I dug out a past a young lady wants to forget.”

“I don’t have such a past.”

I was taken aback, so I wanted to resolve the misunderstanding quickly.
It’s obvious, isn’t it? Not anyone else, but His Holiness the Pope misunderstood me as having a scandalous past.
It was really troubling if the Pope’s misunderstanding interfered with my relationship with Yohan.
To prove my innocence, I kneeled and honestly confessed in front of His Holiness.

“Your Holiness, the only person I love is Cardinal Yohan.
No other man has appeared in my life besides him.”

His Holiness didn’t seem to really believe me.
How did I know? His benevolent expression had hardened.

“Young Lady Rivero.
I’d like to ask you.
Are you thinking you are in a deep relationship with Cardinal Yohan?”

“There was no physical relationship between the man and woman that you are worried about.
We’re pure and if you wish, we’ll keep a pure relationship until he quits the priesthood.
He loves me, and I also love him, but I will persevere for the sake of God and humanity.”

“Oh my God, Young Lady.”

It should be me to say ‘oh my God.’ His Holiness suddenly opposed our relationship.
Even the reason was ridiculous, so the exclamation just popped out.

“Cardinal Yohan doesn’t love you.”

He said Yohan doesn’t love me! It was so baffling that I burst into laughter even though I was in front of the Pope.
Can you believe that? I can’t believe he said Yohan doesn’t love me.
No one could say that if they saw how he stared at me.
No one would say that if they saw him when he made eye contact with me.
They could never have said that if they knew him the moment he first saw me.

His Holiness raised Yohan like his own son, but he must have been a stranger.
He didn’t know much about Yohan.
Thus, I told His Holiness that Yohan is a 16-year-old boy and a human being who can feel love for a beautiful girl like me.
His Holiness affirmed my opinion.
But he insisted to the end as if it was an old man’s stubbornness.

“What you say is right, Young Lady Rivero.
Cardinal Yohan is a man before he is a servant of God.
He can love someone and have lust.
But Young Lady Rivero, Cardinal Yohan doesn’t see you that way.”

He loves me.
I hope the war ends soon.
Then he’ll pack his luggage and admit his feelings for me honestly.
For that, I can wait even if I become a grandmother.”

I said that, then what did the Holy Father say?

“Oh, my God.”

I was the one who should have said, ‘Oh, my God.’

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