In a low-rank match like this, there’s usually no coordination or strategy.
As soon as the game started, everyone scattered in search of the crown.

Although the setting stated that crown appeared randomly at any location on the map, players who had played many matches or had glanced at the strategy guides knew where crown are highly likely to spawn.

Shen Yanming was no exception.

During his previous livestreams, he had put on a show by wandering around at the beginning, waiting for others to find the crown before joining the team fights for some fun action.

This time, there was no one watching him, and he genuinely wanted to speed things up—his father had come and knocked on his door earlier, telling him to not dawdle.

While he shouted a response to his father from the other side of the door, in the game he sprinted towards the front entrance of the church, picking up a few items along the way.

When he arrived, the entire enemy team was already there, and the tank was in the process of picking up the crown.

Some teams liked to gather at the beginning to find the crown, avoiding individual team members encountering opponents alone.
It was also a strategy itself.

Shen Yanming’s eyes lit up.

Haha, he was going to kill and rob them!

He took a position and sent the coordinates to the team channel, signaling his teammates to come and support.

His teammates were spread out and it would take some time for them to arrive, but Shen Yanming wasn’t afraid.
There was no reason to be afraid in this kind of situation.
In the past, he had even tried charging into a crowd and harvesting a wave of kills.

The other White Wolf on the opposite team threw a dart towards him, but Shen Yanming easily dodged it.

He still didn’t know that the opponent was livestreaming.

Aji, who was currently streaming, said to his fans, “You guys were saying that this Luanzi ge has good luck, and I said, ‘How good can it be?’ Well, it seems like his luck is indeed quite good if he can dodge that.”

Aji’s aim was indeed accurate, and he had calculated the possible escape routes, but Shen Yanming’s reaction speed was faster.

Of course, Aji didn’t believe that Shen Yanming relied on skill to dodge.
He thought it was nothing more than luck.

Moreover, the so-called good luck of this Luanzi ge was probably because he was matched with a low-skilled level player, who had numerous flaws, giving him many opportunities to win in such bizarre circumstances.

Aji chuckled twice and added, “But his good luck ends here.”

The nanny panicked and attempted to control Shen Yanming, but unfortunately, it missed.
However, Aji and the other random teammates he was matched with didn’t consider it a big deal.

They believed that Luanzi ge had walked into the tiger’s den and was destined to suffer.

The fans who were watching the livestream also began commenting in the chat, saying, “I hope he’s okay.”

Several people surrounded Shen Yanming, launching colorful and flashy special effects at him.

Shen Yanming managed to dodge some, but being surrounded made it difficult to maneuver, and losing some health was inevitable.

“With this still not killed?” Aji continued commenting in his livestream, “I guess he’s scared and is hiding now.”

Contrary to what Aji had said, Shen Yanming’s dodging wasn’t due to fear at all.

If it were an evenly matched opponent, it would be impossible for him to take on four enemies at once in the early game.
However, among the enemies in front of him, only the White Wolf with similar skills could pose a challenge, while the others were like clumsy AI.
While it would still be difficult to take on all four of them at once, Shen Yanming could significantly drain their health.
He kept track of each person’s used skills and cooldown times, and when his teammates arrived, he used Flash to hide under a tree near the church.

The rest of his teammates joined the team fight, and chaos ensued.

Shen Yanming activated a burst potion and, taking advantage of the tree as cover, targeted the enemy nanny.
In simple terms, the nanny served as the team’s battery.
If the nanny were eliminated and others died, there would be no chance of revival unless they achieved a total team wipe, in which case they would resurrect together.

After using the potion, Shen Yanming unleashed a series of combos on the nanny.
The nanny seemed flustered and started moving erratically after losing half of her health, unable to heal or shield themselves.

Aji chuckled and said, “He even knows how to interrupt others’ skills? But he’s foolish.
He wants to take out the nanny, but he doesn’t consider if his current health can sustain until then.”

Indeed, while Shen Yanming was targeting the nanny, he was also enduring damage from Aji’s skills.
Although he kept circling around the tree to reduce some of the damage, his HP was steadily decreasing.

Meanwhile, despite the nanny having her skills constantly interrupted and no chance to heal, her HP remained relatively healthy.

However, Luan luanzi wasn’t afraid.

Just when he was left with a sliver of health, his skills finished cooling down.
At that moment, he swiftly executed a combo.
Due to the seamless connection of his skills and the accumulation of damage, the nanny fell before she could react.

His hand speed was so fast that the audience couldn’t even see clearly.
Suddenly, the system prompt appeared, announcing the death of the blue team’s nanny.

Seizing the opportunity while the two enemy DPS were still stunned, Shen Yanming, with only a trace of HP left, quickly rolled and entered his team’s nanny’s protective shield.

In the barrage, someone asked, “What kind of incredible luck is this? He randomly killed a nanny?”

While others couldn’t see clearly, Aji witnessed the entire combo, flawless without any openings.
Normally, there would be gaps between skills where the damage output would naturally be reduced, giving the opponent a chance to counterattack.

But this person’s actions just now had no flaws.

Aji secretly wiped away his sweat.
Luckily, he noticed it in time.
If he made a mistake due to underestimating the situation in front of so many viewers, it would truly be so embarrassing.

Not long after, Shen Yanming came out of the protective shield.

Everyone thought he would at least restore some HP before coming out, but he paid no attention and ran out recklessly.

Aji couldn’t understand his action.
It was illogical.

“Is he really… getting cocky just because he killed a nanny?” Aji said, but his heart was a little shaken.

Suddenly, Shen Yanming charged straight toward Aji.

He had a damage reduction shield given by the nanny and threw several darts at Aji.
As a professional player, Aji naturally had fast reactions, but it seemed like he had fallen right into Shen Yanming’s trap.

Just after claiming a kill, Shen Yanming accumulated a bit of fighting spirit with his ultimate skill.
Though it wasn’t much, it was enough to greatly increase his damage compared to others.

The darts he threw with basic attacks were just a feint.
He correctly predicted the direction in which the opposing assassin would run towards.

Then, he used his ultimate skill, flawlessly hitting the opponent.
With almost no pause, he followed up with two more attacks.

The system announced, “[I’m Messing Around Again] has obtained a second kill.”

In his mind, Shen Yanming thought that the assassin actually had good reflexes and awareness.
Perhaps it was a smurf account, but it was unfortunate for them to encounter him…

Yan ge wants you dead in three moves, whether you want to die or not.

…Mainly because Shen Yanming wanted to finish the game quickly.
Otherwise, they could have taken their time to play.

He wasn’t afraid of revealing his true strength either.
In an ordinary match like this, even if someone claimed he got four, five, six, seven, or eight kills, no one would be surprised.

After all, in the eyes of the public, both sides are considered noobs.
Getting a lot of kills only proves that the opponent was extremely weak.

Nothing extraordinary.

But he never expected that his actions would be seen by many people through others’ livestreams.

Aji’s livestream exploded.

If earlier, when Luanzi ge killed an ordinary nanny, everyone thought it was just luck, now that Aji had fallen under Luanzi ge ‘s darts, everyone was in disarray.

– This makes no sense, right???

– Is he using cheats?

– Did anyone see clearly how Aji died just now?

– So amazing…

– I’ve actually been focusing on him the whole time, his hand speed is truly terrifying… He used his ultimate skill within three seconds, executed a full combo, and didn’t waste any moves.

– I don’t believe it, is someone else playing the account??

– I also thought someone else was playing, but who else could have that kind of hand speed? Nightmare?

– Damn, I have a terrifying thought.
Could this be Nightmare’s smurf account, and that’s why Kong was defending him?

– What are you thinking? Their voices are different, and there was a time when Luanzi ge streamed all day long.
Nightmare wouldn’t have that much free time.

– Yeah, Nightmare usually relies on dirty tricks.
He doesn’t give off this reckless feeling.

– Is his hand speed really that incredible? Wasn’t the one who said he did so much damage in three seconds exaggerating?

– Is Ji ge just acting? He’ll definitely turn the tables later.

Some people expressed doubt, but on the screen, Aji’s team had already been wiped out.

Shen Yanming’s tank lifted the crown and headed toward the throne.

By the time the enemy respawn, they were close to returning the crown to its place.

Shen Yanming, knowing they were about to win anyway, stood in place and started dancing.

The game had some interesting interactions, and the white-haired little wolf danced around in front of the church.

While dancing, Shen Yanming watched his teammates escort the crown.

It was truly a one-sided slaughter game.

Ever since he was killed earlier, Aji had remained silent.

As a professional player, he felt incredibly embarrassed to be publicly executed by a streamer—or a comedic streamer who was rumored to have no real skills.

Even though he knew that the streamer’s gameplay was actually impressive.

Thinking about it only made him even angrier.
Why pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger? It made him look like a fool.
He had been boasting about showing everyone who the true Wolf King was, but in the end, he was killed just like that.

According to the usual strategy, after a team wipe, they should regroup and make a final push to snatch the crown.

But Aji was unwilling… he felt that he had underestimated the enemy.

Without waiting for his teammates, he went alone to Shen Yanming, who was still dancing in the same spot as before.

The little werewolf was still twisting around when he was suddenly ambushed by another White Wolf.

Actually, Shen Yanming had noticed this person preparing to stab him from behind earlier, but he thought they were already winning, so there was no need for more fighting.

Even the number one White Wolf in the Chinese server pursued love and peace.

Originally, he didn’t want to cause so much bloodshed.

But seeing how persistent the other person was in seeking death…

Shen Yanming’s fingers flew across the keyboard.
He was at full health and full strength now, having accumulated several kills and completely overpowering the enemy.
With a few skills, the system prompted that the opponent had been killed.

For some reason, Shen Yanming spun in circles in front of the opponent’s corpse and typed four words in the public chat: “Amitabha.”1Amitabha: “阿弥陀佛” (Ēmítuófó) is a Buddhist phrase to express condolences or blessings to the departed.

At the CTG training base several kilometers away, Aji’s face turned as black as coal as he watched the barrage of comments go from skepticism to uproarious laughter.
Each word in the comments felt like a slap to his face.

When he finally regained his senses, the opponent had already placed the crown back on its rightful throne, and the word “Defeat” dimly appeared in the center of his screen.

He wanted to fry some fish but ended up being the one getting fried.2He wanted to fry some fish but ended up being the one getting fried: a metaphor to describe a situation where someone’s plans or intentions backfire, and they become the target or victim instead.

And he died twice in a row.

After winning the game, Shen Yanming exited the interface and returned to the game lobby.
He left a message for My Milk’s Not Working, who was still offline.

[I’m Messing Around Again]: Wife, I’m going to school.
I’m going to study hard so I can repair cars and take care of you in the future.
I hope we’ll have a chance to play together again, mwah.3mwah: Shen Yanming used “么么” (mē me) is a popular Chinese internet slang that is often used to represent a kissing sound or to express affection.

After leaving the message, he went offline.

And he remained oblivious of the storm brewing on the internet.

But he would soon find out.

When Shen Yanming arrived at his dormitory and finally managed to send off his father, who insisted on asking what birthday gift he wanted, he had just sat on the edge of his bed when his roommate, who loved watching online livestreams, dragged him over.

His roommate had a mysterious look on his face.
” Yan, do you know? That streamer from last time, the one called Luanzi ge…”

Shen Yanming furrowed his brow.
“What happened to him?”

He thought to himself that he hadn’t even streamed this week.
He spent the night playing with his Cheap Wife and solo queued a few games.
How could anything happen?

His roommate said, “You don’t know! He’s incredible! He completely crushed a professional player, overpowering him without any resistance.”

“…Huh?” Shen Yanming’s expression gradually turned blank.

His roommate explained the whole situation, and only then did Shen Yanming realize that the game he played before returning to school was against a professional player’s smurf account.

He had thought the opposing White Wolf was decent, but he assumed they were just skilled casual player, which casual player had nothing better to do than creating a smurf account and playing low-rank games?

Did he think everyone is just pretending to be bad at the game like Luan Luanzi?

Did he think everyone is just putting on an act, indulging in chaotic messiness like Luan luanzi!

His roommate added, “But I think someone else was playing that account.”

Shen Yanming quickly nodded.
“I think so too.
Someone else must have been playing.
That Luan luanzi is really bad.
If he can beat a professional player like that, then I can become the school principal.” It would be a big deal if people found out he could crush professional players, right?

After agreeing with his roommate, Shen Yanming began to inquire, “Which player did the streamer crush?”

“Aji, Ji ge,” his roommate said, “He’s from that new CTG team.”

When he heard that name, the smile on Shen Yanming’s face suddenly froze for a moment.

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1Amitabha: “阿弥陀佛” (Ēmítuófó) is a Buddhist phrase to express condolences or blessings to the departed.2He wanted to fry some fish but ended up being the one getting fried: a metaphor to describe a situation where someone’s plans or intentions backfire, and they become the target or victim instead.3mwah: Shen Yanming used “么么” (mē me) is a popular Chinese internet slang that is often used to represent a kissing sound or to express affection.

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