YinYin Merchant

Chapter Three - First Pot of Gold

Xiulan needed to hurry. As tantalising as her future seemed, at present she was still a slave, and she could not disobey if Madam Chen commanded her to service a customer. Xiulan went downstairs hoping to find a female patron.

The Plum Blossom was primarily a brothel but occasionally some female customers came to the tea rooms for a bath and massage. The town was not very large. It existed as a way point between the mines in the mountains and larger settlements to the south. As such Plum Blossom was the only nice tea house in Rockcreek. It was one of these clients that Xiulan searched for. Unfortunately, Madam Chen spotted her as soon as she came down the stairs.

The Madam smiled at her and said, ”you look wonderful Xiulan. There is also good news. That level three talent from this afternoon sent word that he would take you tonight. If you do a good job maybe, he will become a regular of yours. To catch the eye of a future cultivator. You are a very lucky girl. ”

Xiulan tried to supress a shiver and returned Madam Chens smile, ”of course mistress. I was wondering though I am too nervous to wait until tonight. Is there a female guest I can help while I wait? ”

Madam Chen winked at Xiulan, ”Perhaps it will be better if I work you up a little beforehand. It will be easier for you to fake it if you have a fresh memory to sustain you. ”

While Madam Chen spoke, Xiulan was using the system vision to evaluate the worth of all of the jewellery the woman was wearing. Her earrings and various rings were worth no less than a few hundred gold each. Clearly, she had been doing very well out of owning the only high-end brothel in town.

Unbidden the system voice intruded into Xiulans thoughts, ”reminder that the system does not support theft. If the host wishes to have nice jewellery, then the host only needs to earn it as a merchant. Any theft will be punished by the system automatically reclaiming twice the cost of stolen item.

Xiulan shook the system voice away. The system really had a hair trigger. She hadn been planning to steal anything.

Madam Chen looked over her book and clapped, ”this is perfect for you. I huntress as just booked into room two. She has ordered a bath and massage. Plus, she is a bombshell I am sure you will enjoy yourself. ”

Xiulan bowed in thanks and then shuffled over to room two. Knocking gently she waited until she heard, ”enter, ” before slipping into the room. Inside a beautiful woman with golden hair and blue eyes was sitting down on a cushion and sipping tea. She had the pale skin that was common to this part of the world. Xiulan herself was slightly olive in tone as was more common further south.

The blond woman was tall and dressed in several furs. Next to her propped against the wall was a bow and some tanned deer skins. She was clearly from one of the hunting tribes in the mountains. She must have come to town to trade her skins for salt and other products brought in from the coast. Xiulan bowed over her hands and whispered, ”is the mistress ready for her bath? ”

Xiulan wanted to ravish this blond beauty immediately, but it would be prudent to first act as the submissive servant she was supposed to be. She did not expect the lust that pulsed through her. Perhaps the system had increased her libido.

The Blond placed her cup down and rose, ”Of course, ” she said, ”I am tired and need to relax. All I need though is the bath and massage. I do not require any of your other erm services. ”

The Blond coughed and blushed. Xiulan tried to supress a smile. This long-legged beauty was cute.

On one side of the room a steaming bath had already been drawn. Xiulan stepped up to the huntress and began to undress her. She slipped off more and more layers of furs and cloth until the huntress stood there in only her under garments. Xiulan felt her breath quicken just a bit.

The huntress had an amazing body. Her muscles were toned and well developed without losing their feminine charm. She seemed to be in her early twenties and her skin was still soft, not yet toughened by her mountain living conditions.

Xiulan whispered, ”pardon me mistress, ” as she slowly pulled the huntresss undershirt off of her chest and over her head. Xiulan could not supress a gasp as the full and taught breasts of the huntress were revealed. The Huntress had small nipples that were already hardening due to the cold air outside of the tub.

When the huntress heard Xiulan gasp, she turned beat red and quickly removed her own bottoms and then slipped into the bathtub. As if to hide her body in the soapy water.

Xiulan cursed herself for her lack of restraint. Xiulan forced her unsteady breathing to calm down. She helped the huntress to wash her hair and even set it into a braid upon the huntresss request. While Xiulan let the huntress relax in the bathtub after thoroughly cleaning her, she slipped something out of her sleeve. It was the aphrodisiac stick of incense that had been burning upstairs.

She now set it to burn down here. Noticing that the bath water was starting to cool down Xiulan queried, ”are you ready for your massage mistress? ”

The huntress had been close to falling asleep and roused herself at Xiulans prompt. She sighed, ”yes that sounds nice. My muscles are so tense after this last hunt. ”

Xiulan helped the woman to a massage table and patted her down until she was dry. It was difficult to focus on drying the woman without stopping to play with her firm butt or supple breasts.

To distract herself Xiulan evaluated the woman with her system vision: Yen Wen. First Level qi condensation cultivator. Natural Tigress Lilly spiritual roots. Estimated worth – 500 gold coins. Double the cost to eliminate.

Xiulan blinked. That was more information than she had expected. The fact that this woman was a cultivator was not surprising. Hunting in the mountains was a dangerous prospect. What was surprising was that the system could estimate her worth. Xiulan was not sure what it meant to eliminate someone but she certainly would not be trying it on this woman. Never mind the fact that she currently had no money let alone a thousand gold coins.

Once Xiulan dried Yen Wen off she laid her out stomach down on the massage table. Usually, they would cover the clients sensitive parts with a towel before they began but Xiulan left Yen Wen uncovered.

The incense stick had begun to work as Xiulan knew from the tingling sensation in her own nipples and the moisture that was accumulating in her little sister. Yen Wen skin was also starting to flush red and Xiulan heard her breath quickening.

Xiulan began by massaging Yen Wens sculp, then neck and then her shoulders. Xiulan did it slowly, sensually, kneaded loose muscles. Xiulan then moved on to Yen Wens back. She would occasionally stop the massage to trail her fingers lightly over Yen Wens skin. Yen Wen trembled as Xiulan moved down to her calves and began the same process over again. Finally, Yen Wen could not take it any longer, ”please, ” she groaned. ”

Xiulan paused as if surprised. She then moved her right hand up Yen Wens thigh and questioned, ”do you want this mistress? Do you want me to play with your little sister? ”

Yen Wen panted and plucking up her courage she squeezed out, ”yes, yes please I can take it anymore. ”

Xiulan smiled and responded, ”of course mistress. ”

Xiulan moved her figures to the lips of Yen Wens little sister. She started by caressing them gently. Yen Wen moaned in response and wriggled her cute bottom. As if asking for more. Xiulan did not know exactly what she was doing but she had seen enough over the years to have an idea of what to do next.

She flipped Yen Wen on to her back and began to slowly unlace her own white dress. She had removed the gloves before she began the massage. Mounting the massage table herself she pulled the top of her dress down to reveal her own pert tits. A little forcefully she parted Yen Wens legs and started to circle her little sister with one hand. Yen Wen was panting and had her eyes closed.

Every now and then she took a peek at Xiulans sexy body but quickly closed her eyes again in embarrassment. After being teased by Xiulan for another minute she whimpered and again said, ”please. ”

This was what Xiulan had been waiting for. Xiulan plunged a finger into the warm and wet folds of Yen Wens sex. Xiulan began to vigorously rub the girls inner walls. Yen Wen gasped at the sudden shock of pleasure. Usually beginning with penetration would have been a mistake but Xiulan had been teasing the huntress for fifteen minutes already. Yen Wen was soaking wet, and Xiulans finger was slipping in and out with no trouble.

Before Yen Wen could recover from the sudden pleasure Xiulan went in for the kill. She dipped her head down and latched on to Yen Wens left nipple with her mouth. She began to suck and nibble at it while simultaneously using her left thumb to start rubbing Yen Wens clit. Within ten seconds of Xiulan beginning, she felt Yen Wen approaching orgasm. Xiulan slipped a second figure into Yen Wens folds and then she felt the woman reaching her peak. The walls of Yen Wens little sister contracted, and the huntress screamed in pleasure.

While Yen Wen was coming down Xiulan continued to lick her nipples. Still immersed in the joy of bringing this bombshell to a screaming orgasm, Xiulan was surprised to feel a power flowing into her and the system chiming in, ”congratulations host, Yin-Yin dual cultivation unlocked.

The power which must have been qi flowed into Xiulan intoxicating her. Qi the breath of life. Xiulan had heard the force discussed as cool or soothing, but it only made her grow hotter. Her nipples and sex were crying out for relief. She started to rub her bottom lips against the leg of the still recovering Yen Wen.

The system chimed in again, ”to complete the cultivation cycle you must have Yen Wen bring you to completion as well. ”

The system could have mentioned that earlier, but Xiulan was too horny to care. While Yen Wen was still recovering, and twitching Xiulan stripped the rest of her white dress off herself. Moving quickly, she then positioned her little sister over Yen Wens open mouth. The huntress was starting to come to her senses now and before she could think about it Xiulan began to rub her sex against Yen Wens mouth.

Xiulan whined and said, ”Im sorry mistress but I need your help too. ”

Xiulan was full on riding the motionless Yen Wens face now. At first Yen Wen did not respond but after a few seconds she reached up with her arms and gripped onto Xiulnas thighs and pulled her bottom lips down onto her mouth. Yen Wen forced her tongue into Xiulans wet folds. Xiulan was panting now as she felt Yen Wen alternate between tongue **ing her and licking her clit. Xiulan pinched her own nipples.

Xiulan felt herself burning with a pleasure like a fire inside her loins. It grew with every rough caress of Yen Wens tongue. Xiulan also felt the Qi building up in her dantian. Xiulan was almost crying she wanted to cum so badly. Despite growing up in a brothel this was the first time she had had sex and her first time even close to an orgasm. Just when she thought she could not take anymore Yen Wen pushed a finger into her drooling hole. Xiulan clenched her little sister around the finger and let out a scream of her own as her fluids gushed into Yen Wens mouth.

With her release Xiulan felt the qi that had built up in her dantian release and flow into Yen Wen.

The system made its presence known again as it informed, ”Yin-Yin dual cultivation fully unlocked. New Lover Yen when has reached the second level of Qi Condensation. ”

Xiulan barely noticed the message as she remained on top of her lover. Back arched in post orgasmic bliss. She felt Yen Wen giving her little sister gentle kisses and licks to help easy her down from the high of release. Xiulan felt the Qi flow back into her, cool now and more substantial than before.

Returning to herself Xiulan decided that Yen Wen would be the best way to escape the brothel. She just had to convince her to steal a slave.

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