YinYin Merchant

Chapter One - Yin- Yin Merchant System.

This was Long Xiulans last chance. She trembled as she placed her hand against the awakening stone. It remained dull. She almost imagined that it in fact became darker than it had been before she touched it.

The city assessor sneered and whispered, ”trash whore, ” he then tugged the stone away from her outstretched hand and shouted, ”next. ”

Xiulan stumbled back as if she had been punched in the stomach. It was over she had no chance to be a cultivator now. She would remain a slave for life. A sex slave for life. She was beautiful, with almond shaped eyes and silky black hair. She had relatively small breasts and was below average in height but that only made her more adorable. She knew that now that she had failed the last test for spiritual roots at eighteen Madam Chen would expect her to work. Madam Chen had a hold over her slavery contract. Xiulan had never known her mother. She had died in childbirth and naturally having been a slave to the plum blossom brothel Xiulans mother had never known who her father was. As the daughter of a whore Xiulans ownership passed to the brothel. However, the laws of the Kingdom required that before she turned eighteen and had her lack of spiritual roots confirmed, she could not be put to work. She had been tested every year at the new year for spiritual roots since she was fourteen. The Kingdom could not afford to miss out on any potential cultivators.

As Xiulan was immersed in her grief a young well-dressed merchants son stepped up to the platform to be tested. Xiulan knew him. He had been to the brothel many times and more than once had tried to request Xiulans services only to be denied. The man looked confident. No doubt his wealthy father had been nurturing his spiritual roots for years with elixirs and pills to ensure a satisfactory awakening. The merchants son placed his hand on the stone and immediately the stone started to glow with a sickly yellow light.

The assessor smiled and announced, ”level three forced root. ”

A small murmur of appreciation went around the square. A level three root, even a forced root was rare in Rockcreek town. Most people had no spiritual roots at all and those that could cultivate were mostly level one or two roots.

The merchants son basked in the praise. He turned to Xiulan and winked mouthing, ”see you soon, ” to her.

Xiulan had tears in her eyes, and she slowly turned around to face a smiling Madam Chen. Xiulan could she the Madam trying to determine how much she could sell Xiulans first time for. Madam Chen beckoned Xiulan to her and when Xiulan approached the Madam stroked Xiulans head. Almost as if she were stroking the fur of a loved cat.

”There, there my dear, ” said Madam Chen as she pulled Xiulan to follow her, ”I will make sure your first time is not with somebody too cruel. I might even be able to sell you to a woman. I know you would like that. ”

Xiulan blushed. She had not known that her preferences were so clearly known. Perhaps she should not have been surprised. She had spent all of her maturing years in a brothel surrounded by beautiful woman. The Madam had probably seen her ogling the other girls often of the years.

Feeling hopeless Xiulan allowed herself to be led from main town square back to the brothel. She had a feeling that this should not be her fate. She would have tried to run if she could but the slave contract she had since birth could not be broken by any mortal. Xiulan could feel the tattooed collar around her neck as if it were a physical restraint.

After a minute the pair made it back to the Plum Blossom. It was a nice building made from brick and plastered and painted in a light shade of pink. The was a suggestive sign above the door of a woman lying down on a bed. The woman was in the process of opening her legs.

The brothel consisted of two floors. The ground floor was a series of sectioned off tea rooms. These were used to entertain guests with food or drink and upon request baths were also available to customers. Of course, women would also serve the food and help scrub the guests backs with hot water.

The second floor was the more profitable section of the establishment. If a guest saw a whore that they liked downstairs, then they could bring her upstairs to one of the bedrooms.

Madam Chen led Xiulan upstairs. The

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