ut it.
When he returned, the computer was still neatly placed in his room, exactly as he left it.

He gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to turn on the computer.

But playing on his phone for a while before studying seemed feasible.
At least for him, playing on his phone wouldn’t consume him like computer games did.
There wouldn’t be a situation where he finished one game and started another, again and again.

He opened his playlist and played an old Cantonese song from the last century that young people wouldn’t normally listen to.
Feeling relaxed, he opened Weibo to check if there were any updates from the e-sports bloggers and players he followed.

However, as soon as he opened Weibo, he was bombarded with posts from AJi.

His dormitory friend mentioned this matter vaguely before, but he wasn’t too interested in listening and simply brushed it off.

But now he saw it himself.

Aji said he wanted to have a solo match.

Shen Yanming immediately scrolled past the post, but then he reconsidered and scrolled back up, directly blocking Aji.

The last time, Aji was crushed by Luanzi ge.
He thought the opponent had used a substitute or was using cheats.
How could a funny streamer easily defeat him?

He went to confront the other person, trying to regain his reputation, but Kong Shen directly stepped in to support the person and another streamer also made a video to clear the person’s name.

In the end, even the official investigation results were released, stating that the player [I’m Messing Around Again] had valid and authentic game data.

Aji immediately became the target of ridicule.
When he went live, the barrage was filled with laughter at him, and even the comments on Weibo were also mocking him.

Even his teammates in the team came to know about this, and even the coach tactfully advised him to practice more, spend less time online, and avoid conflicts with others.

These days, he felt extremely unhappy.

He had been playing this game for a long time and consistently ranked well on the national server.
He had always wanted to play professionally, and had even joined the youth training camps of other teams.
Unfortunately, he had been stuck in the youth training camps all along, and as his age gradually increased, if he couldn’t become an official team member, he would lose his chance.

Being signed by CTG as an official player was something he was very proud of.

After all, there was a clear distinction between professional players, ordinary players, and youth trainees.
And now, he could finally stand at the pinnacle and look down on others.

But unexpectedly, he lost to a casual streamer.

All the evidence indicated that [I’m Messing Around Again] didn’t use cheats or find someone to play for him, but AJi still couldn’t accept it.

So, what if he didn’t cheat? What if Kong spoke up for him? The examples of battles that the video streamer showed were all from low-level matches.
What was there to be proud of in showing off skills in low-level matches?

Besides, that day, he had underestimated his opponent.

He really wanted to redeem himself, so once again, he challenged [I’m Messing Around Again].

After issuing the challenge, he kept refreshing Weibo, waiting for a response.
But after waiting for several days, it seemed like the other person didn’t take him seriously at all.

He felt restless, but still waited patiently because he saw some comments mentioning that the anchor was a student studying at a boarding school and might not have seen it.

Finally, when the person came online, Aji realized that he had been blocked.

He became furious and immediately posted another Weibo.

丶lucky: I’m Messing Around Again, are you a coward? Are you scared of losing so you only dare to block me? If you have the guts, come out and play a match!”

Actually, when Shen Yanming blocked Aji, he couldn’t see Aji’s posts anymore, but with so many people around, as soon as Aji posted that Weibo, he immediately received many private messages.

He didn’t want to know, so he decided to turn a blind eye to it.

There was no need to deal with idiots.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Lin Qingyue entered.
Shen Yanming quickly threw his phone aside and pretended to be earnestly studying.

Ling Qingyue had ellipsis above her head.
“Stop pretending, I saw you playing with your phone.”

Shen Yanming: “… I’m sorry, I’ll study seriously now.”

Ling Qingyue didn’t say much and handed him an envelope.

Shen Yanming looked puzzled as he took the envelope.
“What’s this?”

“Your birthday gift for this year.”

“Ah? But my birthday hasn’t arrived yet,” Shen Yanming became excited.
“What is it? Could it be a huge check?”

Ling Qingyue tapped his head.
“In your dream.”

Shen Yanming opened the envelope and took out a thick piece of paper, which looked like a ticket.

When he read the words printed on the paper, Shen Yanming jumped up from his chair in excitement.

——The paper ticket read: “Entrance ticket for the opening exhibition match of the 9th “Return to the Throne” professional league in the Chinese region.”

“Look at you, so hopeless,” Ling Qingyue shook her head.
“A few days ago, I went to visit Aunt Liu’s house, and her child also plays your game.
He said they’re going to start competing this year… I don’t really understand, but he mentioned a team you like, and he said this competition is a rare opportunity.
After discussing it with your dad, since your birthday is coming up, and it’s your 18th birthday, which holds great significance, we decided to let you go and watch the competition.
We’ve already bought the tickets, and they’ll be delivered to our home soon… We’ve also arranged the flights and hotel for you, so you can go directly when the time comes.”

The schedule for the exhibition match had been announced a long time ago, and the tickets had been on sale for a while.
However, after the teams for the exhibition match were revealed, the remaining tickets were quickly snatched up, and those who had tickets were reselling them at high prices.

It was a challenging task for Shen Yanming’s middle-aged parents, who were not familiar with e-sports, to secure a ticket like this.

“Mom, are you and Dad angels or something?” Shen Yanming jumped up and down for a while, finally calming down and hesitating.
“…but I’m in my senior year of high school.
Won’t this affect my studies?”

Ling Qingyue looked at Shen Yanming seriously.
“Your dad and I don’t want you to force yourself to do something you don’t like.” She didn’t know why her son suddenly changed his mind and no longer wanted to become a professional player, but she had witnessed his passion before.
She wouldn’t interfere with her child’s decision, but she still hoped that he could personally see what the competition is like before deciding whether to give up on this path.

She didn’t say it directly, but looking at Shen Yanming’s expression, he should understand her meaning.

Ling Qingyue patted Shen Yanming’s shoulder and left the room.

Shen Yanming didn’t expect his 18th birthday gift to be a ticket to watch an e-sports competition.

He cherished the ticket, examining it over and over again, swallowing many emotions.
Finally, he took a photo and posted it on Weibo.

He checked his private messages and saw that some people were still sending him updates about Aji.
Aji, after being ignored and blocked, was now venting his anger and spouting nonsense.

Feeling good now, Shen Yanming unblocked Aji and replied, “If you’re so eager to fight, then let’s fight~”

After that, he posted another Weibo.

I’m Messing Around Again: Let me tell you all some useless trivia.
In our hometown, whenever there’s a happy occasion, we celebrate by slaughtering a pig~~~ [/happy] [/happy]

Aji also saw this Weibo and immediately became enraged.

丶lucky: Who are you talking about???

I’m Messing Around Again: What do you mean, who am I talking about? I’m just sharing some trivia.

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