Sunday was a player from the Korean region.
In the year when Shen Yanming started playing professionally, Sunday made his breakthrough with his team and entered the World Championships.
What happened to him afterward, Shen Yanming had no idea.
After all, he was no longer around, so how could he know what happened next?

Nevertheless, regardless of his current status, getting into the World Championship was already an achievement.
Even if Sunday didn’t become a champion, his strength was undeniably formidable.
Moreover, the BW team that Sunday was part of that year was also one of the favorites to win the championship.
Going by He Changkong’s words, “He’s all good,” Sunday might indeed be a potential future champion.

No wonder He Changkong was so adamant about having him.
It wasn’t merely based on his performance in regular matches but rather to bring in a champion or a potential one into the team.

It also made sense why He Changkong claimed he wasn’t that kind of person, not a real toxic player.

Of course, he’s not!!!

Although Shen Yanming had limited interactions with Sunday in his previous life, they had played a few matches and scrimmages together.
In those brief encounters, he could sense that Sunday was rather shy and introverted.
He would blush after saying a few words, behaving like a shy mimosa.1behaving like a shy mimosa: someone who is shy and introverted, like the mimosa plant that folds its leaves when touched.

Even if this person might have a different side, he was still a Korean! He struggled with a simple “hello” just now, but he was proficient in Chinese to the level of cursing fluently? Even top-scoring students in Chinese exams wouldn’t curse so skillfully.


Thinking about this, Shen Yanming’s mind became muddled again.
He had a brief realization, but quickly fell back into confusion.

The person before him was undoubtedly Sunday.
Although he looked like a half-grown kid, his appearance wasn’t too different from what he would become in a few years.

But how could he appear here? And even become the passerby king in the Chinese server?

Becoming a passerby king is one thing, but becoming a famous trash-talking passerby king?

Shen Yanming felt a bit unsure again.

Because Shen Yanming had only heard about Liu Ritian coming, upon seeing Sunday, he directly associated the name “Ritian” with “sun” and “day.” But upon closer thought, besides him, there should be very few people with a normal thought process who would translate the characters in this way.

Even if there were people with a similar way of thinking, it shouldn’t be “Sunday.” After all, Sunday was a foreigner.
How could he know Chinese characters so profoundly and translate them this way?

Could he have made a mistake? Maybe Sunday wasn’t Liu Ritian after all?

It seemed that Sunday’s surname was Liu.
Shen Yanming tried to recall and confirmed that it was… Liu Yunzhe, right?

Shen Yanming’s thoughts were getting jumbled, and combined with the drowsiness that was gradually creeping in, he felt a bit dazed, losing his ability to think clearly.

He decided to stop thinking for now and ask He Changkong about it once he woke up in the afternoon.

Before going to sleep, he still needed to greet Sunday properly.

Sunday looked at him in surprise, waiting for him to respond to the “ni hao” he had said.
Shen Yanming quickly replied, “Huh? I was just memorizing words… Haha, Sunday, xingqitian2sunday: “星期天” (Xīngqítiān), Monday, xingqiyi3monday: “星期一”(Xīngqí yī)…”

Of course, Shen Yanming couldn’t admit to knowing him.
At this time, claiming to know him would be like a supernatural event.
He had only blurted out the name in shock.

Sunday appeared to have a sudden realization.
“My name is also Sunday.
I thought…”

Shen Yanming clapped his hands, “What a coincidence!”

“You’re memorizing words, you also have to study while yóu, yóu, yóu…” Sunday began to gesture with his hands, but unfortunately, he couldn’t seem to remember how to say the word “games”4games: “游戏” (Yóuxì).
He became a bit anxious, and his face wrinkled, and if you looked closely, there seemed to be a hint of moisture in his narrowed eyes!

Shen Yanming felt anxious for him, “Play games!”

Sunday gratefully nodded, “Yes, we’ll work hard together.”

The nearby staff member helped explain, “Sunday is here as an exchange student.
He will stay for two years and then return.
Other teams approached him before, but he didn’t agree because he had to go back.
We made a short-term contract for him based on his situation.
Kong seems to have talked to him separately about something else, and that’s why he came here.
He has to balance his studies and training, so it might be tough for him.
Just now, when he heard you talking about memorizing words, he thought you were like him, having to study and train at the same time…”

In the past, when Shen Yanming played a few games with Sunday, he saw him typing some simple greetings in the channel, like “hello,” “thank you,” “dear Chinese friend.” He thought Sunday was just casually learning some Chinese phrases, just like how he would say ” Aniyo”5Aniyo: “阿尼哟” (Ā ní yō), 아니요  that means no in korean sometimes.
At that time, Shen Yanming never imagined that Sunday had actually stayed in China.

Moreover, Sunday never mentioned it! Maybe he did, but they weren’t close, so Shen Yanming didn’t know.

After pondering the staff member’s words, Shen Yanming seemed to figure things out, “So, Sunday is really Liu Ritian?”

Sunday understood the question and nodded.

The staff member smiled, “I didn’t expect his online appearance to be so different from his real-life self.”

Shen Yanming originally intended to wait until he saw He Changkong to ask for clarification, but now that the issue had been brought up, he decided to directly ask the person involved.
“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did you come up with the name ‘Ritian’? Do you know what it means?”

“What is cat sister?”6The question that was asked before was “我冒昧问问,你怎么起日天这么个名字?你知道日天是什么意思吗?”(“Wǒ màomèi wèn wèn, nǐ zěnme qǐ rì tiān zhème gè míngzì? Nǐ zhīdào rì tiān shì shénme yìsi ma?”) , Sunday doesn’t understand the word màomèi, he speak it as 猫妹(Māo mèi) that mean cat sister This sentence was a bit long, and Sunday took some time to understand it.
He explained, “Ritian is just Sun&Day, my Chinese friends came up with it for me.”

Shen Yanming: “…”, so there are people with equally quirky thought processes like him.

Shen Yanming scratched his head, wanting to ask him about the online fights he had seen, but they weren’t close, and asking about his name was already somewhat intrusive.
Asking further might be too much.

Anyway, when they play together, he’ll eventually find out what’s going on.

After a brief chat, Shen Yanming didn’t waste any more time.
He needed to hurry back and take a nap, not only to make the most of his sleep but also to avoid running into the head teacher… No, running into the early-rising Kong ge.
Since Sunday still had some procedures to complete, they didn’t chat much and went their separate ways after saying goodbye.

Shen Yanming stretched his neck and hummed the game BGM as he walked through the corridor, safely returning to his room.
Yet, he still couldn’t let his guard down.
When he turned the corner, he saw He Changkong leaning against the wall, watching him.

It was as if He Changkong deliberately waited there for him.

It feels like a chance encounter.

“…” Shen Yanming chuckled awkwardly, “Ge, why are you so quiet?”

He Changkong stared at him, showing almost no emotion on his face, and spoke with a nonchalant tone, “If I had said something, would you have taken a detour?”

Shen Yanming smiled apologetically, “No, how could that be? I want to see you every moment of every day.
You’re the person I want to see the most.
I have absolutely no intention of avoiding you.”

He Changkong paid no attention to Shen Yanming’s smooth talking.
“You’ve been up all night until now?”

Shen Yanming immediately shook his head, “I woke up early.”

He Changkong said, “Then let’s go, to practice.”

Shen Yanming: “… ” This is bad.

He seriously considered the possibility of holding on a little longer, but if he didn’t sleep now, he would have to stay awake until eleven or twelve at night…

Well, it wouldn’t hurt that much.
Shen Yanming hesitated for a moment before saying, “Alright, let’s go.”

“Go where?” He Changkong asked, “Xiao Luan, I noticed that you are a bit…”

Shen Yanming asked, “…a bit what?”

He Changkong, who almost never said anything bad about others, spit out three not-so-nice words, “Stupid.”7Stupid: “缺心眼” (Quē xīnyǎn), can mean lack of brain too

Shen Yanming: “???”

He Changkong ruffled Shen Yanming’s hair and said, “Do you think I don’t know about your daily routine? Your online and offline activities are recorded, and I can check your match history too.”

Shen Yanming: “…” Careless.

He Changkong continued, “I also wanted to see how long you would keep up this act.”

Shen Yanming was really trying hard to put on a show.
When others left the training room around one or two in the morning, he would leave too and send a message to He Changkong, saying things like, “I’m done for the day.
It was a fruitful day.
Good night,” with all sorts of pretentious words.

He made it seem like he had actually gone to sleep at that time.

As it turns out, He Changkong was fully aware of everything!

Lowering his head and staring at the pattern on the floor, Shen Yanming said guiltily, “Ge, I was wrong.”

As he said that, he extended his hand, palm facing up.

He Changkong didn’t quite understand and just listened as Shen Yanming tentatively asked, “Do you want to hit my hand?”

“…” He Changkong let out a soft sigh.
He always felt like he was perceived as an unapproachable elder in Shen Yanming’s eyes.
He was only three years older, not thirty.
Staying up all night wasn’t some terrifying beast in his eyes, but he genuinely believed it wasn’t good for the body in the long run, which was why he couldn’t help but say a few more words about it.

He Changkong said, “It’s not a bad thing to want to practice more.
I didn’t mean to criticize you.”

Shen Yanming discreetly withdrew his hand.

He Changkong continued, “Actually, if you sleep earlier at night and wake up at the same time as me in the morning, the practice duration should be about the same.”

Shen Yanming realized belatedly, “…It seems to make sense.
Why didn’t I think of that before?”

He Changkong: “…” A bit stupid sometimes, indeed.

Shen Yanming suddenly brightened up and then thought of something else, “And this way, I can have you all to myself in the morning!”

He Changkong replied, “… Sure.”

“Ge, I love you so much~” Shen Yanming rushed over and hugged He Changkong, “Hahaha, now I’ll not only play solo with you for those two hours at night, but also in the morning! Even if we don’t solo, we can have an exciting double rank match.
Just thinking about it is amazing, why is it so awesome?”

This sudden hug caught He Changkong off guard, and his body stiffened momentarily.
But soon, Shen Yanming grinned and let go, returning to where he stood, swaying with excitement as if he had encountered some great joy.

He Changkong’s expression seemed a bit unnatural as he said, “Then from now on… go to bed early and wake up early.”

“Definitely, definitely!” Shen Yanming beamed with a radiant smile and tilted his head back as if he suddenly remembered something, “Oh, by the way, Liu Ritian just arrived.
Why didn’t you tell me he is Sunday?”

He Changkong seemed somewhat absent-minded, “Yes, I plan to go find him… You go to sleep quickly, I’ll go now.”

A moment ago, he was fine and intended to earnestly advise Shen Yanming to have a more regular routine, but that unexpected hug left him feeling flustered.
He usually maintained a certain distance when interacting with other teammates and friends.
Physical contact was limited to things like patting each other’s shoulders.
Hugging only happened when they won championships and were forced into a group hug.

He had always been reserved and distant in his interactions with others.
Even now, when he wanted to open up and build closer relationships with everyone, he had never experienced being hugged like this before.

Apart from that hug, those few words, characteristic of Shen Yanming’s sweet talk kept buzzing in his mind.

Like an incoming tide, crashing against the reef of his heart.

He felt a strange sensation that was hard to describe.
It wasn’t a feeling of dislike, but he suddenly felt like he couldn’t interact with Shen Yanming as comfortably as before.

So, he sent Shen Yanming back to sleep, planning to find a quiet place later and sort out his thoughts.

However, this gesture was not interpreted the same way by Shen Yanming.

Watching He Changkong leave in a hurry, Shen Yanming clicked his tongue, thinking that He Changkong really valued Liu Ritian.
They hadn’t even finished their conversation, yet He Changkong sent him away.

Sigh, what else could he do? He could only forgive him, right?

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Kong: I was hooked by a big dog.

Luan luanzi: And yet, you still want to find other dogs.

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1behaving like a shy mimosa: someone who is shy and introverted, like the mimosa plant that folds its leaves when touched.
2sunday: “星期天” (Xīngqítiān)3monday: “星期一”(Xīngqí yī)4games: “游戏” (Yóuxì)5Aniyo: “阿尼哟” (Ā ní yō), 아니요  that means no in korean6The question that was asked before was “我冒昧问问,你怎么起日天这么个名字?你知道日天是什么意思吗?”(“Wǒ màomèi wèn wèn, nǐ zěnme qǐ rì tiān zhème gè míngzì? Nǐ zhīdào rì tiān shì shénme yìsi ma?”) , Sunday doesn’t understand the word màomèi, he speak it as 猫妹(Māo mèi) that mean cat sister7Stupid: “缺心眼” (Quē xīnyǎn), can mean lack of brain too

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