the demons’ slums, she was still incredibly thankful that she finally found a place she could settle down properly in. 

Provocation and fights were a common sight among demons; in addition, they were an exclusive bunch, so they weren’t the most welcoming when it came to half-demons like Yuan Yuan Yuan.

The city that Yuan Yuan Yuan was currently residing in was a demon and human mixed city.
She would often jokingly call this place as “the city of freedom”.
Their head was quite a decent grand demon; the rules he set was – as long as you pay your protection fees, he would protect you as long as you are living in his territory.

Hence, there are a lot of other ostracised demons like Yuan Yuan Yuan living in this area; while this was a disorderly place, there remained a certain sense of structure beneath it all.

Normal demons wouldn’t be fond of this city; only the notorious ones would truly find this place to their liking.
Notorious demons referring to indiscriminate killers, or those that were on the run. 

Before becoming a demon, Yuan Yuan Yuan had previously on many occasions let her imagination about demons run wild.
In the past few years however, she couldn’t even be bothered to properly figure out her own situation.
There were some things that seemed riveting from the outside, but once you’re involved, everything would appear different – the blood, the cruelty, all these were pretty revolting; none of this was anywhere near the glitter and gold she had been imagining.

She’d paid the “rent” for this term… she would probably be able to live peacefully on for the next three months. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan got up and looked at the light drizzle outside.
She was beyond satisfied with this place.
Demons were usually active at night.
However, to the former human being like herself, Yuan Yuan Yuan persisted her human biological clock and practices, and so, she’d never went out at night. 

It was night… the perfect time to “cultivate”, aka stay up late into the night.
Having settled the “rent” also had her incredibly relaxed and carefree; Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that she could probably stay up till 2am in the night.

After switching on the mobile phone she’d bought from three years ago, she opened an app that she’d been using to read manga and flipped to the one that she’d been particularly obsessed with.
The manga was called Demons, and it told about the story of a little demon slayer*. 

* note: this novel is not affliated to the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba; i’ve considered using the word “exorcist”, but exorcist is more for dispelling something (evil) that has possess a person; the demons here are beings of their own and don’t possess anyone so the term “slayer” seems more accurate

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