Meng Yan’s heart leapt to his throat.

Through his careful reasoning, he estimated that He Changkong had fallen in love for the first time and was feeling sour about it.
Not only was he sour, but he was also being petty, taking revenge on others in the game.

And now, he’s even bringing up swimming! Meng Yan heard it too—the classic question Luanzi was asked earlier about who to save first if they fell into the water!

In the past, He Changkong rarely gave interviews within the team.
Even if he was prompted, he would at most squeeze out a few words that were as good as not saying anything.

Meng Yan understood him.
He knew that He Changkong wasn’t what others described as noble, cold, and indifferent to people.
It was just that he wasn’t good at handling these situations.

But unexpectedly, he responded this time!

Meng Yan’s current mood was like riding a roller coaster.
He was afraid that He Changkong would say something outrageous!

He felt anxious inside, but on the surface, he could only lightly nudge He Changkong with his elbow.

He Changkong glanced at Meng Yan from the corner of his eye, his expression unchanged, and continued, “The special effect of the Blood Demon… is swimming in blood.”

The commentator was at a loss for words, holding the microphone, and everyone else fell into silence.
It was Pudding, who was pale with fear, that finally broke the silence, “Kong Jiang1Kong Jiang: “空酱 “(Kōng jiàng), it is a nickname, a playful and informal way of addressing or referring to him.
In this context, Pudding is jokingly questioning how He Changkong has also learned to tell cold jokes., when did you learn to tell cold jokes?”

Only Meng Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

The commentator pressed on, “Then may I ask why you all decided to make Kong the main damage dealer for this match?”

Meng Yan quickly answered, “To win by surprise.”

Zhang Xixi, who had been relentlessly targeted throughout the match, had a dejected look on his face and asked, “Kong ge, can you explain why you had to go after me? Can’t you attack my teammates? Don’t my teammates look like they deserve to be beaten up?”

Other XXL members: “?”

He Changkong was about to speak when Meng Yan once again preempted him, “Taking them down one by one.
We have to kill you first before dealing with the rest.”

Everyone suddenly realized, truly living up to the name of TMM.
Even in an entertainment exhibition match, they had tactics.

He Changkong: “…”

He Changkong noticed Meng Yan’s nervousness and could roughly imagine what was going through Meng Yan’s mind.

He didn’t know why Meng Yan had such a vivid imagination.
Whatever he did, as long as it had something to do with Shen Yanming, Meng Yan would think it was some kind of affectionate act.

In the previous match, he did target Zhang Xixi, that’s for sure.

If he had to explain, it was also because of Shen Yanming.

But it had nothing to do with what Meng Yan had speculated.

He Changkong wasn’t sure if it was the butterfly effect caused by his rebirth, but in this lifetime, Shen Yanming had yet to sign with any club.
Judging from the current situation, it was highly unlikely that he would go back to CTG, but he also didn’t want to come to TMM.
He had been unable to understand this issue for a while, but now, encountering Zhang Xixi, he vaguely understood.

In the previous life, Zhang Xixi and Shen Yanming had a close relationship that was widely known in the industry.
It was said that if you searched for their CP on Lofter2Lofter is a popular Chinese blogging platform where users can create and share various types of content, including blog posts, photos, artwork, and discussions., you would find tens of thousands of related content.

He Changkong wasn’t sure how they became such good friends, but now it seemed that they had known each other for a long time.

Perhaps Shen Yanming didn’t want to join TMM because he wanted to be in the same team as his good friend?

The question the host had asked earlier, He Changkong actually wanted to ask Shen Yanming as well: If your favorite idol and your good buddy are trying to recruit you into their teams.
Which team would you choose?

Driven by a slight sense of competitiveness, he really wanted to challenge Zhang Xixi and show Shen Yanming who was better.

After all, it was an exhibition match, and unexpected actions would be more popular with the audience.

The other players on stage started discussing other topics.
They first summarized the seemingly entertaining but highly intense exhibition match, extracting several highlight moments for detailed analysis.
Then they talked about their future prospects and made some cliché remarks.
Finally, the players from both teams stepped down from the stage, and the commentator began introducing the next segment.

Listening to this from below, Shen Yanming finally felt like a weight was lifted off his heart.

He was shocked when he heard He Changkong mention swimming earlier, but after Meng Yan explained it, he realized he had overthought it.

He had mixed feelings, feeling both relieved and slightly embarrassed for assuming too much.
Additionally, there was a subtle sense of inexplicable disappointment.

However, he didn’t dwell on these emotions for long because the next segment quickly caught his attention.

It was a Water Friend Competition, where the two second teams played against each other with the participation of the audience.

It was widely known that the second teams of TMM and XXL were also full of talents.
These two teams had many skilled players, but limited opportunities to play.
Many players who hadn’t become members of the main team yet had been bought by other teams, and later shone brightly in their new teams.
As a result, these two second teams were jokingly referred to as the cradle of stars in the championship league.

Despite being the second team, they were still worth watching.

With the addition of the Water Friend Competition, it added more excitement to the competition and tested the ability of these young and inexperienced players in handling unexpected situations.

Despite being called a Water Friend Competition, many high-ranking players and streamers were present to watch the match.

In short, the entertainment value of this segment was undeniably high.

Shen Yanming made a motion as if impatiently waiting for food, eagerly waiting for the players on stage to draw lucky audience members.

On the XXL side, the captain of the second team randomly read out a seat number, and a young man who was called stood up.
The camera focused on his face as he removed a mask that covered almost two-thirds of his face.
When the audience saw his face, they erupted in excitement.

— It happened to be Mark, a retired player from two years ago.
The team he was in had achieved the highest domestic ranking and second place globally.
He himself had won the MVP title numerous times.

For the past two years, Mark had focused on his family, and his fans, who used to adore him, hadn’t seen any updates from him for a long time.
Sometimes, when they posted nostalgic threads, they would mention Mark and say they would never have a chance to witness his incredible skills as the Light Hunter again.

But unexpectedly, he secretly came to watch the match, and now, he was coincidentally called up!

After Mark jogged onto the stage, he greeted the audience with a smile, “I didn’t expect to have the chance to be on such a stage…”

Shen Yanming was also thrilled.
He had been a fan of Mark’s skills and had watched many of his videos.
When Mark retired, he genuinely felt a sense of loss.

After XXL finished drawing, it was TMM’s turn.

Just as Shen Yanming was wondering who TMM would draw, he heard his own game ID being repeated three times.

“I’m Messing Around Again, I’m Messing Around Again, player from China Telecom Server, come on up, come on up!”

It was Fish calling him.

Shen Yanming felt completely torn apart.
He had forgotten that this segment didn’t necessarily involve random selection; sometimes they directly called people!

Why was it that he was destined to take the spotlight in this arena today? During interviews, they wanted to interview him, and now, even in the Water Friend Competition, they called him.

Did he have some strange “bound-to-be-selected” buff on him?

The venue erupted into a commotion.
The guy in the checkered shirt from earlier twisted his body again and turned to chat with Shen Yanming, “Damn, that crazy streamer is here too.”

The crazy streamer himself: “…”

The girl next to him joined the discussion, “Yeah, I follow his Weibo, and he posted about having tickets.”

After saying this, the girl started looking around, “I wonder who it is.
I’m really curious.
He’s never shown his face during his livestreams.”

Shen Yanming chuckled awkwardly, “Maybe it’s me.”

The girl replied, “No way, hahaha.
You’re so handsome, you definitely look like someone who’s bad at playing games.”

Shen Yanming: “…” Thank you for complimenting my looks.

Shen Yanming chose to play dead, but Fish didn’t give him that chance.
His energetic voice echoed through the arena once again, “Luanzi ge, if you don’t come up, I’ll come and get you~”

After saying that, Fish actually seemed like he was about to walk down the stage!

Helpless, Shen Yanming slowly stood up.

The girl next to him asked, “What’s wrong? Do you need to go to the restroom?”

Shen Yanming sighed, “No, I have to go up and play the match.”

The person next to them heard this and exclaimed, “!!!”

The guy in the checkered shirt, who said Shen Yanming was a crazy streamer, thought, “…” This is so awkward.

If there were sound effects to depict everyone’s mood at that moment, it would be a desolate sound, like a gust of wind rustling through a pile of fallen leaves.

With heavy steps, Shen Yanming made his way up.
He really didn’t want to show his face.
After defeating Aji so thoroughly online, he had received private messages from some managers of small teams.
However, Aji’s skill level among the players was mediocre at best, so it wasn’t particularly surprising that he had defeated him twice.
But if he accidentally revealed something here, it could be a different story.

Even though these players on stage were from the second team, their skills were impressive.

There was even a retired former champion among them.

So why did Fish have to call him up? After playing so many games together, was there no understanding between them?

Shen Yanming felt like a dog that refused to go home during a walk, struggling against the leash held by humans, but ultimately unable to resist and could only be dragged along.

The dogs were dragged back home, while he was dragged onto the stage.

Both were miserable.

He thought to himself, let’s just play casually, not too well… It wasn’t good to have a non-serious attitude, but when did he ever have a serious one?

After all, his game ID was “I’m Messing Around Again”!

Since he carried that ID, he should do things that align with its name.

Shen Yanming moved towards the front of the stage, preparing to step up from the small staircase on the side.
Just as he lifted his foot, someone tapped him on the shoulder from behind.

He turned his head and saw Kong standing behind him.

He stopped in his tracks, “Kong ge, good evening!”

Kong’s hand was still resting on his shoulder.

The air-conditioning in the venue suddenly didn’t feel as cold.
Shen Yanming thought to himself that the weather was indeed unbearable.
Despite the air-conditioning being turned up, it was still hot.

He Changkong stared at the two animal ears on Shen Yanming’s head for a moment, “Play well.”

“Understood!” Shen Yanming straightened his back, almost saluting on the spot.

He Changkong removed his hand, “Go up.”

Shen Yanming thought in his mind, Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Shen Yanming maintained a calm expression on his face, “Then I’ll go up.”

However, upon closer inspection, Shen Yanming’s movements seemed a bit stiff.

Author’s message:

Kong’s internal thoughts: I really want to touch the tip of the ear, but it feels a bit frivolous, so I’ll just hold back =^=

I patted the shoulder, let’s just round it up as that (self-cultivation of a CP fan).

Mwah, everyone =3=!!!!

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1Kong Jiang: “空酱 “(Kōng jiàng), it is a nickname, a playful and informal way of addressing or referring to him.
In this context, Pudding is jokingly questioning how He Changkong has also learned to tell cold jokes.2Lofter is a popular Chinese blogging platform where users can create and share various types of content, including blog posts, photos, artwork, and discussions.

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