Luanzi ge, as a person, it might be a bit exaggerated to say that he had become famous in the esports circle, but recently, anyone who was following the updates related to “Return to the Throne” would undoubtedly know about him.

Therefore, when Fish mentioned the ID “I’m Messing Around Again,” not only did the audience at the venue start searching for Luanzi ge’s real identity, but even those who couldn’t attend the event and were watching the competition through the livestream were curious beyond measure.

Amidst all the attention, Shen Yanming slowly ascended the stairs next to the stage.

His heart was still filled with the excitement of being encouraged by his idol to “play well,” and his posture was somewhat unnatural.
It wasn’t until the camera was once again pointed at his face that he snapped out of it.

Finally, the audience could see his face clearly.

He looked somewhat familiar… Damn, wasn’t he the Sea King who tried to lure Kong Shen and Zhang Xixi into his territory for a swim!

This is actually Luanzi ge?!

Before seeing the person in real life, many people assumed that Luan Luanzi would have a face with the word “debt” written on his left cheek and “beating” on his right.

But as it turned out, Luanzi ge was somewhat pleasing to the eye… Men thought he was slightly handsome, while girls felt a rush of blood to their heads.

It just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Some people may appear youthful, beautiful, and handsome on the surface, but behind the scenes, they may have opened a livestreaming room and constantly utter phrases like “A thousand rivers and mountains are always love, just give me a sip of milk.”1A thousand rivers and mountains are but idle things, just give me a sip of milk.”: “万水千山总是情,奶我一口行不行” (Wànshuǐqiānshān zǒng shì qíng, nǎi wǒ yīkǒu háng bùxíng) the original idioms was “万水千山只等闲” (wàn shuǐ qiān shān zhǐ děng xián), which means “a thousand rivers and mountains are but idle things” or “journeys over thousands of miles are nothing to me.” It is used to express the idea of being fearless or undeterred by difficulties or obstacles.
The one used is a modified version that convey something like the love for the game is everlasting, just give me some healing.

If the level of surprise could be measured like the spiciness levels of a hotpot—mild, medium, and extra spicy—the audience in the venue probably only felt it as medium—stimulating but still within an acceptable range.

However, for the classmates who were thousands of kilometers away, secretly watching the livestream while their teachers attended a meeting, had a completely different experience.

The impact they felt was like eating an insanely spicy and numbing hotpot.

On this day, during the quiet evening self-study session of senior students on the third floor of Class 13, a chorus of howls filled with complex emotions echoed from the boys’ restroom.
It wasn’t the cry of a single person but rather several individuals howling together.

The students who were studying glanced out the window.
It wasn’t a full moon night, so why did it sound like a pack of werewolves was crying and howling?

It wasn’t werewolves, though.
It was just the boys in the restroom, angrily and fearfully shouting, “How could Luanzi ge be Shen Yanming!!!”

“I used to call Luanzi ge a drama queen.”

“I’ve even called Luanzi ge a dumbass in front of Yan…”

The boys collectively buried their heads in their hands.”Who the hell is Shen Yanming? How could he smile and listen to us badmouthing him—”

Of course, Shen Yanming, who was far away at the venue in Haicheng, had no idea about all of this.

He simply stood on the stage in a daze, as the female commentator from earlier asked again, “Are you really Luan Luanzi? Really? I don’t believe it.”

Shen Yanming scratched his head.
“…Yes, really.”

As usual, it was a simple pre-match interview.
After going through this process, Shen Yanming took the place of the former assassin for TMM’s second team.
When the team members left, he took the opportunity to make plans with them for a practice session when they had free time.
Shen Yanming nodded repeatedly, “Definitely, definitely.”

Although the original team member had left, Shen Yanming sitting among the TMM team felt perfectly natural.
He had worn the TMM team uniform today just to create a sense of ceremony and visually show his support for the team.
Unexpectedly, it turned out to be useful at this moment, making this temporary team with an additional member appear particularly harmonious.

After shaking hands, the players from both teams took their seats and started selecting their characters for the game.

Before coming up, Shen Yanming had planned to play casually, but just before going on stage, He Changkong encouraged him, and the current atmosphere in the venue coincidentally overlapped with his memories from a past life.
From the depths of his heart, a sense of familiarity arose.

He thought he would never sit in a competitive arena like this again, never see his teammates sitting beside him, fully focused on the screen, or hear the cheers from the sports arena seemingly distant yet close.

—Even though this was just an informal Water Friend Competition.

However, this sense of familiarity didn’t last long, and he quickly snapped out of it.

Let’s just focus on playing well, as opportunities to sit on a stage in front of a crowd of thousands may not come again.
Shen Yanming thought to himself.

The temporary teammates discussed what lineup they should choose.
The second team itself was still exploring different strategies and hadn’t formed a solid core playstyle yet.
Additionally, they had recently changed a member, so how to play in the upcoming match was indeed a problem.

Shen Yanming glanced at Fish and said to the others, “Is it okay if Fish and I team up?”

“Then the core will be the assassins?”

Shen Yanming nodded.

It’s not that he insisted on being the core, but he felt that he hadn’t played much with the other teammates here.
He was only familiar with Fish, and they had played many matches together before, so they had no problem with their coordination.

The rest of the team gave their approval, and everyone selected their characters.

Shen Yanming still chose White Wolf and, at the start of the game, headed to one of the crown respawn points with Fish’s Holy Priest.
Two opponents also arrived there, Mark, the Light Hunter, and their healer.

They had arrived at the wrong respawn point, so they couldn’t find the crown, but that didn’t stop the two teams from clashing.

Mark made the first move, using his first skill.

The Light Hunter was likely designed based on the image of a powerful horseman.
At this moment, he held a glowing whip in his hand and said, “No prey can escape from the palm of my hand,” while swinging the whip towards White Wolf.

The damage inflicted by this whip wasn’t high, but if it hit, it had a special effect of binding the target and dragging them closer, similar to a hook.

Mark was indeed a former champion.
Although he hadn’t appeared in the public eye in the past two years, he must have continued practicing privately, and his skills hadn’t deteriorated much.
The White Wolf, controlled by Shen Yanming, deviated slightly from its position, and that allowed the Light Hunter to hit him.
With a swish, he was dragged closer, face-to-face with the hunter.

A commotion erupted.

“Mark is still as amazing as ever…Wait, what? Luanzi ge got caught so quickly?”

“Luanzi ge gave away his position from the beginning…”

“I told you, no matter how good the streamer is, they can’t compare to the truly incredible gods.”

“Well, it’s normal.
Let’s see how he performs later.”

“Mark, the eternal god!”

Shen Yanming couldn’t hear these voices, and he felt quite pleased after being caught.
In his heart, he thought, “Yeah, the opponent fell into my trap!”

He intentionally moved slightly off position just to be pulled over.

When the White Wolf was pulled over, it would be stunned for a few seconds.
During this time, Mark took the opportunity to start unleashing his damage, causing a significant drop in the White Wolf’s health.
The opponent’s Nanny was not to be underestimated either.
Seizing this chance, he started casting an imprisonment skill, attempting to make the White Wolf stand still and only be subjected to attacks.

If these two coordinated seamlessly, the White Wolf might indeed be continuously controlled and unable to move.
However, Shen Yanming had already calculated everything.
The Nanny’s reaction speed was slightly slower, and when the healer had about 0.5 seconds left in their casting time, the stun effect would be lifted.
As long as he reacted was fast enough, he could avoid the healer’s spell range and start attacking the hunter.

Why did he insist on letting the Hunter pull him over? It was because the Hunter would enter a weakened state after executing a full combo, receiving more damage than usual.
At this moment, bursting the Hunter would be even more effective than usual.

Furthermore, the Hunter’s skills were still on cooldown, so for a short period, he could only rely on basic attacks.
The Nanny’s skill would also have a short time where he couldn’t control again.
Therefore, if they succeeded in this move, it would truly be satisfying.

With the help of the burst potion, the attack bonus buff obtained from picking up items, the buff and shield stacked by our Nanny, and various other bonuses, it was even possible to take down the Hunter in one go.

On the other hand, if the Hunter failed to successfully pull someone, the weakened state would not be triggered after executing the entire combo.

This was the risk taken in the pursuit of wealth.

Shen Yanming dared to be so reckless mainly because he trusted the Nanny following him.

He and Fish—the player with the alternate ID [My Milk’s Not Working]—had cooperated in many battles before.
They never used voice chat, and hardly needed to exchange words, yet he always understood his intentions.

Shen Yanming had jokingly said that they were destined by fate, and their tacit understanding was innate.

He thought it would be the same this time.

Fish’s reaction was indeed quick.

However, to Shen Yanming’s surprise, Fish promptly provided him with a rescue.

Rescue was a common skill for healers.
It instantly pulled a teammate to the healer’s safe zone when they were in danger.

Just as Shen Yanming was ready to show off, he was suddenly pulled back, leaving him utterly bewildered.

The commentator clearly didn’t understand Shen Yanming’s intentions.
Now, seeing Fish’s actions, they praised, “The Nanny on the TMM side is amazing! The saves are timely, otherwise, Mark would have gotten the first kill.”

Shen Yanming frowned.

No, that’s not right.

But he didn’t have time to think about it.
He saw that the Hunter’s weakened state was about to end, so he activated a sprint and dashed back.
His eyes were glued to the screen as he shouted, “Shield, and damage boost, quickly!”

Fish exclaimed, “Damn, Luanzi ge, are you always this reckless?”

There was still a chance.

Shen Yanming used a burst potion and started throwing darts at the hunter while also also urging, “Hurry, hurry, hurry…”

The shield and damage boost buffs were successfully applied, but the Hunter’s weakened state was already halfway over, and with his increased vigilance, it wasn’t that easy to get close.

Nevertheless, Shen Yanming swiftly dashed past the Hunter, feinted an attack, circled around to his back, exploiting the blind spot from the Hunter’s yet-to-turn camera angle.
He quickly unleashed a few skills, significantly reducing the Hunter’s health.

Taking him down in one go was impossible.
The situation on the battlefield could change drastically in a split second.

Fortunately, they managed to inflict significant damage on the opponent, buying time and gaining an advantage for the teammate who had already found the crown.

The commentator was also thrilled, “Although Luanzi ge was initially caught, his counter-kill in this wave is impressive.
His positioning was so fast that I thought the screen was lagging…”

Shen Yanming clicked his tongue, thinking to himself, I could have looked even cooler!

If it weren’t for the ongoing match, he would have howled in frustration.

What’s going on with Fish? What happened to their tacit understanding? Has it vanished with the wind?

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1A thousand rivers and mountains are but idle things, just give me a sip of milk.”: “万水千山总是情,奶我一口行不行” (Wànshuǐqiānshān zǒng shì qíng, nǎi wǒ yīkǒu háng bùxíng) the original idioms was “万水千山只等闲” (wàn shuǐ qiān shān zhǐ děng xián), which means “a thousand rivers and mountains are but idle things” or “journeys over thousands of miles are nothing to me.” It is used to express the idea of being fearless or undeterred by difficulties or obstacles.
The one used is a modified version that convey something like the love for the game is everlasting, just give me some healing.

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