Pudding rarely sees Shen Yanming in this state.
In his impression, this kid is always fooling around and never serious.
But Pudding couldn’t figure out what was going on.
They just sat there without moving, and nothing seemed to happen.
Just a moment ago, Shen Yanming was still chatting and laughing with other players, discussing game changes and certain players’ amazing moves, turning the ordinary into something miraculous… So why the sudden change in his expression?

It couldn’t be because his hair dye looked bad, right? Their hair was still wrapped in layers of stuff that hadn’t been removed yet.
In the mirror, they looked like two fair-skinned Indians; it was hard to tell whether the dye job was good or not.

Pudding asked, “What’s wrong, Luan jiang?”

Shen Yanming squinted and forced a smile, “Nothing.”

He certainly couldn’t say that he had just bumped into an unlucky love-struck gay guy.
They didn’t even know each other at this point, and this guy named Zhuo Minxing hadn’t done anything to offend him either.
If Shen Yanming acted snobbish, he might immediately be branded as unfriendly to fans.

Although they earned a living with their skills, getting involved in these rumors and gossip was still troublesome.

When Zhuo Minxing heard Pudding’s words, he finally recognized that the person next to him was the current hotshot in the throne circle, Luanzi ge, who used to be a streamer and was rumored to have joined TMM.

He seemed a bit embarrassed and smiled at Shen Yanming, “You are Luan Luanzi, right? I have been watching your livestreams, and I really like you…”

Here they come again, Shen Yanming felt a bit nauseous.
He remembered that it was the same in his previous life.
In fact, he had forgotten where they first met.
In any case, the other party would start with heaps of praises.

Of course, many players would praise them upon seeing them, but just compliments wouldn’t make Shen Yanming become friends with this person.

The main reason was that later on, Zhuo Minxing frequented the competition venue and even visited their training base… The small CTG team wasn’t as regulated back then, and this person would show up every day with food and drinks.
Whenever he saw a team member not feeling well, he would send them long private messages to comfort them.
Many members in the team liked him.

At least this person didn’t seem annoying, and even before that incident, Shen Yanming thought of Zhuo Minxing as a caring and considerate person.
He was originally a straight guy and didn’t have much opinion about gay people, but because he hadn’t come into contact with living gay individuals before, he was a little curious.
After getting to know Zhuo Minxing, he even thought that if all gay guys were as gentle as him, he wouldn’t mind if all the men in the world became gay.

But then later, he nearly became homophobic because of that incident.

Shen Yanming quickly interrupted Zhuo Minxing, “No, no, no, there’s no need for any liking… My wife will get jealous.”

The first half of Shen Yanming’s words was the truth, he couldn’t quite tolerate the admiration from this kind of person.
However, since the guy hadn’t done anything to offend him, and Pudding was present, he didn’t want to make it too awkward, so he reluctantly added the second half to downplay the situation.

Pudding widened his peach blossom eyes in rare astonishment, “Your wife???!”

“Hmm, is it strange that I have a wife?” Shen Yanming didn’t want to give Zhuo Minxing an opportunity to strike up a conversation with him, so he struggled to move his body to retrieve his phone from the table and opened his contact list.

Seeing that Zhuo Minxing still had a lot to say, Shen Yanming thought that if he made a call, this little gay guy would probably take the hint and move on, right?

There were quite a few straight male friends he has called “wife”, but most of them were in school, and they wouldn’t be able to talk to him now.

Shen Yanming scrolled through the contacts list, hesitated for a moment, and then opened the chat with He Changkong.

Back when he was young and ignorant, he had called He Changkong “wife” without knowing the truth…

Now it seemed that this “wife” was surprisingly okay with his teasing.

Should he make a call…? Yes, he should.
After going back, he wanted to talk to He Changkong about this matter.

He Changkong was the only person in this world who could listen to him talk about these things.

So, Shen Yanming forced a smile at Pudding and said, “You guys chat, I’ve been out for a while, and my wife must be worried, I’ll give him1The pronunciation of the character him (他:Tā) and her (她:Tā) is the same in china a call.” While saying this, he still didn’t give Zhuo Minxing a proper look.

Pudding: “???” When did this kid secretly start dating? Why didn’t he know?

Driven by curiosity, Pudding glanced at Shen Yanming’s phone screen again and saw that the person he was calling was unexpectedly He Changkong!

Pudding’s proud ability to manage facial expressions completely failed at this moment.
He looked like he was tasting a dish called “Green Peppers Stir-fried with Flies,” and then witnessing a human turning into a zombie before his eyes, followed by that zombie performing a quirky dance from a popular short video app.

His emotions were indescribably complex.

So, it turned out that what Meng Yan said before was true!!!

These two guys have something going on!

And moreover!

He Changkong is the wife!

Pudding: “Σ(っ°皿°;)っ!!!”

When He Changkong received the call, he was in the training room.
He wasn’t interested in having supper, so he returned to the base alone, and since there was nothing else to do, he decided to go to the training room of the second team to take a look.

When he arrived, Fish was livestreaming, he saw He Changkong coming over, and was surprised because He Changkong rarely visited their area.
So, he excitedly announced in the livestream that “Kong ge is here,” and the viewers encouraged He Changkong to come and play a game.
Fish also didn’t want to miss this opportunity and said, “Kong ge, teach me.”

He Changkong didn’t refuse and sat in Fish’s seat, it turned into a live demonstration of how to play a Holy Priest, and Fish acted as the commentator.
Other players who had nothing to do also gathered around to watch.

After finishing one game, everyone wasn’t satisfied, including Fish.
They clamored for He Changkong to play another one.

As they entered the game room and hadn’t selected characters yet, Shen Yanming’s call came in.

He Changkong’s phone was on the table, and Fish’s live stream camera was on, so viewers saw the incoming voice call notification from a profile picture of One Punch Man.

He Changkong’s note for this person was: Little Kid.

He Changkong swiped the phone over—instead of declining the call, he answered it.

After picking up, before he could say anything, he heard a coquettish voice saying, “Wife, what are you doing? I miss you so much, wife.”

The soft voice flowed through the earpiece and made him feel an inexplicable tickle, as if someone was gently tickling his heart with a feather.

Of course, he didn’t turn on the speaker, so no one else could hear these words.

He didn’t know why Shen Yanming suddenly called him and why he addressed him like this.
In the past, Shen Yanming used to call him like that on the internet, but that was when he didn’t know He Changkong’s real identity.

After they met in person, Shen Yanming would usually call him “ge” in normal circumstances, and when teasing, he either called him “mom” or used that strange tone to call him “Gege.”

In short, he hadn’t called him “wife” again after they met in person.

He Changkong responded, “I’m playing games.
What’s up?”

On the other end, Shen Yanming quickly said, “Oh, you’re playing games.
I won’t disturb you then.
I’ll hang up—”

“Wait,” since they were still in the character selection phase, He Changkong stood up and motioned for Fish to take his seat back.
He then spoke into the phone again, “It’s fine.
We haven’t started yet.”

Saying that, he nodded to the several other team members in the room and hurriedly left the training room.

As soon as He Changkong left, the barrage in Fish’s live stream exploded:

– Who was that just now??

– No way? Kong is in love?

– Damn, if I called my partner while they were playing games, they would tear me apart.

– You guys are so good at imagining things.
Maybe he just had something urgent to discuss.

– Didn’t you see the nickname? It’s ‘Little Kid,’ and did you hear how gentle Kong’s tone was? Wasn’t he known for being cold and distant??

– Maybe it really is a little kid, like a younger sibling or something.

– Come on, you know Kong has a bad relationship with his family.

– If it’s really love, isn’t it a bit too lovey-dovey? He left in the middle of the live stream.
I’m afraid his partner will distract him, and if that’s the case, I’ll become his lifelong hater.

– Are you crazy? This is Fish’s live stream, and the game hasn’t even started yet.
He probably asked Fish to come over quickly because there might be something urgent.

While talking, Fish had already selected his character and entered the game.
He had seen that profile picture earlier, which was Luanzi ge’s.
He felt that the netizens were overthinking it.
So, he chimed in, “Why are you all guessing so much? The person who called was our teammate… Now, watch my performance, even though I’m sure I won’t be as impressive as Kong ge…”

– He gave a teammate the nickname ‘Little Kid’? Which teammate?

– Ah, that profile picture seems like Luan Luanzi’s.
My friend’s friend has him as a contact, and I just confirmed it.

– These two really know how to tease each other, huh??

– Okay, okay, stop talking about it.
Let’s see how Yuzi plays next.

He Changkong also thought that Shen Yanming might have something urgent to discuss, and that’s why he called him and even addressed him as “wife” so unexpectedly.
But when he found a place without anyone else to continue the call, he realized that Shen Yanming seemed to have nothing important to say.
It was purely that he was bored and decided to call him.

And what he said was utterly meaningless.

Things like, “Wife, if I dye my hair and come back, will you still love me? Will you change your mind?”

It was very inappropriate and didn’t make much sense.

Normally, He Changkong would find this annoying.
Although the game hadn’t started and it was just a casual match for the audience’s entertainment, and he wasn’t even supposed to play in this match, so he could asked Fish to play instead.

If someone else called him like this, he would probably have wanted to play the game rather than listen to someone talk about meaningless things.

But for some reason, when he heard Shen Yanming saying these things, he didn’t feel impatient at all.

In fact, he was willing to listen to him say even more.

He Changkong asked, “What color did you dye it?”

He Changkong thought Shen Yanming might talk about his new hair color for a long time, but unexpectedly, after Shen Yanming said a few words, he abruptly said, “I’ll show you when I get back.
Let’s stop talking for now~”

He Changkong: “…”

This unpredictable and capricious little kid.
One moment, he was being intimate and saying things that might make a normal person blush, and the next moment, he firmly hung up the phone after saying not to talk anymore.

Actually, there was nothing wrong with it.
Maybe he was just bored after dyeing his hair and wanted someone to talk to.
But unfortunately, he wasn’t very good with words, making the conversation dull.

He Changkong sighed and put away his phone as he returned to their own training room.

Let’s just play some games.

Shen Yanming hung up the call because the pesky little gay guy finally left, probably sensing his rejection.

Besides, when he called He Changkong earlier, and heard that He Changkong was playing games, he felt like he was disturbing him, so he wanted to finish the call quickly and hang up.
Now that Zhuo Minxing was gone, Shen Yanming decided not to continue talking with He Changkong.

However, after hanging up, Shen Yanming noticed that Pudding’s face expression was constantly changing, and he felt a bit puzzled, so he asked, “Ding Ding jiang, what’s wrong?”

Pudding seemed hesitant in his words, “You and Kong jiang…”

At first, Shen Yanming didn’t understand what Pudding meant.
But after thinking it through, he realized that Pudding must have misunderstood something.

Seeing Pudding looking quite serious was quite funny, and looking at Pudding’s expression, he even forgot about the complicated feelings he had when he encountered Zhuo Minxing earlier.

Suppressing his laughter, Shen Yanming pretended to be serious and said, “If we’re brothers, you should keep secrets.
You know, it’s not easy being gay… Sigh, you wouldn’t look down on us, right?”

At this moment, Pudding was clearly in a state of confusion, and his words were all over the place, “Of course not, it’s just a bit surprising.
Well, not too surprising… but…”

Shen Yanming couldn’t hold back his laughter, and his face was almost deformed from suppressing it, “But?”

Pudding’s expression became even more indescribable, “It’s just… could it be that Kong ge is actually a 0?2“0” (受: Shòu) refers to the “submissive” or “bottom” role in the relationship.”

Shen Yanming finally couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.
After managing to calm down, he continued to make up nonsense, “How come? Don’t I look like a fierce 13“1” (攻: Gōng) refers to the “dominant” or “top” role in the relationship.? Let me tell you, I’m very impressive.
That night, I made him…”

Pudding turned pale in shock, “Don’t say it anymore! I don’t want to hear gay people sharing their love stories and details! Tony, I request to change seats to do my hair!!!”

Shen Yanming: “Hahahahaha.”

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1The pronunciation of the character him (他:Tā) and her (她:Tā) is the same in china2“0” (受: Shòu) refers to the “submissive” or “bottom” role in the relationship.3“1” (攻: Gōng) refers to the “dominant” or “top” role in the relationship.

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