I knew how disgraceful it was for the eldest daughter of the prestigious Rivero family to remain a priest’s mistress.
But I love him, and he loves me, and it was inevitable if he couldn’t escape from his duties.

In the distant future, if he really brings an end to the war for mankind, we can get married then.
After fulfilling his duties, he won’t be able to refuse my proposal.

I visited Yohan again.
I said I changed my mind.
Yohan let me in the room saying this is the last time.
I had a hard time holding back my laughter.
The last time? Is that possible between us? How can it be our last time when he loves me as well as I love him.

At the same time, I was sad.
He was only a 16-year-old boy, but he seemed overwhelmed by his position as the hope for mankind.
He acted as if he had given up his happiness for the sake of mankind.
He was brainwashing himself that he has to serve mankind all his entire life.

That doesn’t make sense.
I mean, he has me, the gift from fate.
I’m sure I was born as a gift from the Holy God who felt sorry for him.
I was born so that he, who bears the heavy burden named the hope of mankind, could smile and be happy.

Yohan didn’t smile as if he’s used to controlling his expression.
He didn’t even offer me tea.
I was fine, though.
I knew what I was going to say would be a painful story for him as well as me.

“I thought really hard, Your Eminence.”

“I hope it was a fruitful endeavor, Young Lady.”

“It’s fine even if we don’t get married.
I’m fine with being your mistress.
I’m sorry for my parents, but I can’t help it because you have an important mission.”

“It was not fruitful.”

“It’s just the two of us.
When it’s just the two of us, you don’t need to try hard to act.”

“I told you this is the last time, Young Lady.”

His voice trembled as he said that.
He looked determined as if he was sincerely drawing a line that it would be our last.
But even if he can fool others, he can’t fool me.
His will not to see me was sublime, but it was impossible.
The reason is because he loves me.

“I know everything.
You love me.”

“There’s a limit in tolerating you just because you’re young.”

“I knew it the moment our eyes met.
Just as I fell in love with you, you also fell in love with me.”

Yohan’s eyes shook.
He closed his eyes as if he was trying to hide his trembling.
He looked lovely.

“Being a mistress is enough.
It’s not common, but it’s not like it’s not unprecedented.
Instead, when the war ends, you can marry me later.
I also can understand that you can’t come to me often if you’re busy—”

“Is no one there? Take Young Lady Rivero back to her family!”

He asked for help from someone else as if it was hard to overcome his love for me.
I spoke to him.

“Don’t turn away from loving me! Accept it! I really don’t mind being your mistress! It hurts my feelings, but I can bear it because I love you!”

“Young Lady Rivero.
I wish we won’t meet in this way again.”

The priests came in and grabbed me.
The way they treated me was so different from before he fell in love with me.
They knew it, too.
That I’m a horrible person who can make him leave the priesthood.
Yohan is a valuable figure in the Temple, so it was natural that the Temple wanted to kick me out for trying to take him away.

The rumor soon spread.
It was a rumor that I fell for him.
The rumor said I went crazy because I fell in love too deeply.
I expected another rumor to follow, rather than the rumor saying I was crazy.
It was the rumor that he has a crush on me.
But what is this? There was a false rumor circulating as though the Temple covered his mouth.

They said he doesn’t love me.
They said I’m crazy because I love him.
The latter was not wrong.
Love was kind of like madness.
But the former, it made me angry because it’s a lie that doesn’t make sense.
My parents banned me from going out again and I couldn’t go to him because it was indefinite.

I drew his face every night, enjoying the moonlight and starlight coming through the window.
My beloved one must be missing me like this just like me.
Maybe he was crying because he was sad that he had to stay away from me because of his mission as mankind’s hope.
Thinking like that made me think I shouldn’t just remain a helpless 14-year-old girl.

I decided that I had to be stronger for the person I love.
I realized that I should become an adult who has an obligation to make my loved one happy, not a 14-year-old girl who didn’t know anything and listened to her parents well.


The rain, which was only showing signs but yet not fallen, finally fell.
The rain poured down like a waterfall in summer.
It was heavy rain.
Tite was happy listening to the sound of rain outside.

“Thank goodness.
My footprints are going to disappear.”


Reese couldn’t take her eyes off Tite, shedding tears.
Tite Rivero was more beautiful than she had ever heard and she was possessed by madness more than she had ever heard.
Reese couldn’t take her eyes off Tite because she was scared.
Reese’s eyes were fixed on Tite when she witnessed a scary person beyond means.
She felt like the dagger in Tite’s hand would hurt her if she looked away.

Tite Rivero.
The eldest daughter of the prestigious Rivero family.
But this was what best described her.

A mad woman in love.

Other than that, there were no words to describe Tite Rivero.

It wasn’t like Tite Rivero was crazy from the start.
Until one day at the age of 14, Tite Rivero was said to have the dignity and grace of the eldest daughter of the prestigious Rivero family.
Her life changed 180 degrees when she met Cardinal Yohan on her 14th birthday.

Tite Rivero fell in love at first sight with Cardinal Yohan, a man two years older.
This was not unusual because there were many young girls who loved Cardinal Yohan, who had excellent beauty and character.
However, Tite Rivero did not stop at trivial love expressions such as writing love letters or sending handkerchiefs, and she ended up falling into madness.

She really believed her delusion that Cardinal Yohan fell in love with her at first sight.
Tite Rivero had turned into a vicious stalker chasing the cardinal, abandoning the appearance of a daughter of the prestigious family.
From a 14-year-old girl to an 18-year-old young woman, Tite’s madness did not get better and turned even severe.

Maybe today Tite Rivero would kill somebody.
The monumental first victim was likely to be Reese.


Reese cried silently.
Reese called out the name of the one she loved inside as she couldn’t make a sound because she was gagged.

‘Sir Yohan, please save me.’

Will someone come to my rescue if the rain stops, the clouds clears, and the day breaks? All Reese, who was tied up, could do was indefinitely wait and listen to Tite’s delusion.

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