Yao Xinxin was naturally happy to see it happen.

Now, she only hoped that Yao Bianliang would stay away, and she would be a transparent person, it would be best not to appear in front of her sight again.

The assistant said: “Then Yao Bianliang is really unscrupulous for the sake of popularity.
I don't see her recognize you as a sister on weekdays, but at this time, I still don't forget to take a wave of your popularity.”

Yao Xinxin's face was a little unsightly.

Yao Bianliang's role in “To Our Youth” needs to be ugly all the way, and the reputation would definitely not be good at that time.

And if she play with the popular traffic Mu Taozhi, her future was limitless.

If at this time, Yao Bianliang pulled her into marketing, it would only have disadvantages for her, and there would be no benefits.

“I see.” Yao Xinxin's eyes narrowed slightly, “I will find a way to deal with this matter.”


No matter what, she must not let Yao Bianliang touch even a little bit of her popularity!




The gap between Yao Bianliang and Yao Xinxin was indeed very great.

Compared with Yao Xinxin's lively discussion, Group No.
10 seemed extremely deserted.

The number of people in the live broadcast room was pitifully small, and occasionally a few comments floated by, and they were only negative opinions.


[By the way, there are so few people in group 10th, there are only 3 actors]

[I also want to talk about this problem, the configuration of this group is too shabby]

[“To Our Youth”?does group 10th also film a youth drama?]

[The introduction of this drama is so boring, I don't think it's interesting]

When Yao Bianliang opened the live broadcast room, she saw such comments.

This satisfied her immensely.


Great, this is what I want!

In a good mood, Yao Bianliang simply checked the popularity list.

1 on the TOP list, “Maple Leaf Falling”, a costume martial arts drama, had an expectation of 4.9 stars.

The reason why this drama tops the list was not because of how wonderful the drama is, but because the leading actor was a popular male singer——He Yanning.

He Yanning had 30 million fans, any random fans could help him get on top of the list.


The second place on the TOP list was “Youth Is Sweet With You” by Yao Xinxin.

Just by the name, you could tell that this was a campus sweet drama.

The male protagonist, Mu Taozhi, was a popular little fresh meat, and was the second top player in “Good Drama PK Competition”.

The reason why this drama could be on TOP2 was all due to Mu Taozhi's fans.
Yao Xinxin just followed suit.


TOP1 fought with TOP2, and the number of votes was chasing after each other.
it was so lively.

After that, the middle groups also competed fiercely.

Whether it was the contestants or the director, they all posted on Weibo and started canvassing for votes.

On the other hand, in the last two or three groups, the director was not well-known, the actors were pure rookies, and the number of votes was pitifully small.

Especially their 10th group, which could be described as the worst of all groups, and was left far behind.


Even though Cheng Liuhui and the three actors all posted Weibo promotions, they only got very few responses.

“Sister Liang, it's time for you to put on your makeup.” The young hairdresser, Chen Xiaoyu, stood at the door, beckoning to Yao Bianliang, and brought her back to reality.

Only then did Yao Bianliang put the phone away: “Okay, here”

She was looking forward to today's makeup.

Except for the freckles that need to be painted, the rest of the places were directly exposed without makeup, so that the appearance value was minimized.


In terms of hairstyle, combing an old-fashioned student's hair, it was expected to be dull and boring at first glance.

As for clothing, as long as you wear that ugly school uniform, no matter how beautiful your face was, it would be useless.

Finally, wear round black-rimmed glasses to interpret the image of a nerd.

Simply perfect!

When Yao Bianliang walked out of the fitting room, several people present were shocked.


It's really a waste.” The middle-aged actress Zhang Jie muttered to herself.

Actor Chen Xiaoyu also covered his eyes, a little distressed: “This is too ordinary.” Such a beautiful face, how did it become like this?

Chen Xiaoyu felt that even if Yao Bianliang appeared in the photo without makeup, he would look better than this one.

There were also sporadic barrages floating in the live broadcast room.


[Well, this heroine is a bit ugly…
Is it okay to say that?]

 [Actually, it's not ugly, it can only be regarded as ordinary-looking at best]

[My God, with this face you actually acting in a youth idol drama? Who gave you the courage]

[Uh, am I the only one who thinks that the freckles on the heroine's face are cute? ]

[Withdrawn, this group is here to be funny]


[I strongly recommend everyone to watch Yao Xinxin's “Youth Is So Sweet with You”, handsome men and beautiful women, the kiss scene was performed on the first day of the live broadcast, it was really super exciting!]

For a while, the barrage was full of complaints about Yao Bianliang's appearance.

Yao Bianliang looked at the reactions of several teammates and knew that this makeup effect was good.

Her mood eased down.

In the plot of the original novel, the original body spent a lot of effort to squeeze into a good team, played a vase role in it, and finally passed the primary selection with good looks.


But now, her makeup had completely concealed her true appearance, which could be said to have blocked the only way to pass the primary election.

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