”Azi! ”

Its her. A smile crept on my face. I missed her. I know its only been a day, but I really missed her. I was about to turn around but I felt her small arms wrapped around me from behind.

I felt my heart beating faster than it usually does. My face heated up and I don know if its the suns doing or Galenes.

”I missed you. ” She whispered in a way that I could still hear it.

I froze on my spot and tried to find a word to say but I couldn think of anything. I grabbed her hands to unwrap her arms around my chest. I faced her and, damn it, Ive never seen anyone as beautiful as her.

Her hair was braided only at the ends. Her round emerald eyes were sparkling under the sun just like her skin. I gazed down to take a good look at her dress and for some reason, my smile grew even wider.

She was only wearing a floral cerulean sundress with a slit on the left end of her dress but she already took my breath away.

e beautiful. ” I uttered unconsciously

My eyes immediately grew wider and I looked up to meet her eyes. Her face reddened due to my response so I couldn help but laugh at her.

She was so shocked, even more than I was, and I found it so adorable.

She hit my arms with her fist and crossed her arms immediately after.

”Thats not fair. ” She said and stared at me with a grumpy expression.

I tucked her hair behind her ears without thinking twice.

”I apologize. ” I said and smiled softly at her.

”Fine. ” She said and faced the opposite direction.

”I thought I wouldn see you again. Good thing I followed my note this morning. ” I said while looking at her

She turned around, confused.

”What note? ” She asks and uncrossed her arms.

”I didn know how I wrote it too but it says that I have to sleep at 9:27 pm to meet you. ”

After saying that, her face began to pale.

”Hey, whats wrong? ” I asked and gently holds her shoulders.

”Did you write anything else? ” She looked straight into my eyes.

I thought about it for a few seconds and realized what else I wrote on that piece of paper.

1 being = 1 person (can remember everything)

Eros = 1 am

Tell her about Eros, he is her —

”It says that each being has their own home. Also, 1 being = 1 person. I also put can remember everything beside it. Thinking about it now, Im assuming that the being is you and that person is the only one who remembers what happens in your home. ” I explained

I know, I left out the part about that Eros but I think its no big deal. I don even know him so why would I tell her about him?

”A-anything else? ” She asked cautiously.

We were both intensely staring into each other, figuring out if one of us knows more than the other. I sighed and shook my head.

”Thats about it. ”

Her shoulder relaxes and she brushed my hand away from her shoulders.

”Okay. ” She says and nodded slowly.

”Should Ive written more? ” I asked

”No. ” She responded immediately.

”Okay. ”

Its as if the happiness and longing we felt when we met today vanished.

”Maybe you met another being yesterday and he told you about me. ”

I tilted my head.

”He? How sure are you that that person is a he? ” I asked as I crossed my arms

She smiled as she placed her hands on my arms.

”The only being who knows about the time when my home opens is a he. ” She said.

”Eros. ” I uttered despite the urgency not to.

She nodded.

”You remembered him? ”

”No. I also wrote that. His name, I mean. It says I have to tell you about him but I didn wrote why I should. ”

I could hear my own voice and it sounded offended for some reason. No, not offended. Maybe jealous? I don know.

”Hes my best friend. He probably said you should tell me hes fine since I can visit him anymore. ” She said and untangled my arms.

”How so? ” I asked.

She grabbed my hands and pulled me to sit with her.

”Well, Im sure he already explained it to you but you probably forgot about it since you
e a visitor. ”

She explained everything to me including the visitor thing. It felt familiar to me so I guess that Eros really told me everything.

”Eros, huh? ” I said as if Im trying to comprehend his name or how great he is.

She chuckled and rest her head on my shoulder. I tried to straighten my back so her head won fall or her neck won feel uncomfortable.

”Jealous? ” She asks.

”No, I don get jealous. ” I said in response

”Really now? My, my Azi. Youve known me for three days and you
e already jealous? ” She teases and raised her head to look at me.

”Im not jealous. You
e not my girlfriend anyway. ” I casually said but it made her so quiet that I had to move my eyes from the garden to her.

She was still smiling at me but for some reason, I felt uneasy.

”How about my request? ” She asked as if she was trying to avoid what I said.

”Oh! ” I said and immediately imagined my painting room.

The scenery changed and we
e now sitting in my room in front of the theme park painting.

”Wow, you
e so great at painting Van Gough would probably want your autograph if he wasn dead. ”

I laughed at her comment while she placed her hand on my painting.

I noticed that we were both barefoot so I tried to imagine a pair of sandals and shoes for us. It appeared in my room like magic which made me gasp loudly

”Thats so freaking cool. ”

She giggled at my comment and walked towards the footwear I magically created.

”I know right? It never gets old. ” She said.

She bent down to grab the beige sandals and raised it to her eyes level

”But what are these for? ”

”For that. ” I said and pointed the painting.

I kneeled down to help her wear her sandals. She held my shoulders for support and I can believe my hearts beating fast because of that. After that, I wore my black vans old skool and stood up.

I walked towards her and offered my hand to her.

”May I have a date with you madam? ” I said trying to act like Im from the 90s

She laughed but composed herself after and reached for my hand.

”It would be a pleasure. ”

As soon as she said that, I kissed the back of her hand and immediately imagined what my painting looks like. But I added a few things like the red roses Im now holding behind my back.

After the location changed, I offered her the bouquet. She was surprised by it and looked at my with a pout.

”Thats not nice, you
e making me all giddy here. ” She said and accepted the bouquet.

I was about to put my hand on her waist but I stopped when my hand was at least an inch away from her.

”May I? ” I asked as politely as possible

”Sure, Azi. ” She said and grabbed my hand from behind and put it on her waist.

I couldn help but smile at how natural this feels. But, at the back of my mind, I know how insane this is.

How am I supposed to love someone who doesn even exist? Why do I keep seeing her, knowing for a fact that I can actually go out with her? Why am I holding on to the tiniest possibility that maybe, if I love her extravagantly, she could magically become a person? Just why am I slowly liking her?

All my worries began to dissipate when she looked at me with a smile on her face.

”Thank you, Azi. For being with me. ” She says and leaned towards me.

I usually don believe in destiny or what nots but I wish that we are each others destiny.

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