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“Because your love is harmful to him.”

“His Eminence loves me.
Why is it harmful when we both love each other?”

“Tite… He’s a priest.”

“There are many priests with mistresses.
I told him I’m fine even if I stay as his mistress.
We can get married later once he retires.”

You don’t understand.
Forcing a one-sided feeling is like rape.”

It was my friends who didn’t understand.
If by any chance.
If we’re destined to be together, but —though this wouldn’t happen— he were a man with a family, then I’d hide my love.
He and I love each other for sure, but we can’t destroy a decent family.

But Yohan and I were a young man and woman without a partner.
We loved each other so much.
But they told me to hide my love, that’s weird.

Forcing a one-sided feeling is like rape? My love is not a crime.
Our love is not something to hide.
Our love is pure.
It’s not ugly.
A boy and a girl fell in love at first sight.
Is there such a fateful encounter in the world? My friends kept telling me to hide our relationship, which should have been widely known and deserves to be blessed.
Why would I do that?

I couldn’t understand my friends.

“Tite, if you insist on your love for the Cardinal, we won’t be your friends.
Are you okay with that?”

Oh, really.
It really broke my heart when my friends whom I thought would last my whole life said that.
But I hid it.
I shouldn’t have been caught.
If the great Tite Rivero cried about this, everyone would think I’m ridiculous.

“I love you guys so much.
But I love Yohan more than you guys.
I can’t breathe without him.
Don’t stop my love.”

“I’m not telling you to stop your love.
I’m telling you to hide, conceal and not reveal it.
We also love him.
So Tite, let’s just watch him from afar together.”

My friends were completely mistaken.
My friends and I were in different situations.

“It’s natural that His Eminence doesn’t love you guys.
I’m different.
His Eminence loves me.”

My friends stood up one by one without a word and left me quietly.
I found out that my friendship with them was over and I cried because I was a little sad.

I was taken aback to learn on the day of departure that I could not return to the capital for a long time because my parents decided on the itinerary peremptorily.
Oh, my God, 1 year? I couldn’t believe I wouldn’t be able to come back to the capital for so long and see him.
It was heartbreaking.

I was fine.
But what about him? What about Yohan? How painful would it be for him, who was trapped in the Temple with the heaviest burden of all mankind and repeating his boring daily life, to find out later that I was going to a faraway place?

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