I opened my eyes as soon as my alarm rang. My heart was beating fast, and before I knew it, I was already catching my breath. The sound of my heart was echoing in my ears like it was at full volume. I grabbed my chest as I took deep breaths, in and out.

Ive been in a car accident last year and it still feels fresh to me. Every time I wake up to the sound of my alarm, I always have panic attacks for a few minutes. It still reminds me of the ambulances sirens and the chattering of the people around me while I was trying my best to crawl out of my car.

However, I don remember how it happened. My doctor said it may be due to the fact that I acquired an amnesia, a bit of retrograde and anterograde. To put it simply, I can remember what happened or how it happened. All I get are patched images of when I was being rescued.

That accident made a huge impact in my life. My hand tremors began to worsen day by day because of it. As a painter, my hands are important to me, without it I can paint. It sucks, I know.

”Aziel, come get breakfast. ”

Someones here?

I ran down the stairs to see whose voice it was. It was my best friend, Leo.

”How the hell did you get in here? ” I asked and threw my slipper at him

”Thats rude. ” He answered as he caught my slipper.

e rude. Barging into someones house early in the morning. ”

”I made you breakfast so stop whining and shove those pancakes in your mouth. ”

I chuckled and sat down on the chair in front of his. I grabbed my fork and was about to eat when he suddenly cleared his throat. I looked at him and saw that his hazel brown eyes were looking at me with concern.

”What? ” I asked even though I knew why he was looking at me like that.

”Do you- ” he stopped midway and combed his long black wavy hair with his hand.

”..feel alright these days? ”

Hes moving a lot, he must think Ill react negatively at his question. I sighed.

”Im fine. You don need to worry about me. Besides, I haven got any panic attacks lately. ”

Leo fixed his glasses as he let out a sigh of relief. Lying like this is uncomfortable but if he keeps looking at me like Im someone wholl break at a single ”how are you ”, I might actually pity myself more.

”Thats good news. I was worrying over nothing. ” He said as he subtly smiled while looking at the pancake on his plate.

”You know what, lets just eat this low budget pancake that you made. ” I said to break the ice between us.

”Thats your pancake batter stupid. ”

Yeah, I guess laughing like this is better than sympathy.

Leo went out as soon as we finished breakfast. He doesn live with me but he drops by from time to time to make sure Im okay. Its funny, I hated it at first but now I feel like Im always looking forward to his next visit.

Im walking towards the library , wearing just a hoodie and sweatpants, to read some books on how I could get better, especially my hand tremors.

I could feel the cold breeze grazing over my face. It messed my hair up but I feel comfortable with it.

”Good day, I see, you
e here again. ” Keila uttered while handing me the books Ive reserved.

”Where else would I be? ” I joked and waved her goodbye.

Shes the librarian but I feel like shes more of

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