Shen Yanming was momentarily taken aback by the question, but quickly burst into laughter, “Didn’t I already say it? Going to the TMM base is so troublesome, it would delay my admission to Tsinghua University and Peking University… Ah.”

He paused halfway through his words as a notification popped up on the screen, indicating that his internet usage time was insufficient, and the computer would shut down soon.

Instead of reading the barrage of ridicule from the audience, Shen Yanming opened a private chat window with “Stop Messing Around” and typed in the message box, “What’s your main account ID?”

But he hesitated before sending the message.

He had a strange feeling about this nanny’s alternate account, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

At first, he thought the person was his fan, so he chose this very eye-catching ID to solo with him among the crowd.
Yes, even comedic streamers have fans.

However, after being played by the other person for an entire game, Shen Yanming felt that something was off.
This nanny’s skill was definitely at a professional level, but the question was, how could a professional player have so much free time?! Not only did they come to watch his live stream, but they also registered such an inconspicuous alternate account to catch his attention?

It was quite absurd.

When things deviate from the norm, there must be something strange going on.

But Shen Yanming rarely encountered a nanny who was so bold, meticulous, and violent.
He actually wanted to have another passionate fight with the other person.

The countdown of the computer shutdown started flashing with “20 seconds left”.
Shen Yanming hesitated but still pressed the send button.
Unfortunately, he didn’t receive a reply before the screen turned black.

Without saying goodbye to the viewers in the live chat, he was forced to end the stream…

Shen Yanming took off his headphones, ruffled his disheveled hair, and walked out of the cramped small room.

When he had run out, it was still before dusk, but now the sky had been dyed with the color of ink.

Although he slept in class, got punished by standing, and skipped classes to go to the internet cafe, he knew he was a good student and had to hurry back for the evening self-study session.

Shen Yanming skillfully walked toward an unoccupied wall and smoothly climbed over it with a cool and swift motion.
After climbing over, as soon as he landed, he heard a powerful roar.

“Which class are you from?!”

Shen Yanming had been playing all afternoon and was feeling tired, but hearing this voice made him instantly alert, as if he had plunged his head into a large bowl of coffee, wide awake.

He focused his gaze and saw the class monitor for their grade.

Shen Yanming glanced around, quickly realizing the situation.
The class monitor was catching couples in the secret corners of the campus, and just when he was doing that, Shen Yanming appeared out of nowhere, inserting himself between the lovebirds and the class monitor.

Shen Yanming was speechless, he had underestimated the situation.
Before climbing over the wall, he should have shone a flashlight down below.

“I’m asking which class you’re from?”

Shen Yanming still had a lunchbox in his hand, which he had brought back from outside to share with his classmates.
It was Takoyaki, something that the school cafeteria didn’t have.

“I’m a delivery guy”, he struggled to say in a desperate manner, “from Meituan Delivery.
Climbing over the wall is faster.”

Shen Yanming had never longed for seemingly ordinary but extremely precious evening self-study as much as he did now.
Although most of the time during self-study, all he could do was count how many circles the minute hand of the clock on the wall moved, it was still very different from sitting in the student affairs office and counting the squares on the class monitor’s shirt.

Not long after, Shen Yanming’s mother, Lin Qingyue, arrived.
She rushed over to Shen Yanming, grabbing his ear and scolding him, “You went to the internet cafe by climbing over the wall in the first week of school?! Have you grown up? Are you an adult now? You went to the internet cafe?”

Shen Yanming cried out in pain, “Ouch, ouch, ouch… I’ll be turning eighteen next month!”

Lin Qingyue raised an eyebrow in anger, “Then why didn’t you wait until next month?”

The teachers present were speechless.

The grade leader and the class teacher took turns explaining to Lin Qingyue the dangers and negative impacts of Shen Yanming climbing over the wall, emphasizing that he was in his senior year and if he didn’t study well, his future would be in jeopardy.
Lin Qingyue nodded repeatedly, occasionally glancing at Shen Yanming, who looked down with drooping eyebrows and eyes.

Climbing over the wall without permission would result in suspension, so Shen Yanming wrote a self-reflection and received his punishment.
After a series of ordeals, Lin Qingyue took him back home.

Sitting in the car, with only the two of them, Lin Qingyue didn’t bother with empty words.
She sighed, “What are you thinking? We stopped forcing you to study when you said you didn’t like it.
You even said you joined a professional team’s Youth Training Camp, and now you’re not going?”

Shen Yanming fiddled with his seatbelt and said, “…I changed my mind.”

“Why? Why not go?”

“It was just a momentary impulse”, Shen Yanming paused, staring at his fingernails.
The lighting in the car was dim, and it was unclear what he was looking at.
“But then, I thought it over.
Every year, so many people enter the training camp, but how many can make it to the main team and have the opportunity to play in matches? Even if they get to play, how many can enter the world championships? Even if they win the championship, they still end up opening an online store and selling meatloafs.
It’s not interesting.
I’d rather sell meatloafs now.”

Lin Qingyue glared at him, and he shrugged his shoulders, saying, “…I just think being a professional player is not reliable.
It’s better to study.
Even if I go to a technical school, I can still work on cars in the future.”

Lin Qingyue reached out, resting the back of her hand against Shen Yanming’s forehead, “Yan, have you been through something traumatic?”

Shen Yanming froze for a moment.
He had indeed experienced something traumatic.
In his previous life, he dedicated himself to his beloved esports career, but everything slipped through his fingers like chasing at the moon’s reflection in the water.
Not only did he fail to achieve his dreams, but he also ended up in a mess and even received unwarranted “justice” from a group of inexplicable people.
Even his parents had to endure a barrage of questioning.

He was starting to develop esports-related PTSD.

However, he couldn’t possibly tell the real reason, even if he did, his mother wouldn’t believe it.

If he mentioned being reborn or reincarnated, Lin Qingyue would probably send him straight to a mental hospital.

Finally, Shen Yanming put on an impatient look and said, “No, it’s nothing, it’s just a momentary interest.
Being a professional player is too tiring.
Training all day long, from morning till night… I’m lazy, I don’t want to practice.
That’s it.”

Lin Qingyue started the car, “Since you don’t want to pursue that game, what your teacher said is right.
With your poor grades, what kind of university can you get into…”

The air in the car felt suffocating, and Shen Yanming struggled to breathe.
But he maintained a calm expression on his face and smiled defiantly, “I’ll study, I’ll study… My brain is so good, I can just study a bit, and those top students in the class won’t have a chance anymore.
Don’t worry about it.”

Shen Yanming’s determination to study was genuine.

He returned home, tidied up, and took out two study guides from his room.
Even with the suspension, he couldn’t afford to fall behind in his schoolwork.
He had to at least read a bit.

After reading two lines, the words in the book seemed to turn into buzzing insects flying around.

He thought to himself that learning was not something that could be achieved overnight.
Before fully committing to studying, he might as well bid a grand farewell to his gaming career—a final ranked match.

So, he closed the books, stuffed them into his bag, and rushed to his computer, turning it on and sitting down.

Online, he saw a reply from the mysterious healer he encountered in the afternoon.

[Stop Messing Around]: My main ID is tmm_kong.

Shen Yanming rolled his eyes, unwilling to explain further.
He started typing rapidly.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Alright, alright.
My Nightmare will become your sworn enemy today.
How about a solo match?

—— As everyone knows, TMM’s Kong and Nightmare are like a pair of partners wielding the scythe of death, leaving no grass standing wherever they passed.

The nanny insisted on claiming to be Kong, and Shen Yanming cooperated by cosplaying as Nightmare.

Shen Yanming played a few games by himself, and around eleven o’clock at night, the nanny finally came online.

[Stop Messing Around]: …Believe it or not, it’s up to you.

[Stop Messing Around]: Not a solo match, but we can play together.

[Stop Messing Around]: Wait, let me change my name.

[Stop Messing Around]: Our names are too similar, even I can’t tell them apart.

After a while, the other person changed their name and returned.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: I’m here.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: …wow.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: You really want to be my wife, huh?! I couldn’t even beat you this afternoon.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: You can win if you stop holding back.

Shen Yanming wasn’t particularly surprised by this remark.
The Nanny’s skill level was quite high, and it was normal to intentionally act like a noob.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: I’ll queue up?

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Go ahead and queue.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: When we’re playing, don’t hold back.
Play freely.
If you’re afraid of others recognizing you, just say you borrowed the account from someone else.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: =.=

He thought to himself that both of their accounts had low rankings, and the skill level of the players they would be matched with was similar to AI.
Whether they played freely or not didn’t make much difference.

However, the suggestion from My Milk’s Not Working did stir some excitement in him.
Since Shen Yanming registered this account, he hadn’t played a single normal match.
He used to have an account in the eighth rank, and his ladder ranking among ordinary players could reach the top ten.
If he played seriously with the skill level of a professional player for a few years, reaching the top three shouldn’t be a big problem.

Just as he returned, that account was already sold.

“Letting loose and going on a killing spree… “, Shen Yanming lowered his head, a smirk forming at the corner of his mouth.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Okay~

At first, Shen Yanming was worried that someone might recognize him and comment on his sudden improvement in skills.
However, he soon realized that he was overthinking.
They played several matches, and indeed, one or two people recognized him as the funny streamer.
However, most of these low-ranked players lacked even the basic sense of gameplay.
They were just blindly attacking without understanding how to judge someone’s skill based on strategy or reaction speed.

The teammates they were matched with only knew that their team was winning, but they had no idea how they were winning.
Similarly, the losing side didn’t feel much either.
For these types of players, winning or losing in competitive games was no different from playing a game of rock-paper-scissors—it was merely a random event.

Shen Yanming no longer had any concerns.
Just as My Milk’s Not Working had said, he could play without restraint.

Although there was no challenge, being able to freely indulge himself made Shen Yanming feel unusually relaxed.
Even though he was playing against noobs, there was a difference between crushing them and simply playing casually.
In these few matches, Shen Yanming felt extremely comfortable.
Inappropriately speaking, when he played with My Milk’s Not Working in solo mode, it was like facing a vigilant and aggressive wolf, and when they were teammates, it felt like having a loyal and devoted dog.

Without a doubt, all obstacles on his path were effortlessly swept away.
The field of vision was clear and wide.
He didn’t need to make any demand, My Milk’s Not Working seemed to read his mind and preemptively bring his targets in front of him, firmly controlling them, leaving the opponents helpless as Shen Yanming bombarded them with damage…

While the opponents’ lack of skill was certainly a factor, Shen Yanming rarely had the opportunity to enjoy such a comfortable environment for output.

In his previous life, when he played professionally in a team called CTG, the nanny assigned to him was decent, but too cautious.
She mainly followed behind him and cooperated to perform the most basic tasks.

After winning several matches in a row, Lin Qingyue entered Shen Yanming’s room carrying a late-night snack.
Shen Yanming was wearing headphones, fully focused on playing and didn’t notice anyone entering.
When he saw her reflection on the screen, he exclaimed in surprise and fear, “Mom, why didn’t you knock before coming in?”

“I’ve been knocking for ten years!” Lin Qingyue’s voice was louder than his, and Shen Yanming couldn’t compete with her.
“Why are you still playing? Didn’t you say you would study hard from now on?”

Shen Yanming didn’t stop his hand movements and continued to play while feeling guilty, “Just one last game, one last game.”

Lin Qingyue placed the late-night snack on the table and glanced at the various game and e-sports event posters hanging on Shen Yanming’s wall.
She sighed silently.

“It’s late, hurry up and eat.
Brush your teeth and go to bed!” Lin Qingyue stood behind Shen Yanming, he could hear her stern voice, but he couldn’t see her expression.

After saying that, Lin Qingyue left the room.

Once the game ended, Shen Yanming declined My Milk’s Not Working’s invitation to play another game and sent him a private message.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: I’m done playing.
My mom cooked wonton soup for me.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: Ok.

The wontons were still hot, so Shen Yanming blew on one before picking it up.
With his other hand, he grabbed his phone that had been lying aside and took a photo of the victory streak displayed on the computer screen.

A whole row of green winning records, very pleasing to the eye.

He opened Weibo and posted the screenshot of his victory streak.

I’m Messing Around Again: My wife is carrying me! [Image]1carrying me: in this context carrying means being brought to victory by the game play of the other person

Those who had watched his livestream in the afternoon were familiar with this “wild wife” joke.

Shortly after posting on Weibo, someone left a popular comment: I feel sorry for you after seeing this.
You get so excited after winning a few matches in a fishpond2fishpond: metaphor used to describe low-ranked or low-tiered games.
Luanzi ge, your mom feels sorry for you.

Shen Yanming liked this comment and returned to the game interface.
Seeing that My Milk’s Not Working was still online, he used one hand to casually type on the keyboard and started chatting with him.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Are you actually a pro player?

[My Milk’s Not Working]: Yes.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Which team? Can you tell me?

[My Milk’s Not Working]: Didn’t I mention it before?

[I’m Messing Around Again]: ah?

[I’m Messing Around Again]: You can’t really be in sweetie right?

[My Milk’s Not Working]: Well… I’m not lying to you.

Shen Yanming wasn’t paying attention and almost choked on the wonton in his mouth.
He coughed for a while before finally recovering.

Suddenly, he understood.

My Milk’s Not Working was probably from TMM’s second team.
After all, when Kong Shen was in his prime, the second team members could only play in minor leagues, and their training volume certainly couldn’t compare to the first team.

And now it made sense why their playstyle was so similar to Kong Shen’s.
After being exposed to it every day, it was difficult not to resemble him.

TMM was really amazing.
Even the second team players had impressive skill.
If another team poached them, they would be nurtured as key players.

Shen Yanming took a sip of soup and rummaged through his memories.
He didn’t know much about the second team members during that stage of TMM, but he vaguely remembered…

Wasn’t the support for the second team a chubby guy who was always smiling?

I have an announcement to make..

I’ll be doing double release this weekend
Please look forward to it!
Thank you for reading! 

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1carrying me: in this context carrying means being brought to victory by the game play of the other person2fishpond: metaphor used to describe low-ranked or low-tiered games

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