This company, if she goes there, she will just be scammed.
After reading it, Yao Bianliang decisively crossed it out with a wave of her hand.

“Host, I actually think the situation of this Kuiqian Entertainment is not bad,” the system suggested, “and the homophonic name of this company is very auspicious.”

Hmm, “Lose Money Entertainment”, just hearing it makes people feel comfortable.

Yao Bianliang rubbed her chin with her fingers and also paid attention to this company.

The system was not wrong. 

Kuiqian Entertainment not only had a small scale and a simple staff, but most importantly, the conditions offered by this company were not high.

At first glance, it was a perfunctory invitation. 

Even if she joined this company, she would probably not be valued.

If she could smoothly “cold” in this small company, it would also be a good thing.

However, after carefully examining the situation of this company, Yao Bianliang ultimately chose to give up.

The reason was simple – this company had too much good luck!

Most of their projects and resources were the ones that people were least optimistic about, the kind that even investors would shake their heads after seeing them.

However, as soon as they took over these projects, even the worst resources could be revived and they would unexpectedly succeed.

Looking at the development path of their artists, each of them had extremely good luck and developed smoothly in the entertainment industry.

Although the scale was not large, not even one project had ever failed.

“This is the ultimate lucky company among all lucky companies,” Yao Bianliang murmured to herself.

Her own luck was already very good. 

If she joined this company, wouldn't it just be stacking the buff directly?

How could she be 'cold' then?

After this investigation, Yao Bianliang found a sad fact –

Even if we don't consider whether these companies have violated laws or regulations, from the perspective of exposure and resources, none of them can meet her requirements. 

This is simply a hellish level of difficulty.

“In that case, I'm afraid I'll have to go out and recruit people myself…” Yao Bianliang felt a little melancholy.

“Ding Dong”

At this moment, her phone vibrated again.
Yao Bianliang check the home screen and found that the message was from Ansheng Entertainment.

This was already the fifth time they had messaged her.

Among all the companies, Ansheng Entertainment appeared to be the most proactive and harassed her extremely frequently.

Even though she had already clearly refused, they persisted, seemingly convinced that she intended to join the company, but just wanted better conditions.

This made Yao Bianliang very speechless.

Why were they able to be so terrible, yet so confident?

In fact, Ansheng Entertainment was the first company she eliminated.

Their offer was extremely generous, not only giving her the greatest support in terms of traffic but also “thoughtfully” arranging an excellent final lineup for her.

This definitely hit Yao Bianliang's sore spot.

She clicked on the red dot in the upper right corner and looked at the new message sent by the other party.

“Miss Yao, we understand that you want to discuss conditions.
However, isn't it not good to be too assertive? You should know that in China, no company can compare to Ansheng Entertainment.
Only by joining the best company can you achieve the best development for yourself.”

“We really mean it and hope you will seriously consider it.
If there are any other additional conditions, as long as you are not too unreasonable, we can also discuss them.”

Yao Bianliang: “…”

Ansheng Entertainment was indeed one of the top companies in China, but if we are talking about “the best”, that may not necessarily be the case.

Despite this, why were they still so confident that she would choose Ansheng Entertainment?

Their unwavering confidence was puzzling.

After pondering for a moment, Yao Bianliang began to type: “Hello, I have carefully read the conditions offered by your company.
However, if that is all, I am afraid I cannot join your company.”

At the other end of the phone, Manager Zheng sat up straight as soon as he saw Yao Bianliang's reply.

The company valued Yao Bianliang very highly, so they entrusted this matter to him personally.

If Yao Bianliang were to propose any conditions, as long as they were within his controllable range, he could completely agree to them.


“She really does want to discuss conditions.” Manager Zheng leaned back on his chair and was not surprised at all by Yao Bianliang's reply.

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