YinYin Merchant

Chapter Four - Mountain stream. (Explicit)

Xiulan slid down until she was face to face with Yen Wen. Leaning in Xiulan kissed the huntress deeply. She could taste her own juices in the womans mouth. Signing in satisfaction Xiulan wiggled around until she became the little spoon to Yen Wens big spoon.

Before she could enact her plans, she needed to take care of something, and Yen Wen probably needed some time to rest. Mentally opening the system, Xiulan navigated until she found the dual cultivation section. She noticed that there was now information to be seen.

Host: Long Xiulan – First Level of Qi Condensation. Pure Yin-Yin Spiritual Roots. Host currently a slave. (System recommends that the host give up one level of cultivation to remove her slave mark.)

Lover: Yen Wen – Second Level of Qi Condensation. Tiger Lilly spiritual Roots. (System recommends that Yen Wen be a guard captain for the hosts Growing Merchant Empire.)

Xiulan needed to remove her slave collar tattoo but was slightly upset that she would have to lose her new cultivation to do so. Yen Wen was cuddeling Xiulan while she read and started to caress her neck where the slave band was.

”Does it hurt? ” asked Yen Wen.

Xiulan flipped around and smiled, ”it won hurt soon thanks to you. ”

She pecked Yen Wen on the nose and then mentally confirmed that she wished to remove the slave band. All of the qi in her body rushed up to Xiulans neck. It burned for a time and then Xiulan felt the spiritual ink of the tattoo begin to trinkle out from her skin and run down her collar bone to the table.

Yen Wens eyes went wide and she gasped, ”you are a cultivator? ”

It made sense that Yen Wen would be shocked. A cultivator should not have been left a slave in the first place. The Kingdom would have taken her to serve in the army instead of a brothel.

Xiulan giggled and replied, ”I am now thanks to you. Plus, if you check yourself, you will find that you are stronger too. ”

Yen Wen closed her eyes to focus on her internal energy. She then snapped her eyes open in shock, ”I reached the second level of Qi Condensation, ” she exclaimed.

Xiulan winked at her, ”yes, the type of cultivation I practice is a special dual cultivation method. It helps both of us to grow in power, when we, well you know. ” Xiulan made her point by placing her palm over Yen Wens little sister and rubbing a little.

Yen Wen blushed and batted away Xiulans hand. Xiulan stuck her tongue out and got to her feet.

”Unfortunately, ” Xiulan began, ”Madam Chen will not see it that way. She is very keen to sell my first time to some horrible merchants son. I have to get out of here and I was hoping that you would take me with you. ”

Before Yen Wen could respond Xiulan sweetened the deal, ”I can also help you sell your deer hides. How much would you normally sell them for? ”

Yen Wen rolled her eyes and got off of the massage table herself, ”I would have taken you away without further reward seeing as you are no longer marked as a slave. Also… ” she trailed off as she ran her eyes up Xiulans body. Shaking herself Yen Wen continued, ”I would normally sell those hides for 5 copper coins each. ”

Xiulan quickly looked up the relative value of the hides and checked it against the market value of well-preserved deer hides in the market of Rockcreek. She then smiled, ”I can sell them for a silver. Why don we do this. If I sell them for a silver you can keep seven coppers and I get three? ”

Yen Wen laughed, ”that sounds a little exploitative but fine. ” She then picked up the white dress Xiulan had been wearing to help the former slave back into it.

Xiulan waved it away, ”I cannot wear that. It would be stealing to leave in that as the dress belongs to Madam Chen. If you could spare it I thought I might wear some of your extra furs. I am sure they would be big enough for me. ” Xiulan then fluttered her eyelashes suggestively at Yen Wen.

Yen when through up her hands, ”you are such a little flirt, ” she then tossed a large fur at Xiulan. Xiulan smiled in return.

Several minutes later Yen Wen and Xiulan were out on the streets. It was late afternoon now as Yen Wen had come in for a mid-afternoon bath before she conducted business. Xiulan had found that beyond just seeing the market price for a good with the system she could actually see individual peoples needs for a particular good.

Using this she had quickly searched out the most motivated buyers in town for her erm she meant Yen Wens hides. She had sold them all for at least a silver and some for as much as 1 silver and 5 coppers. After giving Yen Wen her cut Xiulan was left with 14 silvers.

Xiulan beamed at Yen Wen, ”with this I will build my fortune, ” she declared.

Yen Wen flicked Xiulans forehead, ”perhaps first you should buy some shoes and a real dress. ”

Xiulan had the grace to look at her dirt covered bare feet a little sheepishly. As her plan was to go home with Yen Wen for now, she bought some rugged boots and a practical set of leather pants. With this she also bought a red linen shirt to put under the fur that Yen Wen had lent to her. She could not help buying the tightest cloths she could when she saw the gulping Yen Wen staring as her butt in her tight leather pants.

After she purchased her new cloths, she only had 5 silvers left but it would still be enough. With the system Xiulan could exploit any price differences to make money.

Just as they were getting ready to leave town Xiulan heard an annoying voice, ”whore? What are you doing here. I paid to have you tonight. ”

Turning around Xiulan saw the Merchants son swaggering towards her. He had a servant with him. Using the appraising eyes (as she had taken to calling them) of the system she looked the pair over.

Kang Gang – Merchants son, third level forced spiritual roots. No cultivation. Worth: 10 000 gold coins. Double to eliminate.

Unnamed servant number three (lets face it he is not worth naming.) – No cultivation, No spiritual roots. Worth five copper coins. Double to eliminate.

Xiulan thought of denying it was her, but Kang Gang knew her face too well. He had been ogling her for years now. Xiulan instead moved behind Yen Wens back and peeked out at Kang Gang.

”I do not know what you are talking about. I am a free woman see ” she pulled down her collar to make clear that she had no slave mark.

Kang Gang sneered, ”I do not care if you are free or a slave. I paid Madam Chen to have you and I will have you even if I have to drag you back to the Plum Blossom myself. ”

He took a step forward but Yen Wen took a protective step to keep herself in-between Xiulan and Kang Gang. Kang Gang scoffed and moving quickly attempted to backhand Yen Wen as if she were some common powerless women. Yen Wen reached up intercepted his hand and then broke it at the wrist.

Kang Gang screamed and started to curse Yen Wen. Yen Wen kicked Kang Gang in the stomach forcing the air from his lungs. She seemed to be too immersed in her anger at him to notice the servant coming from behind her with a dagger.

”Lookout, ” cried Xiulan. Yen Wen started to turn but she would not be quick enough. Gritting her teeth Xiulan decided to see what the eliminate function of the system did. She had expected the servant to just keel over dead or something.

What she had not expected was the servant to blow up into a bloody mess. Blood and guts flew everywhere. Skin was through into the air to drift around in the evening breeze.

By now several people had gathered to watch the altercation but they all ran away screaming when the servant was blown to pieces. The system chimed unhelpfully; Unnamed servant number three eliminate. Worth 5 coppers. Price 1 silver. The perfect Merchant does not step in to do battle herself. She has lovers and servants to do that for her. The host is discouraged from doing this losing business in the future. ”

While everyone was still confused Xiulan grabbed a now bloody Yen Wen and ran with her out of town. Xiulan would have to build more wealth and strength before she could show her face here again. Looking at a bloody and shocked Yen Wen Xiulan did feel though that it was good to be free. She ran with the wind blowing threw her hair.

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