Ran Muxun opened her eyes, but there was only darkness before her. 

Just like the setting that little lunatic system told her about five minutes ago. 

This is the first world she was transmigrated into after signing the agreement with that little lunatic, Si Jinze, the older brother of the original body’s fiancé, is also the first male god she is tasked to conquer.

This little lunatic is actually a book transmigration system, specifically dedicated to saving those male gods who were clearly in the best possible position for a special relationship with the female protagonist, but were inexplicably robbed of the female protagonist due to the appearance of the male protagonist, so they blackened, and made the entire world setting collapse. 

As for her, the reason she willingly entered a collapsed or about to collapse world in order to complete a task, is because she wants to keep living, she has already died tragically in reality, and yet the little lunatic promised to help reconstruct her body after she completes all her tasks.
Every time she saves a world without it collapsing, she will earn 10 points, these points can be exchanged for various props, including the props she wants for body reconstruction and transmigration back to her original world. 

In order to resurrect back into her original world, how can she be afraid that this world’s male god, Si Jinze, is an abnormal pervert, even so, she will still conquer him!

“Host, right now your eyes have been blinded by Si Jinze, based on the collapsed plot, Si Jinze will kill this world’s male lead, Si Jinzhi, during the operation to restore eyesight, and pretend to be him while by your side…after recovering her eyesight and learning everything, originally the female protagonist wanted to commit suicide, but was imprisoned and sexually abused by Si Jinze….”

The little lunatic was incomparably calm in explaining this world’s plot after being collapsed. 

Ran Muxun’s mouth twitched. 

Meeting this kind of abnormal pervert already in her first world, and for the time being she is also blind. 

This task’s difficulty is way too high!

As if it knew what she was thinking, the little lunatic added, “The host can earn temporary points through completing random tasks, temporary points can only be used in the world where the tasks were completed, they can be used to exchange for normal vision!”

“Ding! The first random task is to give the capture target a kiss.
Reward points: 1 point.”


Ran Muxun was simply unable to make complaints. 

“What can I even exchange for 1 point…..”

Little lunatic happily expressed “Because this is the host’s first world, you can receive special preferential treatment, with only 1 point you can even exchange for normal vision!”


Ran Muxun swallowed the refusal that was just about to come out of her mouth. 

In any case, being able to see is always better than always being blind. 

The little lunatic prompted its host, the capture target was now approaching.

The female protagonist had the same name as Ran Muxun, at the moment the female protagonist is in the hospital, a week ago, she was in a car accident with her father and mother, her parents died on the spot, the female protagonist probably had a protagonist halo, and only had minor scratches, her eyes were blinded, but she only needed to do a corneal surgery for her eyesight to return to normal. 

Ran Muxun, who had seen the plot in advance, knows that the person who manufactured this car crash, is actually her capture target, the male lead’s older brother, Si Jinze. 

“Ranran, I’ve come to pick you up.”

A gentle and magnetic voice rang. 

It’s the capture target, Si Jinze. 

Ran Muxun had already been mentally prepared for a long time, upon the hospital bed, a delicate young girl stared blankly at the doorway, she hesitated slightly, “Jin….Jinzhi?”

The man seemed taken aback. 

Unexpectedly, she would mistakenly identify his voice. 


Lowering his eyelashes, he pushed down his own voice, “…..it’s me.”

Ran Muxun reached out a pair of white slender hands, as if she wanted to touch the man in front of her, but because she could not see, was continuously unable to reach him. 

“……I am over here.”

Si Jinze’s voice was hoarse, he stepped forward and stood beside her. 

The pair of hands that were previously lost and bewildered, immediately wrapped around his waist, burying her face in his arms, but because she was sitting, the girl’s face was actually only buried in his lower abdomen…. 

“Great, Jinzhi, you are finally back!”

A certain part of his body hardened up, but Si Jinze’s eyes instantly became cold.

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