In the next few days, Yao Bianliang's life became extremely regular. 

During the day, she discussed scripts and filming with the group members;

At night, she returned to the dormitory to rest and sleep.

On the sixth day, the work related to the short play was finally over, and Yao Bianliang finally received a call from Yao Xinxin.

“Finally here!”

Seeing Yao Xinxin's name displayed on the phone screen, Yao Bianliang heaved a sigh of relief.

According to the plot of the novel, the original body had always been entangled with Yao Xinxin, so when Yao Xinxin signed up for the competition, the original body also decisively participated.

Yao's parents were worried that the paranoid Yao Bianliang would hurt Yao Xinxin, and Yao Xinxin didn't want to let the original body rub off on her popularity, so they planned to force her to withdraw from the competition.

The popularity of the original body was already very low, and under the deliberate suppression of the Yao family, the situation naturally became more difficult.
In the end, she was completely cold and quit the entertainment industry.

“Sure enough, the plot is no different from the original novel.” The corners of Yao Bianliang's lips rose slightly.


In fact, it stands to reason that with more than ten years of family ties, the Yao family should not be able to plot against Yao Bianliang.

However, on the one hand, after Yao Xinxin was brought back to Yao's house, Yao Bianliang went crazy to death and did many things against her sister.

These actions include but were not limited to pushing Yao Xinxin into the pool, cutting Yao Xinxin's skirt, fabricating lies to frame Yao Xinxin and other bad behaviours, which completely made her parents hate her.

On the other hand, the Yao family were inherently profit-oriented.

Yuan Cheng was held to strict standards by his parents since he was a child, and if he didn't pay attention, he would be punished by his mother, so he couldn't breathe at all.


Now, the Yao family had an excellent daughter like Yao Xinxin, but Yao Bianliang had become neurotic and makes trouble for them everywhere, anyone will dislike her.

Of course, in addition to these factors, there was another more important reason –

After all, this was a brainless sweet pet novel.

Yao Bianliang, as the cannon fodder, was destined not to be loved by her parents.

If her life was not miserable enough, if the Yao family was not heartless enough for her, how could it highlight the pampering that the heroine Yao Xinxin received?

Therefore, Yao Bianliang did not doubt the Yao family's determination to force her out of the circle.

“Hello, Yao Bianliang.” As soon as the call was answered, Yao Xinxin's lively and pleasant voice came from the other end of the phone.


“I discussed it with my parents.
I hope you will withdraw from the variety show “Good Drama PK Contest” after the primary election.”

Yao Bianliang thought to herself after listening to this.

For Yao Bianliang, the Yao family's suppression was undoubtedly the last straw that broke the camel's back.

But for her today, this move could be called helping the poor, and sending charcoal in a timely manner!

Yao Bianliang cleared her throat and raised her eyebrows slightly: “Oh, why?”

“Why are you pretending not to know?” Yao Xinxin was a little annoyed, “Someone broke the news that you are my sister; after that, the rumours about us will only be more and more.
In order to avoid a bad influence on me, you'd better withdraw voluntarily.”


Yao Xinxin's tone was not polite.

Thinking that in the past ten years, Yao Bianliang could live in a wealthy family and enjoyed the love of her parents, while she could only struggle to survive in the orphanage, Yao Xinxin couldn't develop any good feelings for Yao Bianliang.

In addition, since returning to Yao's house, Yao Bianliang's attitude towards her was extremely hostile, so Yao Xinxin naturally hated this sister even more.

Now, Yao Bianliang was finally forced to cut off contact with the Yao family, and of course, she didn't want to have anything to do with her.

Want to take advantage of her sisterhood to gain her popularity?


In your dream!

Yao Bianliang was silent for a while, with a surprised tone: “Just because it affects you, so I will take the initiative to withdraw from the variety show? Does your family rule the country, and I must obey you?”

Yao Xinxin: “…”

Yao Xinxin listened Yao Bianliang's leisurely voice made her hatred arouse.

She knew that Yao Bianliang was always keen to fight her, like a chewing gum that couldn't be shaken off.


It was like that when she was in Yao's family, no matter what role she wanted to play, Yao Bianliang always wanted to snatch it.

Later, she signed up to participate in the “Good Drama PK Competition”, and Yao Bianliang also participated in this variety show without saying anything.

So Yao Bianliang's words, in Yao Xinxin's view, had a very obvious meaning—

The other party was going to set her off!

Gritting her teeth, Yao Xinxin was about to say something more when she heard Yao Bianliang's voice continue to sound.

“If you don't like me, you can suppress me and force me to retire.”


Yao Xinxin: “…”

Yao Xinxin got stuck, and her thoughts went blank for a moment.

Before calling Yao Bianliang, she thought about countless possibilities.
But never thought that the other party would react like this.

Offered to ask her to suppress? What was Yao Bianliang thinking in her mind?

In fact, Yao Bianliang's idea was very simple.

According to system requirements, she couldn't voluntarily withdraw from the competition.

However, if someone suppressed her and forced her to withdraw from the competition, then the system had nothing to complain about.


Therefore, Yao Bianliang not only had to guide Yao Xinxin to suppress her but also irritated and offended the other party, so that she could make trouble for herself.

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