At the end of the day, this was still a team-based game.
Some strategies might work in theory and sound feasible in imagination, but if the coordination fell short, even the most impressive moves would remain confined to the realm of “theory” and “imagination.”

However, it wasn’t a big problem.
Currently, the advantage was on TMM’s side.
Their other two teammates had found the crown, and it seemed that the opponents hadn’t discovered it yet.

If Shen Yanming and Fish could eliminate Mark, who was currently targeting the crown, along with his accompanying Nanny, it would be a huge advantage.
With only two opponents remaining, the crown would firmly remain in the hands of Shen Yanming’s team.

This small goal wasn’t necessarily difficult, but it also wasn’t easy either.
People at their level of play didn’t have the concept of crushing one another.
Sometimes, the outcome of a match depended on the tiniest of differences.

Shen Yanming wanted to give it a try.

He alone might not be enough, but if Nanny’s support could keep up, there was a great chance of success.

Shen Yanming glanced hurriedly at Fish and thought, I forgive you for your earlier poor performance.
This time, you must deliver!

Once his health had recovered, Shen Yanming charged forward.
In previous ranked games, they hadn’t communicated much, but this time, having learned from past mistakes, Shen Yanming gave a brief instruction, “Let’s target the enemy Nanny.
I’ll interrupt their casting, and you follow up with crowd control…”

Fish replied, “Alright, I’ll give it a try.”

However, the result was that Fish failed to follow up after the first skill, and the enemy Nanny dodged the attack.
Due to the lack of cover near Fish’s Holy Priest, the Light Hunter directly hit him.
After being hooked, Fish lost a significant amount of health.

In this game, the Nanny shouldn’t die first because, unless it was a team wipe, only the Nanny had the ability to revive teammates.

Shen Yanming continued, “I’ll tank for you.
Go around to the back and take a moment to heal yourself.

Shen Yanming continued to take damage while also chipping away at the opponents’ health.
However, in order to buy more time for Fish, he sacrificed himself.

As Little White Wolf fell, the commentator expressed a hint of regret, “Luanzi ge was too reckless in this move.
If they had a more aggressive healer, the outcome might have been different.
However, Fish’s style is generally more cautious, and it seems that he lost his rhythm while trying to keep up with White Wolf.”

Since tonight’s match was more of an exhibition, the players were on stage rather than in the usual backstage player room.
Despite wearing headphones, the commentator’s voice could still be heard clearly.

Shen Yanming’s character died, and Fish was hurriedly retreating, so there was no opportunity to revive him at the moment.
This gave Shen Yanming a moment to think.
Fish’s style was cautious?

He hadn’t watched Fish’s matches or livestreams, but based on their usual experience playing together, Fish’s style usually depended on the team’s preference, and he was adept at both aggression and defense.

Shen Yanming hadn’t encountered many healers like Fish.
Kong was one, and Fish used to be one as well.
But now the commentator was saying that Fish had a cautious style?

Shen Yanming’s sense of dissonance grew stronger, but now wasn’t the time to dwell on these thoughts.

He focused intently on the screen, observing the situation of the other players.
He happened to see Fish’s character being cornered by the opponents while desperately evading, and soon, Fish also fell.

Fish immediately apologized, “I’m sorry, Luanzi ge.
I couldn’t keep up.”

In fact, it wasn’t Fish’s fault.
Shen Yanming shook his head and said, “It’s not your fault.
I didn’t communicate with you properly beforehand.
It’s on me.”

Shen Yanming switched to the perspective of his other teammates.

Their other two teammates, who had been sneakily holding the crown, were discovered halfway through.
The opponents surrounded them, and the battle became intense.

Everyone’s expressions weren’t great.
Shen Yanming felt anxious and wanted to suggest that the mage retreat to the side or rear.
However, just as he was about to speak up, he swallowed his words.

In reality, they wouldn’t have ended up in this 2v4 situation so quickly if it weren’t for Shen Yanming’s impulsiveness.
Whether from the tone of the commentator, the sighs of the audience, or the expressions of his teammates, it was clear that most people believed that their current predicament was due to Shen Yanming’s recklessness.

Of course, no one would blame him.
They all thought of him as a slightly more skilled streamer, playing alongside true high-level professional players.
It was understandable that he felt pressure and had flaws in his gameplay.

But precisely because of that, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to give more opinions at this moment.

—A streamer, especially a streamer who got himself killed while leaving his teammates to clean up the mess.
What right did he have to say anything else?

Shen Yanming pursed his lips.

He knew he shouldn’t be distracted by other things on the battlefield.

But he couldn’t help but recall those voices he had heard before.

“Wild is so selfish, he doesn’t care whether his teammates can keep up or not…”

“This kind of player really isn’t suitable for team play, at least not in this team.”

“His fanatics always say he can take on three opponents alone.
Since he can play as three people, why not let him form his own team?”

“If there’s a 1v1 tournament for the Blood Throne, Wild might have a chance to win some trophies.”

So noisy.

These voices were like densely packed needles, pricking Shen Yanming’s heart one after another, making it hard for him to breathe.

Meanwhile, the two remaining teammates, who were fighting against the opponents, finally succumbed to the relentless bombardment, and were eliminated.

They all waited for the countdown to revive together.

Although the outcome of the battle was still uncertain, a team wipe made it difficult for them to turn the tide.

After all, the opponents were already very close to the throne.
Even rushing over from the respawn point might not be enough to intercept them.

In fact, for a Water Friend Competition like this, they anticipated such a situation.
The members of TMM’s second team were all good-natured kids.
Seeing Shen Yanming’s pale face, the mage next to him patted him on the shoulder and said, “Luanzi ge, think about it, we’re not at a loss here.
Who is Mark Shen? He’s already a legendary figure! The fact that we could face him is already a win…”

Shen Yanming smiled and replied, “I’m fine.”

During the countdown to revive—3, 2, 1—Shen Yanming immediately activated his sprint and headed straight towards the opponents who were transporting the crown.
He wasted not a single moment.

He said, “It’s not over yet.”

When he was trapped by those voices and turned into a helpless cocoon, he heard He Changkong’s words before going on stage, “Play well.”

If it were Kong… he probably wouldn’t give up, right?

And so, he broke out of the cocoon.

As for what would happen next, that could be discussed later.
In this match, since he was already here, regardless of winning or losing, he would fight until the end.

Of course, Shen Yanming wasn’t blindly rushing forward.
He picked up a stealth item but didn’t use it.
When he caught up with the enemy, he didn’t make any sudden moves.
He crouched on a nearby tree, maintaining a parallel distance from the team carrying the crown.

Taking advantage of the tank’s inattentiveness, he quietly placed a trap in front of him.

It was the kind of trap that could temporarily immobilize a character, preventing them from moving.

Although he was reckless, he was also a fanatic item collector.

Shen Yanming’s Little White Wolf leaped down, and the players on the opposing side reacted quickly.
They unleashed their skills on him as if they were free… but he dodged skillfully and withstood their assault.
He even left two opponents in a near-death state.

Shen Yanming managed to stall for about three seconds, which was enough for his other teammates to catch up.

Perhaps infected by his spirit, or maybe because they thought that if they didn’t go all out now, they wouldn’t get another chance, the members of TMM were eager to try.

The Mage from TMM’s second team said, “I’ll distract Mark and expose his vulnerability.
If I die, Yuzi, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Fish added, “I’ll save up the damage buffs for you.”

With everyone’s cooperation, the situation on the battlefield reversed.

The voice of the live commentator became excited, “Mark’s vulnerability has been exposed, but the healer quickly shielded him… Luanzi ge took down the Mage amidst the chaos, and he unleashed his ultimate move… Impossible! His darts actually hit three targets at the same time! Is this just a coincidence?…”

It’s difficult to control the trajectory of a dart, especially when the opponents are not wooden targets who don’t know how to position themselves.

Shen Yanming hit three of them with a single throw!

Although he didn’t take anyone out with that move, it clearly disrupted the opponents’ rhythm.

XXL’s tank, evidently not giving up yet, took a detour with the crown and hid in the bushes, hoping to secretly place the crown while the team fight was in chaos.

He walked a few steps and didn’t see anyone chasing after him, seemingly relieved.

While carrying the crown, his movement speed was slower than usual, but as long as he persisted a little longer, he would reach the throne.

The dawn of victory seemed within reach.

However, as he emerged from the bushes, he ran straight into the swaying Little White Wolf.

Shen Yanming snorted, “I’ve been squatting here waiting for you.

The tank was confused and turned to his teammates, “When did he break away from the team fight? Didn’t you see?”

In this game, the ultimate goal is not to kill but to return the crown to its rightful place.

Therefore, Shen Yanming didn’t plan to kill the opponent at this final moment.
The opponent had high HP, and he might not be able to kill them anyway.

He only used his skills to force the opponent into a combat state—while in combat, they couldn’t hold the crown.

He calculated the timing, induced the tank to use up all their skills and enter cooldown, and swiftly picked up the crown before the others arrived.
The whole process happened so quickly that it was almost imperceptible.

Thanks to the tank’s help, Shen Yanming was now just one step away from the crown.

When the others finally arrived, what they saw was the scene of the White Wolf placing the crown on the throne.

The victorious sound effects and the cheering of the live audience resounded simultaneously in that moment.

Shen Yanming raised the corners of his mouth, tilted his head back, and extended both hands to the side, high-fiving his teammates.

As a lucky audience member who was randomly chosen and ended up carrying the whole game, Shen Yanming was undoubtedly praised by everyone in turn.
But when the commentators asked how he managed the play from earlier, Shen Yanming didn’t forget his character and humbly said, “I can’t do it.
That hitting three people with one throw was purely a coincidence.
If you ask me how I did it, I can’t really say.
Maybe it was just luck.
I’m different from those who play the game seriously and professionally.”

Even after saying that, Shen Yanming emphasized, “Didn’t you see how miserably I died at the beginning? Sigh, that’s the difference between me and the professional players.”

Although I actually can do it, please don’t think I’m amazing… Shen Yanming thought to himself.

Not wanting the conversation to linger on himself, after finishing his previous statement, Shen Yanming turned to Mark, who was standing on the other side, and exaggeratedly said, “Mark ge is really amazing.
I didn’t expect you to still be so strong after disappearing for a few years.
Seriously, you are the person I admire the most.
Can you teach me? We can even have online classes.
I won’t secretly record them and sell pirated versions.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Fish also laughed and playfully patted Shen Yanming on the shoulder, teasingly asking, “Brother, which player are you really supporting? If Kong ge, Mark, and Zhang Xixi all fell into the water, who would you save?”

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