As soon as she returned to class, she would lie on her desk as if she had no bones to make up for the sleep she had not slept well because of her dream that night.

This sleep was quite steady.
One after another, some students in the class came back from dinner to chat and fight, and she was reluctant to wake up.

More than half an hour later, someone outside the window reached in and poked her back.

She subconsciously thought it was Fan Yuzhe who came back from the Internet cafe.
She was too lazy to lift his head.
Her voice was sleepy: “Fan dog-zhe, take away your dog’s paws.”

Wen Yu’s eyes were almost turned upside down from rolling her eyes, and her pointing finger poked once more.

Shi Luo was naturally a little ticklish.
She was so excited that she picked up a stack of papers on the table and wanted to throw them away.

Wen Yu is not the same as Fan Yuzhe who can endure a beating.
She was shocked.
Before Shi Luo threw the paper at her, she closed her eyes and screamed.

Shi Luo was almost killed by her scream: “Stop screaming.
If you shout more Li Xu will dump you.”

Ferocious Wen shuddered.
A moment later, her face seemed a little uneasy.
There was no small pride in her face when Shi Luo mentioned Li Xu’s name.

She didn’t want to stay at Shi Luo’s window.
With a repulsive face, she took out a thick notebook from her school bag and threw it on her desk.

Shi Luo glanced lazily at the cover.
Her eyes changed.
She turned to the window and stared at her, motioning for her to explain.

That’s the notebook she couldn’t find after tearing down her home yesterday.
Wen Yu’s expression was obviously complicated, but as soon as she saw her expression, Shi Luo looked up and down at her.
Wen Yu couldn’t help lifting her chin: “What are you doing, you think I stole it don’t you?!”

Shi Luo shaked her head in a dignified way when she heard what she said.
Although Wen Yu complains about her behind her back and doesn’t have a good mind, she is really not a person who can do such dirty things.

“At noon on the day I lost my things, you and I went back to school together.
I have no reason to doubt you.”

Wen Yu moved her lips, but could not find anything to say.
It was normal for her to quarrel with Shi Luo as soon as they met.
It was the first time for them to understand each other like this.

Yesterday evening, she hesitated in the classroom for a long time.
Shi Luo’s words were not unreasonable.
She thought for a while, but she still didn’t dare to keep the appointment.

When Li Xu came to the school to find her, she stubbornly refused.

Li Xu was not in any mood.
He just raised his eyebrows and asked her to leave the room card: “anyway, the room is open.
I can’t stop wasting.
I will use it to write my own papers and sleep there at night.”

Wen Yu still feels guilty about breaking the appointment.
Naturally, she agreed to everything he said.

Later, when she was walking down the stairs in the south of the classroom, she happened to meet the two plastic flower sisters who liked to talk around her most.

The two discussed a plan, and finally threw the notebook directly into the dustbin beside the school grove.

Wen Yu didn’t know whether she was mentally ill or took the wrong medicine.
Unexpectedly, after they left, she quietly picked up the garbage can and turned it over for a long time.

She! An only child of a wealthy family! How dare she pick up the garbage can!

After finishing Wen Yu couldn’t help vomiting a few pounds.


The time of military training is one and a half hours earlier than the normal class time.

The back seat of Tang Qishen’s bicycle, which little Luo Luo had been thinking about for a long time, and has not yet had a chance to enjoy.

In the morning, she was pinched by her driver as usual and sent to school smoothly.
After an hour of standing, the sky was still gray and foggy, and now the sun was high.

Half an hour after the end of military training, there was free time for activities.
The students who didn’t have breakfast flocked to the canteen, and the rest stayed in the shade to drink water, chat and relax.

Shi Luo took out her mobile phone and looked at the time, but she received a message from Tang Qishen just a second ago.

Tang Qishen: [No notes?]

She almost forgot about it.


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Short Chapter 14 Part 1.
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