If it weren’t for knowing that the opponent couldn’t see his perspective when using the in-game platform for live streaming, Shen Yanming would have thought that the Holy Priest was cheating.

The Holy Priest noticed Shen Yanming’s Wind Archer and jumped down from the tree.

Originally, Shen Yanming thought that with his picked-up items and increased level, if he came across a weak, helpless, and pitiful Holy Priest, he would give them a good beating.

But now he hesitated.

The Holy Priest had been squatting behind him all this time, not taking the opportunity to launch a surprise attack when he wasn’t paying attention.
What was he planning?

But when he saw that the Holy Priest was still at level 1… And if the Holy Priest had been squatting there the whole time, it meant they probably hadn’t had the chance to find any items.

Shen Yanming’s fingers tapped on the keyboard as he aimed at the Holy Priest, preparing to shoot an arrow.

Shen Yanming had predicted the Holy Priest’s movements in advance.
Under normal circumstances, this arrow would have pierced the opponent.
But the Holy Priest didn’t give Shen Yanming the chance, he moved swiftly and skillfully, easily dodging his skills by stepping aside.

Then the Holy Priest ran toward the edge of the grass, and Shen Yanming’s Wind Archer activated the sprint skill to catch up.

Another arrow.

Loneliness followed the shot.

The two of them seemed to be playing a game of hide-and-seek.
Every time Shen Yanming found an opportunity to strike, the Holy Priest easily avoided his skills.

This cycle repeated more than ten times, and Shen Yanming felt like a lost Samoyed dog.

The only person who could make him feel this way was Kong-Shen.

…Even though he was now maintaining his comedic live streamer persona of being both weak and reckless, he had hidden some of his true strength.

But he knew deep down that based on the performance in this match, the Holy Priest’s skill level was not low.
Even if he gave it his all, the two of them would likely be evenly matched.

Only two minutes left, and the match was about to end.

Shen Yanming’s competitive spirit had been ignited, and he tightened his grip on the mouse, his gaze fixed on the screen.

After observing the opponent’s evasive habits for so long, Shen Yanming had somewhat figured out their patterns.

He changed direction and shot his last arrow.

Unexpectedly, the Holy Priest anticipated his prediction and quickly rolled in the opposite direction, perfectly dodging it.

And when the roar of a monster sounded in his ears, Shen Yanming finally guessed the Holy Priest’s intention.

Earlier in the game, Shen Yanming had triggered three random events in this area that provided buffs consecutively.
The next one was likely to be a negative event.

The Holy Priest had been circling around just to lure him to the sleeping dragon that would go berserk due to player disturbance.

The Nanny’s damage output wasn’t enough, but they could use others to their advantage.

The terrain and weather in this area were complex.
Without dispelling the fog or lighting candles, it was difficult to move even a step.
Added to the fact that Shen Yanming, due to playing hide-and-seek with the Holy Priest for too long, had become a bit impatient, he hadn’t noticed the dragon here.

The audience had clearly also noticed the Nanny’s scheme.
From the moment the Holy Priest eluded the Wind Archer, the barrage of comments had been criticizing the Holy Priest.
Now, the audience’s emotions had reached their peak.

The giant dragon spewed a fireball in his direction.

Shen Yanming reacted quickly and rolled to the side.
At the same time, he noticed that the Holy Priest was chanting—probably casting an immobilization skill to pin him down and let the fireball roast him.

If he wanted to dodge, he still had a chance.

If he had encountered an ordinary player this time, he could have intentionally paused for a second or two, made some mistakes, and let the audience think he was frantically using skills due to being overwhelmed, only to luckily win the match.

But he wasn’t facing an ordinary nanny this time, and he had no idea who they were.
They could be a professional player.
If he really wanted to win, he couldn’t afford such pauses.

No pauses, no mistakes.
His gameplay had to be too perfect.
Even if the audience watching the livestream had average skills, they would notice something was off.

Shen Yanming wanted to win, but he didn’t want to “play well”.

He didn’t want to be discovered.

Shen Yanming pursed his lips and gave up struggling, speaking into the microphone, “Ah, alas, the merciless flames engulf me.
I’ve lost.”

[Stop Messing Around]: …

“Your playstyle is filled with traces of Kong,” Shen Yanming looked at the Holy Priest striking a victory pose on the screen and continued, “Wife, could it be that you’re Kong himself?”

Shen Yanming was just casually joking.
There were quite a few people learning Kong’s playstyle now, and he guessed this person might be a blind follower of Kong, at most a highly skilled one.
Among the current professional players, there were also many Kong fans.

[Stop Messing Around]: Yes, I am.

Shen Yanming didn’t expect to receive such a response.
He raised an eyebrow, “Really? How come there’s someone even more shameless than me? If you’re Kong, then I’m Nightmare.”

[Stop Messing Around]: …

Meng Yan, with the player ID “Nightmare”, also a world champion and an Assassin by profession, was sitting next to He Changkong, watching the match.
Caught off guard by this cue, he looked extremely confused.

He Changkong was about to respond with proof when he heard Shen Yanming say, “But it makes sense.
Our Kong-Shen can heal and fight, his skills are godlike.
He’s someone we can rely on in the team, bringing glory to the country when he goes abroad.
He’s handsome, not only good at games but also well-read.
Tell me, how many people wouldn’t like him or want to become him? I understand you… But your skills are still a little lacking compared to his.
Go back and practice harder.
You could be the next Kong!”

He Changkong: “…”

Meng Yan: “…”

He Changkong retracted the verification interface he was about to send.

He asked, “Do you really like Kong that much?”

Honestly, He Changkong had never heard Shen Yanming say such things in the previous life.
They didn’t have much contact, and every time Shen Yanming was in front of him, he acted like a quail.

Without hesitation, Shen Yanming replied, “Of Course!”

[Stop Messing Around]: How much do you like him?

Shen Yanming jokingly replied, “If I were a girl, I would ask if he sleeps with fans.”

[Stop Messing Around]: … Stop messing around.

He Changkong typed another line.

[Stop Messing Around]: If you like him so much, why didn’t you participate in the Water Friend Competition last time?

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1DPS class: characters in competitive video games who primarily focus on dealing damage to opponents2Squishiest Character: characters in a game who have the lowest health or defense, making them vulnerable and easily killed3Samoyed: a type of dog breed4noobs: The actual meaning is newbies or newcomers but it is used as a slang to refer to inexperienced or unskilled players5gather more heads: accumulate more kills6HP: Health Point7buffs: temporary enhancements or advantages given to a player, character, or team in a video game.
Can be increased damage output, improved defenses, faster movement speed, enhanced abilities, health regeneration, etc.

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