I cut my golden hair, which I had grown preciously for 14 years, and cut a bunch of shining golden strands into small pieces and put it in a box.
Then I scattered it on Yohan.

The golden rain fell gently from the sky.
The soft wind whirled gold hair and a group of glittering threads landed on Yohan.
Yohan was as beautiful as a fairy dancing between the golden powder and the golden thread.
He made eye contact with me on the tree and his eyes shook as expectedly.
I smiled broadly.
Because I wanted him to remember my smiling face.

Is there a more beautiful sight than that? Probably not.


“That crazy girl! She really!”

“Your Eminence! Are you all right?!”

“Get her out of here right now!”

“Ptui! What’s this?”

“Hair? It’s hair!”

“Oh, my God.
It’s all over me.
It’s really a deal to shake this off.”

The priests and the holy knights tried to force me down from the tree.
Yohan didn’t look at me because he was surprised.
He couldn’t take his eyes off my scattered hair on his body with his lips slightly open.
I wasn’t upset at all because I knew he was doing it on purpose.
I rather laughed because I was happy that the surprise gift was successful.

“Yohan! It’s a gift! When you miss me, look at it!”

“Get that crazy girl out of here! Hurry up!”

“Don’t worry too much! My hair grows fast!”

“Everyone, don’t put in unnecessary effort.
Let’s get back to the Temple.”

Yohan was thankful for the present, but it seemed like he didn’t like how I cut my hair short.
He spoke bluntly and turned away from me.
He went back to the Temple with the priests and the holy knights like that.
My blonde hair remained glittering on the ground like fairy dust along the path he traveled.
It flew somewhere when the wind blew.

The people from my family dragged me, who was laughing in a good mood.
My father slapped me as soon as I entered the house and the trip was canceled.

My father locked me in the basement of the mansion, barefooted in a basic dress.
It was really cold there.
There were rats, bugs, and I didn’t know whether it was day or night because it was humid, and dark without a window.
Anyway, it was far from the place with good air and water that my parents said.
The meal was thin porridge once a day.

I was hungry and cold.

Actually, I’m still curious now.
Did my father try to kill me? Did he really intend to kill me? Yeah, I’m alive, so I shouldn’t have that question.
Because I survived.
Because I’m alive

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