The next day, early morning.

Mu Taozhi woke up early and arrived at the practice room at half past six.

Moreover, not only did he get up early by himself, but he also dragged his wronged roommate He Yanning to get up early together.
He looked full of energy as if he had found the direction of life.

He Yanning was abruptly dragged outside, his whole body was in a state of being out of his mind, his body had already gone out, but his mind was not sober because his mind was still on the bed.

Sleepiness was already written on his impeccably perfect face, and he said sleepily, “Mu Taozhi, what's the matter with you today?” 

Based on what he knew about Mu Taozhi, this person was full of energy, but the energy was only restricted to recreational activities outside of work.

Similar to recording programs, acting, and rehearsing, he could procrastinate as long as he could.


In the past, Mu Taozhi usually arrived late at nine o'clock in the morning.
How could it be like this now, he woke up at half past six.

Mu Taozhi: “I just want to work harder, can't I?”

Last night, Yao Bianliang's words really stimulated him.
He was also honing his acting skills and breaking through himself in this semi-final.
Yao Bianliang got up so early to rehearse every day, if he didn't work as hard as Yao Bianliang, how could he surpass her.


However, as soon as he turned his head, he met He Yanning's suspicious gaze.

Mu Taozhi's face darkened, and finally, he whispered: “You should know that during the primary election, my acting skills were beaten by that Yao Bianliang, right? Those audiences didn't think it was a good time to watch the excitement and even edited my acting skills.
Compare the video with Yao Bianliang's  acting skills.”

He Yanning nodded slightly, a look of complexity flashed across his eyes, and he didn't speak.


Of course, he wouldn't tell Mu Taozhi, in fact, he was also edited into a comparison video, and he was beaten by Yao Bianliang in all aspects.

Fortunately, there were not many similar comparison videos, and they were only spread in a small range.


It's not been a day or two since his acting skills were poor, so few people noticed this.

Mu Tao Zhidao: “This time, Yao Bianliang took the role of a supporting character.
This is our chance.”


“As long as we act seriously, maybe we can take advantage of the role to snatch the highlight moment and wash away our dark history.”

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