do? Are we really going to do it?”

“Of course.”

“But the Rivero family won’t let us off.”

“Who would believe what a madman says?”

A dirty hand covered my mouth.
A forceful, strong, inconsiderate force weighed on my wrists.
Each of my legs were lifted, then I was dragged from the back alley to the deeper and darker back alley.
I rebelled, but it didn’t work.

Should have I taken a safe route even if I was recognized by people? I’ll never forgive anyone who tries to do this even though they know I’m Tite Rivero.
I thought of that, and it seemed like my emotions were revealed in my eyes.
A dirty scum said to kill me.

“Her head is already broken, so let’s throw her away somewhere afterwards.”

“That’s a good idea.”

I couldn’t die without seeing Yohan.
I fought back desperately as my body hardened with fear.
In the midst of that, I got hit, I got hit… I don’t really remember.

Anyway, it was a real crisis, but on the other side of the dark, behind the vagrants, where my eyes were facing, he was there.

Yes, Yohan.

Yohan was there.

I thought I saw it wrong at first.
But it was really Yohan.
It was a real emergency, but Yohan stood there like a stone statue without moving.
As the sun went by, a long shadow came out and covered the vagrants.
He opened his mouth with the expression that he had never seen such an unpleasant sight in the world, as if he couldn’t believe what I was being subjected to.

“Young Lady Rivero.”


“Damn it, we got… Your-Your Eminence !”

The vagrants found Yohan.
The force in their dirty hands disappeared.
I pushed the vagrants and crawled out.
It hurt my pride to crawl in front of vagrants, but I couldn’t help it because my arms and legs were weak.
My head that was injured while I left the attic, opened while I was rebelling and blood dripped.
The shadow turned darker and the blood covered by the shadow got darker.
I covered the wound.
The vagrants fled, begged for mercy, or lied.

“Your Eminence, I didn’t know it was Young Lady Rivero.
I didn’t know.”

“Rape is a felony that shouldn’t be committed even if she is not a young lady of a prestigious family.
Sleep until the guards come.”

Yohan’s divine power put the vagrants to sleep.
The one who ran away, the one who made false excuses, the one who prayed for mercy, all collapsed and fell asleep.
I tidied up my torn clothes.
I had mixed feelings.
Now that I’ve achieved the purpose of seeing him, I have to go home now.
I have to go back home wearing the vagrants’ clothes.
How sad will Yohan be if I tell him I am getting married.
Should I hide it? Or should I be honest? Oh, my head hurts.

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