his psychological shadow.
His mind was no longer on the paper, so he pricked up his ears to hear what was happening there.

Tang Qishen picked up the paper and handed it to the director.
It seemed that because he hadn’t spoken for a long time, his voice was a little hoarse: “Director, you can judge the score.”

Wen Hao smiled: “Ha, what did I say? Don’t struggle? It doesn’t matter.
Why don’t I teach you later.
For the sake of fairness, I’ll write here.
Director, you’ve sentenced me.”

Ji Gai is also worried: “Brother Shen… How about writing two more words?”

“Yes, even if the multiple-choice question gets confused, you have to tick it off!” the small officials who watched the crowd echoed in unison.

In silence, the teaching director, who was judging the paper with a red pen, finally breathed a sigh of relief: “Awesome, awesome, I really didn’t read the wrong person.”

Wen Hao: “Thank you director for the prai—-“

Teaching director: “I didn’t expect that you had mastered the knowledge of the whole high school so thoroughly just at the end of the first year of senior high school.
Full marks, especially the big questions behind, were answered beautifully.
The method is simple and the process is clean and not cumbersome.
Later, I’ll take your answer card back to the senior of senior high school 2 and senior high school 3 to copy it as the standard answer of provincial quality inspection a few days ago.
Everyone will have one copy!”

Wen Hao was confused.
In just over half an hour, Tang Qishen not only answered all the questions, but also couldn’t pick out any mistakes.

At the moment, Wen Hao, who weighs more than 200 pounds, is crying like a fat man who weighs more than 600 pounds.

There was still a little time before school was over.
Tang Qishen stood up from his seat and took care of his slightly wrinkled school uniform at will.
He glanced coldly at the young officials of the student union around him and said, “Go back to class.”

“Okay president!”

Everyone said in unison.

Wen Hao: “!”

Tang Qishen walked past him.
His 187 height forced Wen Hao to look up at him and his aura stood tall.

Tang Qishen: “Sorry.”

“If an apology is useful, why do you need the police to do it!!?”


As soon as the stupid words came out, Wen Hao wanted to bite off his tongue.

A few of the officers who had just walked to the door could not help laughing with a “puff” sound.
Some of the boys who had been bullied by him quietly took out their mobile phones and photographed the moment when he was laid off in tears.


When Tang Qishen returned to the classroom, there were still about ten minutes before school was over.

In the last class, the teacher asked everyone to study by themselves.
Most of the students in the class were immersed in brushing their papers.
Lu Chengxiao sat in his position and leaned lazily against the wall.
Seeing Tang Qishen coming in, he stared at the bottle in his hand.

“Tsk, what have you been holding on to all morning?”

Tang Qishen raised his eyes and gave him a look: “It’s from Luoluo.”

“Heyy, when did I ask?” Irritating the eyes from early in the morning!

“You can tell at a glance that it is not a good thing!”

Tang Qishen chuckled, “Go away.”

“Why did you just go? Your mother called and you didn’t answer your phone.
She called me.” Lu Chengxiao clicked his mobile phone and asked him about it.

“Student union office.”

“Fuck, did you really go to take down that president position? Just because the little ancestor said she liked it?”

Tang Qishen had deep eyes, and no one could see any emotion.

“I said, you are too used to her.
The little girl can’t be so accustomed to you.
It will be more difficult to serve her when she grows up.”

Tang Qishen didn’t seem to have any intention to discuss the “daughter-in-law” education with him: “Why is my mother looking for me?”

Lu Chengxiao hooked his lips and smiled vaguely: “Let’s go to pick up your baby from school and take it back after dinner at noon.”


Summer Cherry Blossom:
I decided to cut in half the succeeding chapters because I realized that they are way too long for one reading.
Let me know if you prefer this or the usual one.

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow if there are no delays~ See you

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