Shen Yanming looked at Sunday, who seemed oblivious, and then recalled the Weibo content he had seen just a few minutes ago.

If Sunday wasn’t being quirky, then Shen Yanming must still be in a dream.


Shen Yanming took out his phone and showed the page he had just seen to Sunday, asking, “Did you post this?”

Sunday squinted his eyes and replied, “There are too many words, I can’t understand it.”

Shen Yanming: “…” If he can’t understand the words, then it definitely wasn’t Sunday who posted it.

Taking a deep breath, Shen Yanming asked, “Is someone else using your Weibo account?”

“Nope,” Sunday shook his head, leaning closer to once again struggle to identify the densely packed Chinese characters on the screen.
After a while, he finally pushed aside his overly thick bangs and said, “Oh, I posted it.”

Shen Yanming: “???”

Shen Yanming was completely bewildered, “Didn’t you just say you couldn’t understand the words? How did you manage to type so many sentences?”

And those offensive words were coherent.
Could it be that Google Translate did it for him?

Sunday smiled sheepishly, blinked his eyes, and motioned to invite Shen Yanming into the room, saying, “I’ll explain to you slowly.”

This wasn’t the first time Shen Yanming had visited Sunday’s room, but seeing half of the bed occupied by plushies still made him feel… an itch in his hands.


Shen Yanming also liked to hug something when sleeping but to maintain his image as a tough guy, it was absolutely impossible for him to put a pile of plushies and pillows on his own bed.

In a sense, being brave enough to face his own heart, boldly having a bunch of plushies, and not being afraid of what others would say was what made Sunday a real tough guy.

But this time, Shen Yanming wasn’t here to appreciate the plushies.
He found a place to sit down, ready to listen to Sunday’s explanation.

He watched as Sunday opened a WeChat group.

The group’s name was “Honest Scolding, No Deception to Young and Old.”

Just reading the group name left Shen Yanming baffled.
Sunday used his broken Chinese to explain for a while before Shen Yanming finally understood.

It turned out that when Sunday first came to China, he was playing a game in his free time and made a small mistake during the match, indirectly causing the team to lose that game.
Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but he ran into a crazy teammate who not only cursed him in the in-game channel but also added him as a friend after the match to continue biting him with insults.

At first, when Sunday saw that the person typed so many words, he looked up each word in the dictionary one by one.
Some words weren’t in the dictionary, so he searched them online.
After figuring out the meaning of every word and piecing together the sentences, he realized that he was being cursed with very vicious language, including insults to his family.


Of course, Sunday had encountered unfriendly remarks before, but he had never seen such an intense one.

He admitted that he has a fragile glass heart, like a person made of crystal, a bubble that shatters with a single touch.
(Using Sunday’s vocabulary, he couldn’t express the sentence like this, so Shen Yanming summarized it to be roughly like this.)

That day, he shed a few tears in distress.
Amidst the grievances, he also felt wronged.
Why should he be subjected to such harsh criticism?

But even if he felt wronged, he faced a practical difficulty in fighting back.
His Chinese wasn’t that good, and while he could manage normal conversations, it was difficult to curse someone effectively.

He came to China to study, and, of course, he had Chinese classmates and friends.
However, they were only acquaintances, and Sunday couldn’t possibly ask them to curse on his behalf.

Even if some friends were willing to help, it was another matter if they could curse…

So, was he just going to let it go? At his wit’s end, a bright idea struck Sunday.

When he first arrived, a fellow townsman had told Sunday about a versatile app in China called Taobao.
This senior praised the app to the skies, claiming that it could provide any service you could think of and that there was nothing you couldn’t buy on Taobao.
It was said that you could even find hidden coupons for McDonald’s there.

With a curious mindset, Sunday typed “help me curse” in Taobao’s search bar.

He successfully connected with a few curse services, and some of them also played the same game as him.
After cooperating for a while, they discovered that Sunday was a skilled foreign player, besides money transactions, he would occasionally help them increase their in-game rank.


In the gaming world, whoever played better was the boss.
As time went on, the curse assistants no longer saw Sunday just as a source of money; they genuinely admired this foreign player.

A deep friendship bond actually formed between Sunday and the curse assistants!

Shen Yanming finally understood why Liu Ritian’s style of cursing varied so much, sometimes like this and sometimes like that–turns out, it was because multiple people were cursing on his behalf.

Yesterday was no exception.
Before going to bed, Sunday wanted to see the reactions to the official announcement of their team lineup.
However, he was met with a flood of negative comments about Shen Yanming.

Unable to bear it, he immediately took a screenshot and sent it to his dedicated group of curse assistants.

The curse assistants were quite surprised.
Previously, they had helped Sunday insult those who provoked him, but this was the first time they saw Sunday asking for their help to vent frustration on behalf of someone else—unaware of Sunday’s involvement in TMM.

One of the curse proxies asked, “Why do you want to speak up for Luanzi Ge?”

Sunday replied, “Luanzi Ge is awesome!”

After collaborating so many times, the curse assistants knew what to do without words.
They edited the sentences and sent them to the group chat, and then Sunday copied and pasted them on Weibo.

Shen Yanming rubbed his temples.
It was rare for him to be speechless, as this situation was beyond his imagination.
What on earth was this? How could a well-behaved child-like Sunday resort to finding curse services on Taobao? It was utterly lacking in manners!

He used two fingers from both hands to push his cheeks and forced a smile, “Bro, thanks.
I appreciate you speaking up for me and helping me vent my anger.”

Sunday shyly smiled, “It’s what I should do!”

Shen Yanming’s temples throbbed with pain.
This kid was quite proud!

He asked again, “Do you roughly know what they cursed about?”


Sunday blinked, sounding mischievous, “I don’t know.”

Damn, Shen Yanming understood when he saw Sunday’s reaction, he must know what it meant.

Unexpectedly, this seemingly shy mimosa spirit turned out to be a fierce flower king, unyielding and fierce.

Sunday was already sixteen years old; he knew what was going on.
While Shen Yanming’s actual age was 21, but in this timeline, he was only two years older than Sunday, so acting all high and mighty would be quite strange.

However, Shen Yanming still felt troubled.

It wasn’t about Sunday cursing at people; although he felt it was a bit uncultured, he reasoned that Sunday only cursed those who provoked him first – whoever starts it is the jerk, so Sunday wasn’t entirely at fault.
At most, he was just a bit intense in his choice of words.

Besides, this time, Sunday cursed to defend him and speak up for him.

Of course, Shen Yanming wouldn’t take advantage of others and then act aloof; if someone defended him, he shouldn’t despise them as flamers, that wouldn’t be fair.
In other words, if a flamer was his friend, then he wouldn’t dislike flamers anymore – it was a double standard.

His main worry was that Sunday had joined the team now as a professional player.
Although his identity as Liu Ritian wasn’t officially announced, it would be troublesome if it got exposed.

As if in response to his worries, the next moment, Sunday received a call.

After the call, Sunday stood up with a distressed face, as if he was about to cry.
“The team leader wants to see me.”

Shen Yanming stood up as well and asked, “Do you want me to go with you?”

Sunday shook his head.

After Sunday changed his clothes and freshened up, they both left the room together.

As usual, He Changkong got up early, went for a run, and then went to Shen Yanming’s room to call him.
Normally, Shen Yanming would set an alarm himself, so by the time He Changkong arrived, he would have already prepared himself.
They would then go to the cafeteria for breakfast and head to the training room together.

Today, when he arrived at Shen Yanming’s room and knocked on the door, there was no response.

After waiting for a while, He Changkong walked away from the door, considering whether to make a phone call or try knocking again later.
As he walked downstairs, he saw Shen Yanming coming out of Sunday’s room.

The two of them came out together, and Shen Yanming was still in his pajamas.

Shen Yanming had his hand on Sunday’s shoulder, he seemed to be saying something, and Sunday was nodding in response.

He Changkong felt something was a bit off, so he walked over to them with long strides.

Both boys greeted him at the same time, “Good morning, Kong ge.”

“Morning,” He Changkong looked at Shen Yanming, “Did you sleep in Sunday’s room last night?”

The relationship between the two was quite good.
Rather, It could be said that Shen Yanming had a good relationship with everyone.

When Sunday had just joined, Shen Yanming was a bit distant from him, but after playing a few games together, they became like brothers.

They were close in age, and perhaps Shen Yanming enjoyed playing with Sunday more than with the veteran players.

Although their language communication was not perfect, it didn’t seem like a big problem for Shen Yanming, who was naturally sociable.

It was normal for close friends to visit each other and sleepover.
Meng Yan and Pudding spent every day together in one room.

Of course, Meng Yanming had also tried to sleep in He Changkong’s room before, but he was sent back by him.

He Changkong himself wasn’t sure what he was feeling, maybe subconsciously he thought that his relationship with Shen Yanming was better.
However, Shen Yanming didn’t even come to his room much to hang out.

Thinking about it carefully, He Changkong became uncertain about the nature of their relationship.
Were they truly close? It seemed like they were always together, playing solo, duo, practicing…

He Changkong said again, “Next time, if you plan to stay overnight in someone else’s room, just let me know.
I knocked on your door for a long time earlier.”

Not sure if it was just his imagination, Shen Yanming seemed to sense a trace of grievance on He Changkong’s expressionless face.

His tone contained some hint of complaint.

As if he was being neglected, like a large dog abandoned in the cold…

Indeed, he hadn’t been considerate enough in this matter.
He had been completely taken aback by Sunday’s online posts and was only focused on finding out what had happened.
He forgot that He Changkong would always knock on his door at a fixed time every day.

Just as Shen Yanming was about to explain, Sunday blinked, and with a mischievous look, he spoke first, “That’s right, Luan Luan hiong came to my room to sleep.”

Shen Yanming: “…!!!” What nonsense! How could Liu Ritian groundlessly tarnish someone’s innocence like this!

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