[I bet on a spicy stick, Mu Taozhi will definitely not be able to cry]

[It feels quite difficult.
On this kind of variety show stage, it is impossible for people without professional training to suddenly mobilize emotions and produce painful emotions.]

[Ningning, come on! /Make a fist/]

[Hey, that actress seems to have entered the mood in an instant]

Some viewers noticed Yao Bianliang's performance, but the next second, the camera switched to another place.

Mu Taozhi was trying to mobilize his emotions at this time.

Although he tried his best to imagine the painful things, perhaps because he was too nervous, his performance was not even as good as when he was practicing in private.

Mu Taozhi also knew that he should stabilize his mentality at this moment, but his mind was usually the most difficult thing to control.

He gritted his teeth secretly, and out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Yao Bianliang standing diagonally across from him.

Yao Bianliang also looked over at this time, and he and Yao Bianliang just looked at each other so abruptly.

actually cried?

 Mu Taozhi was taken aback.

Emotions are contagious.

Yao Bianliang's lips trembled slightly, her eyes were flushed, and tears welled up in her eyes, sliding down her cheeks.

Her hair was a little messy, there was sweat on her forehead, and her eyes were full of despair and grief.
Strong emotions surged as if they were about to gush out in the next second.

After seeing this, Mu Taozhi felt pain in his heart.

There was a burst of intense sadness and sadness in his heart for no reason, and his eyes became moist.

He Yanning's situation was similar to his.

After meeting Yao Bianliang's eyes, a feeling of sadness suddenly rose in his heart, and his emotions were instantly aroused.

There was silence all around, and under the gaze of everyone, the three of them had already shed tears.

And from the beginning to the present, only half a minute had passed.

[Holy sh*t, they actually cried out]

[Ningning's eyes are so sad, he clearly didn't use eye drops this time!]

[That girl was crying very miserably too, I feel a little uncomfortable because of her emotion]

[Too strong, didn't Mu Taozhi always use eye drops to cry when he was acting in crying scenes? This time it was very natural.]

The barrage scrolled quickly, and many viewers were moved by the excellent performance of the three.

 Yao Xinxin was sitting on the player's bench, looking dumbfounded at this moment.

 The perspective of the audience was different from that of the players.
They might not be able to see the doorway, but most of the players had already seen it.

Although He Yanning and Mu Taozhi's acting skills had improved, they would definitely not be as brilliant as they were now.

In the beginning, only Yao Bianliang really entered the play.

In fact, Yao Bianliang's performance was really outstanding.
She was originally able to crush the two competitors, Mu Taozhi and He Yanning.

the bad thing was that her performance seems to be too good.

As soon as the emotions get up, you also brought your competitors into the play!

What kind of weird operation was this?

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