Shen Yanming held his breath and listened intently, with He Changkong behind him, remaining silent.

Lately, it seemed like they always accidentally stumbled upon these kinds of situations.

It sounded like Lan originally wanted to appease the two girls, repeatedly saying, “It’s really not like that, let me explain when I get back.” However, the other girl’s attitude was resolute, “Are you planning to block me once you get back? Song Lan, if you don’t explain everything clearly today, I’ll come to your base tomorrow and cause a scene.”

Shen Yanming glanced and recognized the girl as the one they had encountered at the hot pot restaurant earlier.

At the time, he thought she was a fanatical fan of Lan’s, but he didn’t expect that she was seeking him out because of a romantic entanglement.

Lan’s tone grew impatient, “The baby inside her isn’t mine at all, it’s none of my business, i’ve already said we shouldn’t see each other anymore, and now she’s trying to mess with me.
Sister, please, I have a match in a few days, can you not bother me?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Shen Yanming heard a loud slap.

It was probably the girl who claimed to have lost her baby who slapped him.
Accompanying the sound of the slap was the girl’s sobbing, “What are you saying… You were my first love, my only love…”

“Are you f*cking crazy? You dare to hit me?”

“Hey! What are you doing…”

Shen Yanming sensed something was wrong.
Initially, he had been eavesdropping from behind the wall, but upon hearing this, he couldn’t afford to think too much and quickly stepped forward.
He saw Lan reaching out, pinning the girl between himself and the wall, and his other hand seemed poised to strike.
Looking at the girl, she was probably too frightened to move, standing there frozen.

The other girl involved in this messy relationship turmoil was also caught off guard by the turn of events.
She had been fiercely determined earlier, insisting that without any explanation, she would cause a scene.
But now, she instinctively took a few steps back.

Shen Yanming didn’t know the whole truth behind the situation—who cheated on whom, or whose child it was—but regardless of the circumstances, hitting a girl was truly disgraceful.

Even if the girl had slapped him first, considering her gentle and delicate appearance, the slap might have sounded loud, but how much would he have actually felt it on his face?

Could it be compared to a punch from an adult man?

Shen Yanming grabbed Lan’s shoulder and pulled him away from the girl.
Lan probably didn’t expect anyone else to be present, but at this moment, he couldn’t spare any thoughts.
He was just furious, “Who the hell are you?”

Before Shen Yanming could answer, He Changkong spoke first, “Song Lan, do you want to be banned?”

He Changkong hadn’t reacted earlier when Shen Yanming went out to intervene, but now he hurriedly followed suit.

Both of them were filled with anger, and He Changkong was worried that they might start fighting in the next second.

He grabbed Shen Yanming’s wrist and brought him closer, then gently patted the boy’s head, softening his tone, “You go back and give the medicine to Meng Yan.
I’ll handle this.”

Shen Yanming looked around hesitantly, “But…”

He Changkong pushed him forward, “Listen to me.”

He Changkong’s voice was soft, but his tone brooked no argument.

Seeing that Shen Yanming was still standing there without any intention of moving, He Changkong sighed helplessly, “Do you want Meng Yan to suffer from stomach pain? Go back.”

Shen Yanming: “…”

Lan, who was previously brash and impolite, seemed to calm down quite a bit after He Changkong’s words.
He stood there with a stern face, arms crossed, but didn’t make any further moves.

Shen Yanming thought to himself that it was true, Meng Yan was still waiting for his medicine.

“Then I’ll go back now.” Shen Yanming took the medicine and left, but he still felt uneasy.
Although the situation seemed calm for the moment, who knew if another storm would erupt later?

Shen Yanming kept looking back every few steps until he couldn’t see clearly anymore, then he started running.

He was no stranger to scenes like this.

He had witnessed even more infuriating instances of domestic violence.

Shen Yanming had a gay friend in the past.
At first, the friend was his fan, often came to watch his matches, and they gradually became friends.
This little gay friend was soft-spoken and had a gentle demeanor, even gentler than a girl.
He would often shower Shen Yanming with countless compliments, and occasionally bring him freshly baked cookies.

He was truly gentle and accommodating, someone who made people feel warm.
Later, he secretly got together with another player in the Throne’s circle named Moonlight.
Their love was sweet and affectionate.
Shen Yanming, as one of the few people who knew about it, had sincerely offered his blessings.

However, this sweetness didn’t last long.
Shen Yanming was the first to notice that something was amiss.
Initially, this little gay friend always had a shy smile on his face, but later on, he rarely smiled when they occasionally met, and he started having inexplicable injuries on his body.
Shen Yanming couldn’t get any answers no matter how much he asked.
Then, one day, behind a street filled with bars, Shen Yanming stumbled upon a scene where Moonlight, reeking of alcohol, pulling the little gay guy’s hair and slamming his head against the wall, while spewing vulgar and obscene words.

Shen Yanming couldn’t be bothered to think about what happened afterwards.

He stepped in to help, only to be stabbed in the back.
Worried that this incident would affect Moonlight’s professional career if it was exposed, the love-struck little gay friend preemptively started a public opinion war online, turning the tables on Shen Yanming, claiming that he had inexplicably assaulted him.

Of course, Shen Yanming did have a chance to defend himself, but at the time, too many factors piled up against him, making it impossible for him to shake off the accusation.

He had actually thought that if he ever encountered a similar situation again, he wouldn’t bother getting involved.
He didn’t want to get mixed up in such a messy situation again.

But in that moment, his instinct outweighed rational thought, and he still stepped in.

Perhaps people tend to remember the kindness, but forget the harm.

If it weren’t for He Changkong driving him away, if Lan had said a few more infuriating words, he might have ended up in a conflict with him.

Thank you, Kong ge.
He had lost count of how many times he had to thank him these past few days.

However, what Shen Yanming didn’t expect was that Lan would turn out to be the person at the center of this emotional whirlpool, despite usually appearing as a gentleman.

Moreover, Shen Yanming remembered that in the previous life, Lan didn’t have any notorious scandals.
The only thing that made him slightly uncomfortable was Lan occasionally making sarcastic comments about his former team, TMM… but that was within his acceptable range.
It just made Lan seem a bit lacking in emotional intelligence, not someone with character issues.

So how did things end up like this now?

Shen Yanming ran back to the hot pot restaurant, and when he returned to the private room, Meng Yan was having porridge.
Seeing Shen Yanming come back, Meng Yan smiled and said, “I told you there was no need to buy it.
My stomachache went away after a while.”

Then Meng Yan noticed something was off and asked, “Where’s Kong ge?”

Shen Yanming hesitated for a moment, but then he thought that Lan was originally a member of TMM, it was reasonable to inform them, so he explained everything in detail.

After hearing Shen Yanming’s account, Meng Yan and Fish were stunned, but Pudding didn’t show much surprise.
He sighed and fished out a slice of beef tripe from the hot pot, saying, “I warned him that he would end up like this sooner or later, but he didn’t listen.”

Shen Yanming asked, “…So, he really is a scumbag?”

“Since you all know now, I don’t need to hide it,” Pudding paused and continued, “He started achieving results, gaining fame, and his ego inflated.
I accidentally found out that he had relationships with several fans, but it was consensual.
I advised him a few times, but there’s nothing else I could do.”

Meng Yan caught onto a crucial point, “When did you realize that he was sleeping around with fans?”

Pudding pondered for a moment, “It’s been a few months…I guess…”

Meng Yan slapped his thigh, “Damn, that’s why he started ignoring us around that time?”

Pudding added, “Yeah… Maybe because I was quite harsh when I confronted him.
He might have thought that since I had a good relationship with you, you must also look down on him behind his back.
Although Kong didn’t join our small group activities before, given his personality, he definitely wouldn’t tolerate this kind of thing.
But honestly, I didn’t tell anyone else.
Later, I thought Lan had become more well-behaved and believed he had changed, but damn, he just got worse.”

Well, sleeping with fans, to put it nicely, is a consensual solution to fulfilling certain physiological needs.
To put it bluntly, it can also be seen as using one’s status and fame to seduce fans into having relationships.
But generally, it’s a matter of mutual consent and doesn’t really affect others, so it’s hard to say much about it.
However, based on Shen Yanming’s description, Lan’s current behavior has crossed the line into toying with emotions.
He even made a girl have an abortion for him and seemingly tried to shift the blame onto her.

What kind of person is he?

Fish also had a collapsed worldview.
Although he had heard about such things happening in the industry, he always believed that their team was a clean and upright team, but now…

The others were still indignant, but Shen Yanming felt anxious and didn’t have the mood to continue discussing with them.
After briefing them on the situation and giving the medicine to Meng Yan, who was no longer in pain, he said, “I’m going to find Kong ge.”

Meng Yan pulled himself out of the previous topic and watched Shen Yanming’s hurried figure and commented, “He cares so much about his Kong ge.
It’s really great, a match made in heaven, a perfect couple.”

Pudding sensed that something was off, “You’re so nosy.
Lately, you’ve been meddling with Kong Jiang and Luan Jiang’s affair, just like those annoying people from our school days who were always causing trouble for no reason.”

Meng Yan was dissatisfied, “No, Ding ding jiang , can’t you say something nice? And this isn’t meddling.
I don’t know much about Luan luanzi, but have you ever seen Kong jiang care so much about someone else? I suspect that Luan luanzi has cast a spell on him.
Just take eating hot pot, he used to have to be asked three or four times to come out, but now, when Luanzi ge says ‘I want to eat hot pot,’ he’s more eager than anyone.”

Pudding had an epiphany, “Damn, you’re right.”

Fish asked in confusion, “What??? Weren’t we just talking about Lan’s drama? What are you guys talking about now?”

Meng Yan and Pudding said in unison, “Adults are talking, children shouldn’t interrupt.”

Fish: “…”

Shen Yanming retraced his steps back, but he didn’t find anyone when he returned, so he called He Changkong.

He Changkong answered quickly, “Don’t worry, I just sent two girls off in a taxi.
I’m on my way back to find you now.”

“I’ll come down, where are you?” Shen Yanming asked, a hint of anxiety in his voice.
“That Lan… didn’t do anything to you, right?”

He was still worried about He Changkong.
Lan seemed emotionally unstable earlier, and he didn’t know what He Changkong meant by handling the situation.
If he reported it directly to the higher-ups, would Lan go crazy?

He Changkong’s laughter came through the phone, “…What can he do to me?”

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