It should be just an illusion…

The person who checked her was a doctor from the Si family, so she did indeed lose her sight, but it was only under consideration of her condition at that time, as well as the lack of a suitable cornea then, did she not immediately undergo surgery.

She has no need to lie to him, she doesn’t know what he did in private at all, and right now she still regards him as Si Jinzhi..

Si Jinze contemplated on it like this, listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom, he licked his lips…

Inside the bathroom, Ran Muxun was peeing, when little lunatic’s voice came through her mind:

“Host, Si Jinze is outside listening to you go to the toilet…he is really perverted ah!” 


Ran Muxun cursed in her heart.

“System, this kind of thing, in the future, you don’t need to tell me!”

She said, practically gnashing her teeth. 

“Reporting the capture target’s behaviour to the host, is my responsibility as a system.”

If it’s voice was a little less excited, then maybe she would believe it was only reporting to her because of this…

The little lunatic solemnly said: “Also, Host, I even specially waited for you2 to finish going before reporting.”

“…Then I really have to thank you so much!”

Ran Muxun took a deep beath in, and pulled up her pants.

Originally she had wanted to go out directly, but suddenly remembering that the bathroom also had monitoring, her movements instantly became struggled and difficult, she held onto the wall for support, and walked along cautiously, it took two minutes for her to only reach the door, after turning the doorknob, she was able to see the close-by Si Jinze… 

When she was once again carried down the stairs for breakfast, Ran Muxun had already felt numb.

As long as her eyesight was impaired, this pervert was probably not going to let her walk on her own.

Aunt Liu brought out the very last dish, seeing the expression in Si Jinze’s eyes, her body suddenly stiffened, not daring to say anymore, she quickly retreated into the kitchen.

Last night, Si Jinze had already went through a wave of threats and incentives, if she, and the people in her family, still wanted to keep their jobs, even just…keep safe, she only needs to not let Miss Ran know…

Aunt Liu thought about her little grandson, who was only just a month old1, hardened her heart, and stopped thinking about it.

“Ranran, open your mouth.”

Si Jinze’s gentle voice rang by her ears.

Ran Muxun swallowed her saliva, and did her routine refusal, “I can eat by myself…”

She stretched out her hand, wanting to pick up a bowl and chopsticks, but recalling that she was actually supposed to be “blind”, and had no way to grab them accurately, she could only, once again, perform fumbling around at a complete loss, then Si Jinze took her hands, voicing with helplessness and pampering, “Ranran, don’t be wilful…right now how can you eat by yourself? Be good, I still need to go to work after eating.”

“Go to work?” She was taken aback for a moment, “Jinzhi, aren’t you only in your third year at university?”

The smile on Si Jinze’s face disappeared instantly.

He almost forgot, at the moment she considers him to be Si Jinzhi…

His eyes slightly chilled, but he still forced down his volume, and said: “My older brother is on a business trip for a while, I will take over things at the company for him.

He put the spoon to her mouth again, “If Ranran doesn’t eat, then I will be late, ah.”

If she didn’t know how terrifying the expression in his eyes was at that moment, then she would probably believe he really was truly so gentle… 

However, what he said was correct, only after promptly finishing her meal, then sending him away, can she have some temporary freedom to do her own things.

So, even if it felt like chewing wax, Ran Muxun still had to forbear Si Jinze feeding her the entire meal. 

“Will eating only a bowl of rice be enough to let Ranran feel full? Do you want to eat a little more?”

“No need, I already ate enough, Jinzhi, you quickly go to work!” She hurriedly refused. 

He must be joking, she already has indigestion, if he keeps feeding, she’s afraid she might vomit.


Formal you, little lunatic knows when to flatter its host
Originally 出月: Means completion of confinement after childbirth, after giving birth, it is traditional women to stay in their homes for a month, Aunt Liu’s grandson’s mother has just come out of this.

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