“Yao! Bian! Liang!” Yao Xinxin gritted her teeth.
If her gaze could be turned into a bullet, a hole would have been made in her phone screen.

This person dared to be so arrogant just after she became known.
If she became more popular in the future, what would she do to survive?

Yao Xinxin had never been like today, eagerly hoping that Yao Bianliang would be cold soon.

She regretted a little, that her previous methods were too gentle, which gave the other party a chance to act like a villain in front of her.

“Yao Bianliang, you did have good luck this time and got good results.”

“But it's just the primary election, and there will be cruel knockout rounds and a final afterward.
If you talk big at this time, aren't you afraid of being overturned later?” Yao Bianliang: “Sister, you are right, I am very likely to overturn.”


“After all, you are the daughter of the Yao family, so it should be very easy for the program team to target a pure newcomer like me with no background.”

“In this rematch, you should be able to easily eliminate me, right? Don't make me look down on you.”

These words were full of irony.

Yao Xinxin gritted her teeth.

Yao Bianliang, what do you mean? Surely there was nothing she can do.


“Yao Bianliang, you don't really think that as long as you are good at acting and work hard enough, you can get ahead?”

“Don't daydream! Just a word from me will let you be assigned to the worst group with the worst script and the worst role.”

After Yao Xinxin finished sending these messages, she finally stopped feeling panicked.

But soon, Yao Bianliang's reply gave her another heart attack.

“Thank you, Yao Xinxin, it's great of you to think so.”


Yao Xinxin: ??

Yao Bianliang: “I believe that with your ability, it will be no problem to assign me to the worst group and let me be eliminated in the semi-finals!”

“Come on, sister! I am optimistic about you.”

Yao Xinxin: “…”

Because of too much force, Yao Xinxin's fingers holding the phone turned white.


She never thought that Yao Bianliang would be so hateful once she became known especially when she spoke.

“Okay, I want to see how long you can be proud!”

Yao Xinxin's fingers trembled a little, she took a deep breath, closed the chat box, and dialed a phone number.

This time, she really didn't want to wait any longer.

“Director, has the group list for the rematch been finalized?” she asked.


The director on the other end of the phone smiled and said, “Not yet.
Yao, do you want to ask about Yao Bianliang's grouping?”

Mother Yao had already greeted the program team,  It was also well-known, so the director had suppressed Yao Bianliang for Yao Family.

Yes,” Yao Xinxin said, “Director, as I said last time, I hope you assign Yao Bianliang to the most competitive group, and give her the least outstanding role, just as a foil.”

Although nominally, the semi-final group should be determined by drawing lots, but in fact, it was determined by default.

In order to suppress a player, it was very common to manipulate the grouping.


The director paused: “At present, we have drawn up the initial grouping situation.”

Yao Xinxin raised her eyebrows slightly: “Oh?”

Director: “In the semi-finals, we plan to divide He Yanning and Mu Taozhi into this group.
The name of the script It's called “Tulip Storm” and it's Director Hua's new work.”

In the primary selection of variety show, every group wins and loses.
Everyone hoped that their team members would be well-known and powerful contestants.

But the semi-final was the opposite.


Because it was a PK system within the group, the members of the same group were teammates and opponents, and no one wanted their opponents to be too strong or too popular.

He Yanning and Mu Taozhi, both were the most famous contestants in this variety show, and they were also the ones that had the capital to promote.

Playing against them was almost destined to become a foil and be eliminated.

“This script mainly revolves around the male protagonist (played by He Yanning) and the villain (played by Mu Taozhi).
In addition, a supporting role

is also needed.
She will be the male protagonist's subordinate.” “She was a tool person who is responsible for completing the tasks assigned by the hero, and has no emotional relationship with the hero or the villain.”


“We plan to let Yao Bianliang play this role.”

After hearing the director's words, the corners of Yao Xinxin's lips rose slightly: “This character is not outstanding, right?”

“Not outstanding at all,” the director replied, “This character has no characteristics, and there is no highlight moment.
Most of the time, she just works with the male protagonist, and occasionally causes trouble.” The director said At this point, felt a little helpless: “I have discussed with Director Hua, let him plump up this role, or simply cut it off.
But Director Hua disagrees.”

“He said that he needs a supporting actress to complement the hero's role .”

After listening, she felt extremely satisfied.


This was completely her ideal choice.

“Very good,” Yao Xinxin nodded, “Then I'll trouble the director.
You must let Yao Bianliang get this role.”


She wanted to see, with such an unattractive female role, How would Yao Bianliang stand out in the semi-finals!




With scripts on the semi-final getting ready, the primary round voting was also entering the final stages.

Today's moonlight was beautiful, and Yao Bianliang's mood was calm.

When the pointer pointed to 12 o'clock, the voice of the system sounded in her mind.

[Drip, the mission time limit is up]


Participate in a short film in the variety show “Good Drama PK Competition”, and was eliminated in the primary election, and be cold]

[Completion status: Incomplete]

[Bonus rewards: Only get the participation award]

[Mission message:

You, who wanted to become cold with all your heart, had picked an excellent script among many bad scripts.

From a certain point of view, you did have a vision that others couldn't match and extraordinary luck.


Unfortunately, your mission failed this time.

However, I believe that with your ability, it was not difficult to complete the next task.

I hope the host would regain her strength, forge ahead, and make great achievements!]

Yao Bianliang: “…” The mission failed, Yao Bianliang only felt pain when breathing.

According to the original plan, she was supposed to pack her luggage at this time, fly away, and enjoy a good life with her rewards.


But now, had become a poor child with no money.


Faced with this situation, it was simply sad for those who heard it and tears for those who knew it.

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