It was impossible.
The only people who knew the truth were me and Yohan, but Yohan pretended not to know the rumor, and I tried to correct the rumor, but it didn’t work.

I heard that the young and beautiful Holy Father secretly adores someone.
That person is me, but people say other women’s names.
People have been talking about the names of beautiful and elegant young ladies of the capital.
None of them were my names.
It was a strange thing.
It was really weird.

Yohan doesn’t see anyone else like that except me.

There’s only one truth, but people say it’s a lie.
They said it was my delusion.
They said I believe delusions are real because my mind is not intact.

I had to prove the truth.


The scissors brushed past Reese’s body.
Reese groaned faintly every time that happened.
The scissors that cut Reese’s hair, which she had grown dearly all her life, were now cutting Reese’s clothes as well.
The pieces of cloth were clumped together in Tite’s hands and shoved into a trash can.

All the clothes were removed from Reese’s body except for the part tied with a rope.
Looking at Reese crying on the floor, Tite approached her.

I’ll cut your underwear, too.”

“Mmf! Mmf!”

“I can’t help it.
Please understand, huh?”

The scissors moved from Reese’s chest and groin.
Reese was utterly exhausted and wept.
Reese also knew about rumors that Pope Yohan secretly adored someone in the capital.
Everyone wondered who that person would be, and in the meantime, several young ladies’ names came out on the surface.

Reese was one of the young ladies with the highest possibility.

Tite brought up that story as well.
Perhaps the reason why Reese was in this difficulty now was because of the rumor.

The most beautiful in the capital, Young Lady Biss.
Ebony-like hair and good nature were her and her family’s pride.

“Come to think of it, Young Lady Biss was the most likely candidate, right?”

Tite put her face close by surprise.
The scissors in her hand came close together.
Reese struggled in horror, moving back.
Red eyes full of madness.
It was beautiful, but it was even more scary because it was beautiful.
Tite smiled incongruously and patted Reese on the cheek.

“Don’t worry, I don’t believe such rumors.
I’m the only one the Pope loves.”

Tite nodded.

Only me.”

Tite Rivero’s own truth.
Tite Rivero’s solo truth.

A fatal illusion that had separated once the most beautiful and acclaimed young lady from everyone.
A vicious stalker who terrified the amiable Holy Father and all the cardinals.

Tite laughed silently.
Reese cried silently.

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