This is the hand speed I’ve honed during my more than a decade of being single.”

In reality, this kind of approach was very risky in official matches.
If he encountered an evenly matched opponent, they could easily calculate the timing to prevent such maneuvers.

The problem was that Aji’s skill level was miles behind Shen Yanming’s.

The ultimate skill of Crystal Queen was called “Heartbreaker,” which fired five crystal-shaped beams of light at a target, with each beam gradually decreasing in damage.

Aji could dodge them, and he was indeed trying to, but Shen Yanming didn’t give him a chance to dodge.

Basically, Shen Yanming could predict where Aji would move next and block him before he even made a move.

The first beam of crystal light hit.

Shen Yanming remembered the time in his previous life when he and Aji were roommates at CTG.
One night, they sneaked out of the base and rented a motorcycle to go for a ride.
When they returned, they were caught, scolded by the coach, fined, and had to write self-reflections.

After finishing the reflections and returning to their room, they regretted not coming back earlier after eating that barbecue.
Maybe they wouldn’t have been caught if they had returned earlier.

The second beam hit Aji.

Shen Yanming remembered the first time their small team made it to the world championships.
His teammates lifted him up in celebration.

Aji had his arm around his shoulder, looking extremely excited.
He said, “Without you, we wouldn’t even have a chance to touch the door to the world championships.”

The third beam.

Shen Yanming saw the chat records that his teammates forwarded to him.

It was what Aji said to the coach, saying that Shen Yanming’s individual performance was too outstanding and it was affecting the team’s balance.
The other teammates were also talented, but their potential was limited because all the resources were prioritized for Shen Yanming.
Aji suggested trying a different approach to allow the team to go further.

Shen Yanming didn’t think much about it and agreed that they could indeed try different strategies.

His teammates showed him other chat records.

It turned out they had another private group without him.

When they weren’t in front of the coach, Aji spoke more frankly.

—Why is it always him in the spotlight? We’re like extras, and whenever CTG is mentioned, it seems like they only know him.
Isn’t this a team game? Aren’t our efforts valuable too? We did pretty well when we played on our own before.
Does he really think he’s the one carrying all of us?

The fourth beam.

Shen Yanming recalled the last time he heard Aji speak in his previous life.

Aji stood in front of the investigation team, head down.
“Yes, it’s true that Wild had some personal grudges with Moonlight.
He also told me that he beat someone up when he came back, and I did try to talk him out of it…”

Shen Yanming couldn’t believe his ears, his eyes widened.

After returning, he received a message from Aji, just three short words.

—I’m sorry.1I’m sorry: “对不起”(Duìbùqǐ)

But all of that was in the past.

Shen Yanming looked at the screen, watching Aji frantically running around, and he launched the final beam of light.

Aji was killed.

It took less than three minutes, and the match was far from over.
Aji revived in the game, looking a bit lost, hesitating whether to make a comeback or not.

But anyone with discerning eye could see that Aji didn’t have much chance for a comeback.

Shen Yanming also seemed uninterested in continuing the one-sided match.
Before the match was over, he chose to quit.

“Let’s play together again next time~” Shen Yanming said with a rising tone at the end, sounding relaxed and content.
In reality, he had no expression on his face… or rather, he felt a bit suffocated at the moment.

But the viewers wouldn’t know any of this.

All they knew was—

Luanzi ge was simply terrifying!

If there were still doubts about Shen Yanming’s abilities at the beginning, after this match, almost all of them had changed their minds.

Who else could effortlessly defeat their opponent using their most proficient hero? And all while maintaining a seemingly nonchalant attitude— killing them just by circling around!

The viewers, with mixed emotions, flooded the barrage with comments.

– I wonder how big Ji ge’s psychological shadow is…

– Damn, after all, Ji ge is a professional player.
Let’s give him some face.

– Supervisor, please step in.

– I’m sorry, I used to think Luanzi ge might not be as amazing as they say.
I was blind.

– Ahhhh! Why did Luanzi ge pretend to be weak when he’s so strong!!! Give us your main account!!!

– Are you neko by any chance?

– I feel like his playstyle is somewhat similar to Xiao Ba…2Xiao Ba: “小八 “(Xiǎo bā) another player name, translated as Little eight

– The voice is different, and their age and experiences don’t add up either.

– He’s definitely using a voice changer.
And all that talk about being a third-year high school student must be made up.
Has Luanzi ge ever spoken a single honest word?

After Shen Yanming exited the game and returned to the game lobby, he no longer paid attention to Aji’s condition.
He glanced at the barrage and answered some questions that everyone was concerned about: “Ha, stop guessing.
I’m just an ordinary game enthusiast, nothing special.”

– Speechless, he’s f***ing ordinary.

– Bro, don’t be a streamer anymore.
Go pro, I beg you.

The livestream chat was still bustling, but Shen Yanming ignored them.
He got up to get a glass of water and took a sip before sitting back down.
He was about to play a few more games to fulfill some viewers’ requests.

With this unexpected exposure of his hidden identity, it wasn’t his intention, but since things had come to this point, he had no reason to keep pretending.

The audience enjoyed watching him play, so he would just play casually.

However, as soon as he sat back down, he saw that [My Milk’s Not Working] had come online in his game friend list and sent him a message.

[My Milk’s Not Working]: You played well.

Shen Yanming actually had something he wanted to discuss with My Milk’s Not Working, but Aji interrupted him, and he almost forgot about it.

With the livestream still running, and everyone able to see their conversation, it wasn’t convenient for Shen Yanming to chat with My Milk’s Not Working.

So, without any preamble, Shen Yanming said to the audience, “Bros, my wife is here, and we need to have a private conversation.
So, If you guys don’t mind, I’ll end the stream now.”

The screen went black.

Viewers: ??? What happened to playing another round?

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1I’m sorry: “对不起”(Duìbùqǐ)2Xiao Ba: “小八 “(Xiǎo bā) another player name, translated as Little eight

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