Shen Yanming quickly put on a playful smiling face again and borrowed a phone from his roommate.

He had initially thought about posting on Weibo, saying that his account was borrowed by a highly skilled assassin, and it was the assassin who knocked out the opponent, which had nothing to do with him.

Now, he still wanted to post on Weibo, but the message he wanted to convey had changed.

Taking the phone from his roommate, he avoided eye contact and sat on the edge of the bed, logging into his account.

As soon as he checked his private messages and comments, many people were asking him what had happened.

Mixed emotions surged in his heart, but he remained calm as he typed a few sentences and posted them.

I’m Messing Around Again: Ah, that match just now wasn’t played by me, it was played by my little cousin.

His popularity was currently high, and as soon as he posted, people quickly rushed to comment.

A comment came asking who his little cousin was, and he replied, “My little cousin just turned one month old, and during the ceremony to celebrate his first month, he grabbed a keyboard.
I saw that this child would achieve great things in the future, so I immediately brought him to the computer desk and let him showcase his skills.
As expected, his first attempt showed such an outstanding performance.
I’ve already talked to my aunt, and we will definitely guide this child into the e-sports industry, leading our Earth Division to break through the solar system and reach the stage of the universe.” [/bow]

This statement caused a collective stir among gossiping netizens.

– Dang, I knew it was an old Yin Yang Master as soon as he opened his mouth.1“Yin-Yang Master” refers to someone who is knowledgeable or experienced in the field of Yin and Yang principles, which are fundamental concepts in Chinese philosophy.
The phrase used in the sentence is more figurative and suggests that the person being referred to has a certain level of expertise with a particular subject.

– Is your little cousin going to become a keyboard warrior when he grows up after grabbing a keyboard?

– This streamer is so shameless.
Even after winning, he still mocks the other person.
He’s just too arrogant.

– Nonetheless, my poor Ji ge.

– So how did Luanzi ge win in the end?

His roommate went to the balcony to wash some things and didn’t intend to take back the phone for a while, so Shen Yanming decided to read the comments for a bit longer.

As he read, memories of past events came to his mind.

He hadn’t heard the name Aji for quite some time.
He thought that after he was reborn, he wouldn’t have any connection with those people anymore, but unexpectedly, they crossed paths again.

In his previous life, if it hadn’t been for Aji and others framing him, he might not have ended up getting expelled from the team.

He never could have imagined that someone he considered a brother, someone he treated sincerely, could twist the truth in front of the investigation team without batting an eye, leaving him with only a casually spoken “I’m sorry” in the end.

Shen Yanming felt somewhat annoyed.
He scratched his head and thought that he and this timeline’s Aji were complete strangers, so it was enough to vent his frustration.

Finally, he added a comment below that Weibo post: “I was just joking earlier.
Winning was purely luck.
I may have offended some people.
Sorry about that.”

As for why he didn’t say someone else was playing on his account, thus defeating the professional player, it was because he still had some lingering resentment.
He wanted the whole world to know that he was the one who crushed Aji’s dog head.

After posting, he no longer paid attention to the commotion online.
He cautiously logged out of his account, cleared the cache, and returned the phone to his roommate.

He didn’t expect that this matter would turn into a series, and soon enough the sequel would be released.

After evening self-study, when they returned to the dormitory, several boys who usually paid attention to “Return to the Throne” secretly gathered together.
They formed a circle with the roommate who had brought the phone, and pulled Shen Yanming over to discuss as well.

The classmates pointed at the screen, Shen Yanming squinted and read Aji’s response from two hours ago.

丶lucky: I’m Messing Around Again, I don’t think you won against me purely by luck.
Either you’re too humble, or let’s just have another match.
If you win, I’ll admit defeat.
But if you lose, I hope the official account of Return to the Throne can investigate whether some players are using account boosting service or cheating.

Account boosting and cheating were strictly prohibited by the official rules of “Return to the Throne.” However, the enforcement of account boosting was not very strict, and many players still hired others to boost their rankings, arguing that it was still based on personal skills and not detrimental to the game environment… But using cheats was a serious violation, and players who used cheats were generally despised by others.

In AJi’s words, he was implying that there was something wrong with the match against Shen Yanming.

The fans also chimed in one after another.

Originally, many people had already believed that Luanzi ge was so bad at the game, how could he suddenly play like he was possessed by some e-sports god? At first, most people thought Luanzi ge had someone else playing for him, but with such exquisite moves and speed, who could achieve such results on his behalf? If he had that level of skill, why wouldn’t he make a name for himself in the professional scene?

After Aji’s remark, many people suddenly realized.

The streamer was most likely cheating.

So, at that moment, many people flocked to the official account of Return to the Throne, expressing their demand for a thorough investigation.

– One of the reasons this game has remained popular for so long is because they have excellent anti-cheating measures.
We can’t let one bad apple spoil the whole barrel.

– I don’t understand how such a streamer became popular.
He lacks skill.
Those people who said they enjoyed watching him play games, I think they enjoy watching him cheat in games.

– Official account of Return to the Throne, hello, are you there? Can you investigate the use of cheats?

Shen Yanming remained silent, but he listened intently to the heated discussion among his classmates.

“I also think he’s cheating.
How else can you explain a funny streamer suddenly…”

“No way, the game has a good anti-cheating system.
They claim it’s absolutely cheat-proof.
It’s more likely this player, after losing, is just accusing others of cheating because he can’t handle defeat.”

“No, but did you watch that video? Luanzi ge’s moves were precise and so fast that I could barely keep up.”

“I watched it, so what? It’s not like it’s beyond human capabilities.
Our Yan can also do that level of play,” a classmate suddenly prompted Shen Yanming, “Right, Yan ge?”

Shen Yanming didn’t pretend to be modest, “Indeed.”

“It’s a pity that Yan Yan doesn’t go pro, I lose having something to boast about.
If you went pro, I’d proudly tell everyone that my roommate, my brother, is a world champion!”

Shen Yanming chuckled, “It’s alright.
Although the e-sports world will miss a rising star, a new star will shine in the academic world.
You can boast that your roommate, your brother, is pursuing a continuous path of study from undergraduate to Ph.D.
at Tsinghua and Peking University, publishing a groundbreaking research paper in a renowned academic journal or magazine every day, discovering one important achievement after another that changes human society…”

His words were met with a chorus of boos and vomiting sounds.

The conversation among the boys returned to the streamer and the player.

Shen Yanming couldn’t be bothered with these people.
Regardless of their current clamor and confidence, the official investigation would reveal whether cheating was involved.

It didn’t matter much to him.

Lacking interest, he was about to head to the balcony to freshen up when his roommate pulled him back.
While holding him, the roommate shouted in excitement.

Shen Yanming: “?”

Roommate: “Damn it, Kong Shen is speaking on the forum again.
It seems like someone mentioned him and asked for his thoughts on the streamer he defended before.
Without any hesitation, he went into a detailed analysis, breaking down and analyzing every movement and action of Luanzi ge that affected the game.
He said the moves were clearly made through human thinking and judgment.
Although cheats could directly lock onto a target, the transitions between actions lacked coherent logic… He even mentioned that although Luanzi ge’s hand speed might be a bit fast for a casual player, a professional player can achieve that.
Ah, he also said that even among professional players, there are not many as fast as Luanzi ge.
Anyway, he praised Luanzi ge quite a bit.”

Shen Yanming: “…”

Roommate: “Kong Shen and Luanzi ge must have a close relationship, there must be some undisclosed secret dealing going on.”

Shen Yanming was also quite confused.
Normally, even if someone boredly approached Kong Shen, he would have just ignored them.
It shouldn’t be a big deal, and no one would hold on to an outsider who wasn’t involved in the matter.

However, why did Kong speak up for him again?

Could it be that the cold Kong Shen is actually such a caring person? Is this… the radiant motherly side that every nanny cannot avoid?

But thinking about how he had caused trouble for Kong again, he couldn’t help but feel guilty.

No matter what, he still needed to personally express his gratitude.

But now he still didn’t have the opportunity to thank him.

His roommate continued reporting the situation on the forums and Weibo, “After Kong said that Luanzi ge wasn’t using cheats, everyone turned to say that he must have hired someone to play for him, including Aji who was very stubborn, insisting on meeting the person who truly defeated him… Then a data stream streamer immediately analyzed the previous live streaming videos of Luanzi ge.”

Shen Yanming’s heart skipped a beat as he listened, “Analyze?”


His roommate opened a new thread, “Look at this.”

[Human Zoo]: It took me several hours, but I finally finished it.
Actually, I’ve always felt that Luanzi ge isn’t really a noob.
I find it amusing how he pretends to be one.
I’ve been recording all of his live streams, and now it finally comes in handy.
Without further ado, everyone can just watch the video.

This [Human Zoo] usually specializes in analyzing players’ gameplay and provides concise and easy-to-understand video commentary.
Many people enjoy the informative content they share.

In this new video, [Human Zoo] extracted all the actions that were considered “messing around” by [I’m Messing Around Again] and analyzed them.
Using data, they explained how Luanzi ge’s understanding of the opponents’ health and skill management far exceeded that of the average player.
His predictive abilities were also strong, and those seemingly chaotic movements were not mistakes but deliberate actions.

They also mentioned that Luanzi ge often turns defeat into victory, not merely relying on luck but because of his true strength.
It’s effortless for him to win even in challenging situations.

After watching the video, Shen Yanming started to panic internally, lamenting in his heart, “Please, no more digging, don’t expose everything, my dignity will be stripped away.”

But he couldn’t show any strange expressions on his face, he could only go along and say, “Wow, this streamer is really that good?”

As he spoke, he glanced a few more times at the continuously updating comments on the screen.

A champion star player and a persuasive popular streamer spoke up for Luanzi ge at the same time, causing some bystanders to waver.

– Was Luanzi ge pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger?

– I knew it wasn’t just luck.

– Can I say that I’ve always thought Luanzi ge was pretending from the start?

– Of course, who wouldn’t know that in hindsight?

– Should the person who accused Luanzi ge of cheating apologize now?

– Does Aji still want to fight him? I think he’s still unconvinced.

– Maybe they shouldn’t fight anymore, I don’t think he can win…

– So awkward…

– Can someone expose Luanzi ge’s main account? Is he a professional player or just a casual player?

– If he’s a professional player, I’ll break his legs.
The regular season is about to start, and he’s not focusing on his professional career, just live streaming all the time?

– No, how can you all so easily believe that Luanzi ge is skilled now? Maybe he’s just extremely lucky, turning bad situations into good ones?

– Can you find another person who Kong would step in to defend every time? That’s enough to prove that Luanzi ge might have some hidden identity?

Seeing someone mentioned Kong again, Shen Yanming hesitated for a moment before deciding to borrow his roommate’s phone again.

He was actually quite skilled — he would figure out how to resolve this issue later, but for now, he needed to express his gratitude to Kong, otherwise, he might not be able to sleep all night.

Recently, his god had descended to the mortal realm multiple times, all for him.
How could he dare to disregard him?

His roommate looked puzzled, “Wait, you borrowed my phone several times today.
What’s up with that?”

Shen Yanming lied without hesitation, “I’m in a relationship.
My girlfriend asked me to check in with her from the dormitory.”

“Your girlfriend has quite a lot of demands…” His roommate handed him the phone and suddenly realized something, “Holy shit, you’re in a relationship?? You, who have been single for eighteen years, are finally in a relationship?? What’s your girlfriend like?”

“No, why are you so surprised that I’m in a relationship? Isn’t it normal for a handsome guy like me to have a girlfriend?” For some reason, Shen Yanming thought of his cheap wife and proudly introduced her to his roommates, “My wife has… huge assets.”

His roommates: “…”

Saying she had a huge asset made perfect sense.
Shen Yanming and My Milk’s Not Working were playing together, even if he had a sliver of health left, as long as My Milk’s Not Working used a healing skill on him, he can withstand ten consecutive rounds of attacks without flinching.

Under his roommates’ sarcastic gazes, Shen Yanming, using the excuse of preventing the teacher from catching him, went to the bathroom, locked the door, and logged into the forum with his alternate account.

Of course, he wasn’t looking for his cheap wife, he was looking for his white moonlight.

Since he didn’t have any other means of contact, Shen Yanming could only send a private message to Kong’s forum account.

The content of the private message was simple, just a few words of thanks.

He didn’t even think the private message would be read, but Kong quickly replied to him.

kong_: Don’t you usually go to school without your phone?

Shen Yanming’s expression was a mix of shock and fear.
How did Kong know about this too? Could it be that My Milk’s Not Working told him? There was no need to inform Kong about such a trivial matter!

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1“Yin-Yang Master” refers to someone who is knowledgeable or experienced in the field of Yin and Yang principles, which are fundamental concepts in Chinese philosophy.
The phrase used in the sentence is more figurative and suggests that the person being referred to has a certain level of expertise with a particular subject.

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