ly going to die of a heart attack right now.
She could smell the saturating stench of blood the moment she’d arrived, she’d initially thought that someone had definitely died here.
It was only when the big guy turned around did she realise that there was a girl hiding in the depths of the alley.
The girl was trembling, perhaps from the cold or perhaps in fear.

Yuan Yuan Yuan noticed the Fourth High school uniform the girl had on.
At that, she immediately exhaled in relief, before she rushed over and lifted the person shrinking into the corner.
As she did, she covered the girl’s mouth so that she wouldn’t scream.

As for the pool of blood and other gory materials that she couldn’t make out… Yuan Yuan Yuan had no idea who the unlucky chap was. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan carried the girl and decided to make a leave.
Unfortunately lady luck was not on her side tonight.
Though the big guy seemed a little dense, it was still very sentitive to his surroundings.
When he noticed that the black figure before him disappeared, he immediately turned around and howled at the figure behind him, coming face to face with Yuan Yuan Yuan that had been intending to make a flight for it after rescuing Xiao Ying. 

The big guy growled at Yuan Yuan Yuan before it started running at her.
When she realised that there was no escape, Yuan Yuan Yuan’s instantly activated her demon powers. 

Several crimson willow-like strips zipped out from beneath her windbreaker, each and every strip long and sturdy.
As though tentacles, her willow-like strips clung onto the ground, before it flung her body upwards.
With the momentum, Yuan Yuan Yuan and Xiao Ying shot into the air.

The black figure made a 180-degree turn in midair, legs spinning before landing steadily on the ground, clipping his legs around the big guy’s neck.

  Tightly after, a snow-white blade dug downwards, straight into the big guy’s head. 

“Ahhh-!” At the sight, Xiao Ying, while protected in Yuan Yuan Yuan’s embrace, couldn’t help but shriek.
Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t have any free hands to cover her mouth, so she could only hug the little girl tighter. 

As Yuan Yuan Yuan listened to Xiao Ying’s reveberating scream, she clenched her teeth.
Her hand pulled upwards and the dagger unlatched itself, before she dashed out the alley, no longer giving any damns about whatever she left behind. 

She had no idea what happened to the big guy after her dagger, Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t dare to look back either.
She could only carry Xiao Ying in her arms as she zipped through the alleys and streets, as she did, she tried her best to surpress her demon scent that was spilling out from her body.

The rain was very heavy, and the route they took was very long, as though endless.
Yuan Yuan Yuan had no idea how long she’d ran for, nor how many turns she’d made, all she knew was that her head was spinning.

  She could only run… keep running…

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