining, he found it a bit funny, as if he were reporting his itinerary to a girlfriend… but he shook off that thought as soon as it came up.

What a joke! How could he think of Kong ge like that?

However, throughout the day, He Changkong still seemed off.


On the surface, he was still doing everything as usual – practicing when he needed to, eating meals together, and listening quietly while Shen Yanming talked endlessly.
Occasionally, he would respond with a word or two.

But Shen Yanming sensed that something was bothering He Changkong.
Usually, He Changkong didn’t show big emotional fluctuations, he always had a faint smile hidden in his eyes, not too obvious, but enough to show that he was in a comfortable mood.
Today, that trace of a smile was hidden, and Shen Yanming couldn’t find it – He Changkong was enveloped in a dark cloud.

Of course, Shen Yanming didn’t think He Changkong was upset just because he didn’t meet him at the door in the morning.
He knew He Changkong wasn’t that petty.

It was probably something else that bothered him.

Shen Yanming was curious and wanted to ask, but after careful consideration, he found it hard to bring it up.
Who didn’t have their own worries? Not everyone was accustomed to sharing their problems with others.

Moreover, looking at how He Changkong tried hard to maintain composure, it seemed like he didn’t want anyone to know or pry.

In reality, Shen Yanming had guessed wrong – He Changkong was indeed a bit petty.

His unhappiness was real, but it wasn’t because he didn’t find anyone when he knocked at the door in the morning.


His initial negative feelings today were indeed related to what happened earlier that day.
Especially when he saw Shen Yanming come out of Sunday’s room in his pajamas and heard Sunday saying they slept together, a sense of frustration overwhelmed him.
However, He Changkong was a rational person.
After his frustration subsided, he asked himself, why was he upset?

He had noticed this from some time ago, that his emotions were easily influenced by Shen Yanming.
It wasn’t surprising, as Shen Yanming was a special friend to him.
He was the first person he actively paid attention to after returning to this timeline, the first person he collided with when he decided to open his heart to the world, and later, became the person who shared the same secret, the person with the same goal.

However, merely having that reason seemed too weak.

Meng Yan and Pudding were also important teammates and friends to him, people he wanted to connect with, people with common goals.
Even with Meng Yan, whom he had known for ten years, he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable seeing him getting along well with others.

His thoughts stopped at “Shen Yanming is a special friend.”

He couldn’t think any further.

Because if he did, he would think of that sentence, “I find your every move very endearing, but I’m not happy that you like someone else more than you like me.”

This sentence is from a book he recently read, written by the author to their loved one, and it didn’t suit him or Shen Yanming at all.

But in reality, it was indeed what he felt.

He was unhappy that Shen Yanming was closer to someone else than he was to him.


But He Changkong fully understood that everyone had more than one friend, and Shen Yanming, like a little sun, would spread his warmth to more people, and he would have more friends.

He Changkong believed that he shouldn’t be as petty as a small child, for Shen Yanming was his friend, but also a friend to others.

He scolded himself not to be petty, but his emotions were beyond his control.
At noon, Sunday returned to the training room, feeling wronged, and talked to Shen Yanming about being reprimanded by the coach.
Shen Yanming playfully flicked Sunday’s forehead and then slung his arm around him, joking and laughing about who knows what.
Pudding joined in as well, and the three of them chatted and laughed together.
Shen Yanming eventually leaned on Pudding.

Shen Yanming rarely did such actions to him.
Sure, it happened occasionally, but you could count those instances with one hand.

As his uncontrollable emotions began to surge, he forcibly suppressed them.

But even after suppressing them, he was angry with himself.
He was over twenty years old, had even lived two lives, and yet he was still so immature.

He was also frustrated that he always seemed unable to be the most likable one.

While they were chatting about random things, He Changkong played a game himself, using a support character.
However, he received complaints afterward.

His teammates cried out, “When I saw Kong playing as a support in solo, I thought it’d be fun.
I thought I could finally experience being an unbeatable mage under Kong’s protection.
But this support didn’t even heal anyone! He only focused on dealing damage! He went on a killing spree! What’s even more infuriating is that his damage output was even higher than mine! Is he even human? If this weren’t Kong, I would seriously doubt myself and retire from my professional career right on the spot! Is this your new strategy, TMM? Messing with our mindset before the match! I’m so annoyed!!!”

After seeing the full-screen complaints, He Changkong left a quick apology and withdrew from the chat.

It didn’t mean much.

Fortunately, the puppy that wagged its tail in front of others hadn’t forgotten him.
Soon, the puppy came back with a cheerful smile, asking if he wanted to duo queue.

“Sure.” He Changkong smiled at the puppy, not wanting the other to know that he was thinking about such meaningless things.

That night, when Shen Yanming returned to his room, he was still concerned about He Changkong’s heavy-hearted appearance – though it might not necessarily be heavy-heartedness, he was just sensitive, unilaterally thinking that He Changkong didn’t seem too happy.

While taking a shower, Shen Yanming wondered what might have happened to He Changkong, and after he finished washing, he started playing on his phone absentmindedly.


As for Liu Ritian’s account online, it didn’t cause much of a stir.
Most people thought he was just a player speaking up for Luanzi ge, at most, a skilled player.
Some people, bored out of their minds, even tried to have a little argument with him, but that was it.

The coach suggested that Sunday temporarily refrain from using that account; it would cause serious problems if it got discovered.

Sunday agreed to it.

After browsing through other related comments, the majority still doesn’t hold a positive view of him.

Even the already departed trashy guy, Lan, took the opportunity to make a snide remark, saying, “Desperate and panicked, picking whatever’s available.”

Earlier, there was news that Lan had joined a somewhat decent team in the North American region, and Shen Yanming hadn’t even mocked that team for being desperate.

Who does he think he is to criticize?

Rolling his eyes, Shen Yanming went back to the homepage and refreshed his feed, seeing He Changkong reposting the controversial Weibo post from the official account.

_kong: I believe in every one of my teammates.

Although there were no extreme remarks, the implication of standing up for his new teammate – Shen Yanming himself – was clear.

Seeing this, Shen Yanming’s heart skipped a beat.

Certainly, he was deeply moved by He Changkong coming to his defense.
However, the way He Changkong phrased it was easily open to criticism.
Looking at it from the players’ perspective, He Changkong’s statement may come across as overly confident, even leading some long-time fans of the team to think that they have become arrogant and won’t listen to advice, and so on.

Shen Yanming could endure being scrutinized by those people; after all, the truth will be revealed once the competition begins in a while.

But he still couldn’t bear to see He Changkong getting flamed again because of him.

Without much thought, he got up, ran to the next room, and knocked on the door.

He Changkong quickly opened the door, feeling surprised by Shen Yanming’s sudden visit, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Yanming rushed out of his room in a hurry, but now that he saw He Changkong, he didn’t know what to say.
Should he ask about the controversial Weibo post? It would seem a bit pretentious to do so.

Besides, apart from this matter, he actually wanted to come and see He Changkong.

He just didn’t have a suitable reason—although normally, he didn’t need one.
When he went to hang out with others, a simple “I’m bored” would suffice.
But when it came to He Changkong, he felt the need to find a reason, fearing that he might disturb the other person.

He was still hesitating on how to naturally broach the topic, but He Changkong already had a response ready for him.

He Changkong asked, “Is your room’s air conditioner still leaking and bothering you?” Perhaps He Changkong didn’t know why Shen Yanming suddenly came to see him, and this was the best reason he could come up with.

Yesterday morning, He Changkong discovered the dripping issue when he went to call Shen Yanming.
At that time, didn’t know where He Changkong find a bucket and put it under the leak, saying that if the air conditioner was turned on at night, they could use the bucket to catch the water.

He also called the repairman, but it seemed like the repairman was busy and hadn’t come yet.
During lunch, He Changkong heard Shen Yanming mention the annoying “drip-drip” sound kept him from sleeping at night.

Pudding even warmly invited Shen Yanming to stay with him for the time being until the issue was fixed, but Shen Yanming cruelly turned him down.

He said he’d just use earplugs.

Shen Yanming nodded as He Changkong provided him with an excuse, without really thinking it through.

But little did he know that He Changkong’s next words would be, “So, are you coming over to my room to sleep?”

Upon careful consideration, if someone came to another person’s room just because their air conditioner was dripping and they couldn’t sleep, the intention would be quite clear, right? It would be nothing more than seeking a place to spend the night.

Shen Yanming nodded quickly, but he hadn’t realized the implications.

If he were to deny it now, it would be quite awkward.

Shen Yanming wasn’t being coy; it’s just that he was afraid his sleeping habits were terrible, so he rarely shared a bed with anyone as he grew older.

While he was still considering how to respond, He Changkong seemed to have already concluded that Shen Yanming came to spend the night.
He turned sideways and said, “Then come in.
Let me get you a pillow.
Do you prefer a higher or lower one?”

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